1. The room rate listed online may not be the most updated price. Please check the confirmation from Cantontradefair.com for the final and accurate rate.
2. Cantontradefair.com's price is a special negotiated rate between Cantontradefair.com and the hotel. The price includes the room fee but EXCLUDES all other hotel charges and taxes.
3. The rate for an extra bed differs among hotels.
4. Please provide valid and accurate personal information during the booking process. This will ensure that you can successfully check in and receive your Cantontradefair.com points.
5. To book multiple rooms, please use a different name for each room.
6. Your special request/s may be fulfilled ONLY AT THE DISCRETION OF THE HOTEL and may result in extra charges.
7. Please make one booking if your stay at a hotel is for a continuous period.
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