Lugu Lake landscape provides the tourists aesthetic pleasure

Located in the Sichuan-Yunnan provincial border at the attitude of 2066m, Lugu Lake landscape provides the tourists aesthetic pleasure. The lake includes 5 islands, 3 peninsulas and 1 seawall island, the Heiwawu Island, Liwubi Island and Lige Island are renewed as the “the three islands from the fabled abode of immortals”, the three islands are also the most popular place worth to see at Lugu Lake.
Lugu Lake is surrounded by high and sublime mountains with exquisite beauty, fresh air and charming scenery. The water in the lake is clear enough that the lake bed can be seen 11 meters deep. There are moreover many jade-green islands of various sizes situated throughout the lake. Welcome to China, HRC provides  China tours and indochina tours with local guide, we also provide Guangzhou hotels booking and Canton Trade fair guide .

Here everything looks as if it has not been disturbed by human beings at all and still remains in its primitive state. Boating in the lake, you can feel that the surface of the water is as smooth as a mirror and the water as blue as the sky. The slow – canoe in the blue lake, the beautiful Mosuo girls in their ethnic clothes and the Mosuo folk songs will show you something of primitive simplicity and peace. Lugu Lake has the fame of a fabled abode of immortals and “Plateau Pearl” for its pure and virgin land of natural landscapes. The Mosuo people living here still keep their matriarchal society system.
Lugu Lake is a deep lake dotted with some islets and surrounded by high mountains. It is at a high elevation of 2,685 meters or 8,809 feet in the high mountains that are on the borders of Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. The Mosuo people have been isolated in the valley and retain more ancient traditions and customs than the other people around them. Travel up to their valley was difficult, and it still is comparatively difficult. There are not yet paved roads to their territory. The 30,000 or so Mosuo people are ethnically distinct from the Naxi who live around Lijiang, but are similar to the Naxi in some ways.


The Naxi people lived on a part of the Southern Silk Road (the Chama Road), and for hundreds of years they were affected by traders and merchants from other regions who traveled through and stayed in their towns. The Mosuo people have had less contact with modern people. In the past before the modern era, many Mosuo men left home to travel as caravan traders, but the women and children remained at home. The Mosuo people retain a lot of unique customs. Lugu Lake is beautiful and is said to be worth the comparatively difficult journey to go see the region. There is good hiking around the lake area and up in the mountains, and the Mosuo people’s exotic culture and traditions may interest you.

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