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A geninue primitive land at the rooftop of the world extends in front of you. Trekking over the ecological natural environment adorned with Tibetan unique animals and plants, visiting the places of outstanding cultural interest, experiencing the Tibetan life with the residents to learn about Tibet's region and customs...Join in our group, you can directly touch many faces of Tibet that will give you a memorable adventure!

Deep into the unspoilt area - Ngari, experience the ecological holy land and primitive Tibetan life.

Group Tour with surprising low price, let us explore wonderful Tibet and make new friends along the trip.

One-stop service, incl. Tibet Travel Permit, hotels, attraction admissions, insurance and other assistance.

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa (elevation 3658m) : Pick-up and Acclimatization (Dinner)
Today's Activities Welcome to join in this Tibet inspiring tour! Upon arrival at Lhasa, you will be picked up at Lhasa Gonggar Airport or Lhasa Train Station at fixed time, and then escorted to downtown hotel. After transfer to hotel, try to rest & drink as much water as you can to better acclimatize the high altitude of 3,658 meters above sea level.

Free Transfer Schedule: Gonggar Airport to Lhasa downtown: 12:30pm & 3:40pm, Lhasa downtown to Gonggar Airport: 9:00am & 12:00pm;
Lhasa Railway Station to Lhasa downtown: at all times, Lhasa downtown to Lhasa Railway Station: at all times.
1. In case that your arrival time is not in our free time schedule, you could take Airport Express Bus to Lhasa downtown at RMB 25 per person, or take a taxi from railway station to your hotel.
2. For a convenient way to transfer between the hotel and airport or railway station, kindly consider our pick-up service (Gonggar Airport ↔ Your hotel): RMB 400 per way for January-May & November - December; RMB 450 per way for June-July & September - October; RMB 480 per way for August.
3. From airport to Lhasa city, usually takes about 50mins - 1hr; from Railway Station to Lhasa city, about 20mins.

Travel Tips Start taking anti-AMS medicines a week before your trip. When you arrived at the hotel, please be not so curious to walk much around the hotel, and all you need is a good rest in your room for necessary acclimatization, otherwise you may easily get mountain sickness. Besides, try to aviod catching a cold. And a first aid kit including aspirin, antibiotics and AMS medication is highly recommended.
View from Plane Lhasa Qingzang Railway          
Mountains from Plane Lhasa City Overview Qingzang Railway          
Day 2 Lhasa Suburb: Drepung Monastery (or Drak Yerpa Monastery) - Sera Monastery (Breakfast)
Today's Activities According to the actual situation, the highlight of this morning will be one of the following two attractions: Drak Yerpa Monastery, which is built on a hillside with more than 80 meditation caves with over 1,500 years history and is regarded as the shrine of the Holy city Lhasa; Drepung Monastery called the "Nalanda of Tibet" and known for its high standards in academic study with many precious cultural relics.
Then head to Sera Monastery, whose name means wild rose in the Tibetan language because the hill behind it was covered with wild roses in bloom when the monastery was built. From of Monday to Friday, every afternoon, monks gather to do Buddhist debates that become a spectacle in the monastery.

Travel Tips 1. It is a good idea to pack some food, snacks, and drinking water along your trip.
2. When you are in a monastery or a museum, please do not smoke, consume alcohol or make unnecessary noise; neither, do not touch, walk over or sit on any religious texts, objects or prayer flags.
Ganden Monastery Sera Monastery          
Ganden Monastery Lamas

Debating Courtyard of

Sera Monastery

Buddhist Dabates in Sera Monastery          
Day 3 Lhasa City: Potala Palace - JokhangTemple - Barkhor Street (Breakfast)

Today's Activities

After breakfast, Potala Palace, the highest palace worldwide impresses you with its grandeur and sacredness! Climb upon the top the palace called Golden Roofs, and you can have a bird-eye view of the whole Lhasa, adorned with undulating mountain ranges, beautiful Lhasa River, tracts of fields, tree-shaded villages and the glistening Jokhang Temple.
Afternoon Jokhang Temple shows you a display of Buddhist prayer wheels, reclining deer, golden sutra streamers, etc., first built during SontsanGambo period in the 7th century. You'll be stunned by many pilgrims pray in front of it.
The circuit around it called Barkhor Street, a famous local handmade crafts market, which is a good place to purchase souvenirs.

Travel Tips 1. Due to the popularity of Potala Palace and restriction on visitor numbers, perhaps it has difficulty on booking entrance tickets, so the visit of Potala Palace may shift to another day. But don't worry, we will make appropriate changes accordingly. And the visiting time for Potala Palace is limited in 1 hour.
2. This day you'll visit all the attractions by foot, as they are not too far away from each other, just in 5-20 minutes' walking distance.
Potala Palace          
Climb Upon Potala Palace Jokhang Temple Pilgrims Barkhor Street          
Day 4 Lhasa - Gyantse (Breakfast)
Today's Activities Enjoy 1.5-hour drive from Lhasa to KambalaPass (4794m) to appreciate the spectacular Yamdrok Yumtso Lake there, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet.
Continue your adventure to Mt. NojinKangsang, standing tall with an elevation of 7,191m, decorated by several snow-capped mountains over 6,000m surrounding it. It is the most accessible glacier site on the Tibetan Plateau. The famous Karoula Glacier is below the south ridge of the mountain.
And at the foot of Dzong Hill, Palkhor Monastery amazes you with its Kumbum, which has 108 chapels in its four floors. The multi-storied Kumbum Stupa was crowned with a golden dome and umbrella, surrounded with more chapels filled with unique religious statues and murals.
Stay overnight in Gyantse and have a good rest to prepare for the next destination.

Travel Tips For amazing sceneries and beautiful legend, Yamdrok Yumtso Lake attracts seas of travelers from all over the world, also it is an excellent spot for photographic lovers. According to our customers' feedback, the sufficient sunlight in the afternoon is very suitable for taking photo there. So for those professional photographers, we can make more time for visiting Yamdrok Yumtso Lake the next day when we come back from Shigatse. Just well prepare your camera for shooting this amazing place!
Yamdrok Yumtso Lake Palkhor Monastery          
Overview of Yamdrok Lake Karoula Glacier Palkhor Monastery          
Day 5 Gyantse - Shigatse (Breakfast)
Today's Activities Depart at 8:00am and take about 6 hours to Shigatse, we will first go to apply the Alien's Travel Permit(PSB) with your original passport presented which usually takes about 30mins before sightseeing.
Then visit the Tashilunpo Monastery, also called the Heap of Glory. It is one of the Six Big Monasteries of Gelugpa (or Yellow Hat Sect) in Tibet and the seat of Panchen Lama since the Fourth Panchen Lama took charge in the monastery, and there are now nearly 800 lamas. Stay overnight in Shigatse.
Tashilhunpo Monastery          
Tashilhunpo Monastery Cityview of Shigatse Praying Wheels          
Day 6 Shigatse - Tingri - Rongbuk - Tent Camp (Breakfast)
Today's Activities It takes about 10 - 12 hours from Shigatse to Rongbuk Monastery in the afternoon across the bumpy stone road , where ou can explore the highest monastery in the world on your own expense or enjoy the stunning sunset if the weather is good. The monastery itself is quite tiny, but from here the view of Mt Everest is fantastic. Mt. Everest appears like a lofty pyramid surrounded by mountains that touch the sky. On sunny days, a pile of thick clouds, just like a white flag floats lightly above the peak, which is known to be the miracle of 'The Highest Flag Cloud in the World'. Stay overnight in Tent Camp, Dorm bed.

Travel Tips 1. Rongbuk is a great site for appreciating and photographing the spectacular Mt. Everest. ChinaTourGuide.com released a exclusive blog based on our customer's real traveling experience for your sharing: Six Day Journey to My Dreamland - Tibet.
2. Tingri is where many travellers spend their first or last night en route to/from Mt. Everest. The environment here bears very poor condition, and guests would share room and toilet with others, so if you mind, you are strongly suggested to bring and use own sleeping bags. If you choose to live in nomad tent in EBC, you shall take enough food, clothes and traveling accessories to resist harsh weather and poor traveling conditions where even lighting a fire cannot warm your body.
Tent Camp          
Horse at Tent Camp Rongbuk Monastery Mt. Everest in Sunset          
Day 7 Tent Camp - EBC - Saga
Today's Activities This day a really exciting challenging expedition to awe-inspiring Mt. Everest is waiting for you. Everest Tent Camp is the furthest point vehicles can drive to. From here you will have to take the shuttle bus for the last glorious 4Km which is incredibly incredibly scenic. You’re hemmed in by high grey ridges to the east and west and as you look to the south, Everest’s north face dominates the skyline.
Then drive to Everest Base Camp built by numerous adventurers which is the basic platform to touch the roof of the world. While standing atop it, you have thrown yourself into an unrivalled world beyond words. The highest mountain looks so close in the background of immense sky that you may feel little and be stunned by the greatness of nature!
Later head to Saga Guesthouse for a good rest and stay overnight in it.

Travel Tips 1. In EBC there is a 30-metre-high mound which is the best site to appreciate the Mt. Everest. You should in advance ask the locals the exact time of sunrise and sunset to catch the most spectacular views in the world.
2. The highest post office in EBC could serve you with a novel experience to mail your friend an extraordinarily valuable postcard.
3. On the way to Saga, past the world-known 14th highest peak - Mt. Shishapangma, many precious wild animals could be seen everywhere, such as sunbirds, langurs, alurus fulgens, etc.
Praying Wheels          
Mt. Everest from afar Everest Base Camp Peak of Mt. Everest          
Day 8 Saga - Darchen
Today's Activities Start from the sprawling town of Saga, enjoy a drive tour to explore the extensive and desolate western area of Tibet, which silently but powerfully voices itself to all who set foot into this land. Entirely alien from bustling and crowding places, here, all you get is endless silence, thinking, exclamation and imagination.
In 60km from Zhongba, a photogenic natual picture is shown to you: the golden sand dunes rise up and down alongside the road, at the end of which stands the snowy peaks against the broad blue sky and white cloud, echoing with the jade-like lake and the energetic wild animals. You’ll be sincerely affected with this miracle, as indeed who could be otherwise? Past Payang Town (5000m) which is picturesque grassland full of western flavor, Later stay overnight in Darchen.

Travel Tips 1. Darchen is a favorable site to catch a glimpse of Mt. Naimonanyi, the fifth sacred mountain of the Himalayas with magnificent dawn and sunset views.
2. In consideration of the big temperature difference between day and night, at any moment you should pay attention to your dress in case of getting sick.
3. In Darchen, there are some small stores selling biscuit, beer, fast food and daily necessities, and some restaurants highlighted with Sichuan cuisine and Tibetan cuisine.
Tourist Vehicle Endless Plain on the Skyline Waving Sand Dunes          
Day 9 Trek: Darchen - Dirapuk Monastery
Today's Activities The kora path begins on the western edge of Darchen. Head westward across the Batkha Plain, a sandy expanse speckled with greenery like a massive camouflage jacket. Appreciate the clear views of huge Gurla Mandata (7728m) to the southeast. Api and other peaks in Nepal are visible to the south, while look to the southwest for the twin, sharp humps of Kamet (7756m) in India.
Only 4km from Darchen to southwest trail is a cairn at 4790m, which is bedecked with prayer flags and marks the first views of Mt Kailash’s southern face, the first of the kora’s four prostration points.
Head to barren Lha-chu Valley where you can see ahead to the tall Tarboche flagpole (4750) in the distance, one of the most significant sites for Saga Dawa Festival.
Just west of Tarboche is the ‘two-legged’ Chorten Kangnyi. It’s an auspicious act for pilgrims to walk through the small chorten’s archway. A short climb above Tarchorten to the east is the sky-burial site of the 84 mahasiddhas (Tantric practitioners who reached a high level of awareness). The first of the kora’s three Buddha footprints is here, but hard to find.
Then you can begin to get clear shots of Mt Kailash now at Sershong, standing to attention above the eastern ridge. Chuku Monastery (4820m) is perched high above the valley floor on the hillside to the west. It bends so secretively into its rocky background you may not able notice it’s there.
From the Chuku it’s about 3 hours to Dirapuk Monastery with some of the best scenery of the entire kora. High sedimentary faces, wonderfully puckered and dented, and chiseled into shapes that seem alive. When the weather is warmer there’s even the occasional ribbon of water tumbling down the slopes from hundreds of meters high. Along the route you will find the second prostration point, with its prayer flags and clear view of the east side of Mt Kailash.
Look for the second Buddha footprint, and a carving of the god Tamdrin, a wrathful horse-headed deity, on a black stone smeared with aeons of yak butter. From the rock, the trail starts to clim and heads northeast toward Dirapuk Monastery that directly faces the astonishing north face of Mt Kailash, which from this angle appears as a massive, jet-black slab of granite ornamented with alabaster-white strips of snow. Three lesser mountains are arrayed in front of Mt Kailash: Chana Dorie to the west, Jampelyang to the east and Chenresig in the center.
Stay overnight at Dirapuk Monastery.

Travel Tips It’s a 5-hour trekking tour highlighted with picturesque landscape adorned with prayer umbrellas, Mani rocks carved with Buddhist sutras, small Tibetan temples and primitive villages, etc., as well as the pleasure and excitement of discovering the unknown. Then arrive at Dirapuk Monastery and stay overnight there.
Pilgrims at Mt. Kailash Mount Kailash Walk on Holy Land          
Day 10 Trek: Dirapuk Monastery - Zutulpuk Monastery
Today's Activities Morning you’ll want to revel in the glory of your surroundings. Mt Kailash’s dramatic black face dominates the skyline, while the middle slopes echo with the moans of yaks.
Less than an hour along the main kora path from Drolma-chu Valley is the meadow at Jarok Donkhang (5210m), near which a trail branches off to the southeast, leading over the snow-covered Khando Sanglam-la. Also nearby, Polung Glacier descends from the east ridge off the north face of Mt Kailash, down through the Polung Valley between Chenresig and Jampelyang.
Pilgrims are supposed to undergo a symbolic death at the rocky expanse of Shiva-tsal (5330m), entering in the realm of the Lord of the Deas, until the reach the top of the Drolma-la and are reborn again. It is customary to leave something behind at Shiva-tsal, an item of clothing, a drop of blood or a lock of hair, to represent the act of leaving this life behind.
Proceed along a glacial ridge from Shiva-tsal to the final ascent. Allow around an hour for the 200m climb to the top of the Drolma-la (5640m). After a few false summits, the rocky pass is reached. The great cubic Drolma Do (Drolma’s Rock) that marks the top is barely visible behind an enormous number of prayer flags.
It takes approximately an hour to make the long and steep 400m descent to the grassy banks of the Lham-chu Khir. En route there is a much-revered footprint of Milarepa. Upon arrival, you may find nomad tents and a teahouse selling drinks and noodles. A huge rock topped by the kora’s third Buddha footprint stands nearby.
About 30 mins south, a valley comes down from the Khando Sanglam-la to join the western trail. This valley provides the only glimpse of Mt Kailash’s eastern or crystal face. The kora’s third prostration point is at the valley mouth. Grassy fields start to appear alongside the river. A couple of hours from the third Buddha footprint a side valley enters from the left. From here on the river changes name to the Dzong-chu, translated as ‘Fortress River’. Soon you will see Zutulpuk Monastery (4820m). The miracle cave that gives the monastery its name is at the back of the main hall. Milarepa’s footprint and handprint can still be seen today. Stay overnight in the guesthouse of Zutulpuk Monastery.
Snow Cover the Mountains Reflection on the Lake Primitive Village          
Day 11 Zutulpuk Monastery - Darchen - Lake Manasarovar
Today's Activities From Zutul-puk Monastery the trail follows the river closely for an hour or so then climbs above the river and enters the lovely Gold & Red Cliffs, a narrow canyon whose walls are stained purple, cobalt and rust.
When the canyon narrows look for holes gouged into the cliff walls. These are not natural but made by pilgrims looking for holy stones. Also look for prayer flags festooned across the river, and in the far distance the blue waters of Lake Raksas Tal.
Where the trail emerges onto the Barkha Plain, close to the fourth prostration point, Gurla Mandata is again visible in the distance. It’s now an easy 1-hour walk back to Darchen along a dirt road.
Meet your driver at Darchen. Drive to Lake Manasarovar, which is the most venerated of all Tibet's many sacred lakes. It is especially sacred to Hindus, who have been walking round it for approaching 2,000 years. Buddhists associate the lake with Maya, Buddha's mother. Hindu and Buddhist cosmology had it that nearby Mt. Kailash is the centre of the world and that Manasarovar is the source of four of Asia's great rivers.
Stay overnight in the guesthouse at Manasarovar.

Travel Tips 1. During the 3-day Kailash Kora, the lodging normally is clean dorm-bed guesthousewe, but in peak season, we provide tent and sleep bags for the stay in case that the guesthouses are fully booked by Indian pilgrims., and due to the bad condition, you should prepare instant food of your own for supplement.
2. For the Kailash Kora, please leave most of your luggage in our vehicle and bring only the necessary. You can hire yaks & yak workers in Darchen to make the kora easier. Usually, 3 yaks & 1 yak worker work for 2 travellers. The fee of hiring a yak is $35 per day, the same as yak worker. Book from us or book at Darchen yourself is accessible.
Paddies over Valley Lake Manasarovar Herbs of Pilgrims with Yak          
Day 12 Lake Manasarovar - Payang - Saga
Today's Activities After breakfast, start from Lake Manasarovar, past Payang, to Lake Pekhutso surrounded by rugged mountains that reach altitudes in excess of 5,725 meters. A few streams fed by glaciers reach the lake. It boasts many peculiar rare animals of Tibet Plateau, such as Tibetan wild kiangs, black-necked cranes, bar-headed gooses, red beak gull, etc.
Continue on to Mount Shishapangma at an elevation of 8,013 m, the fourteenth-highest mountain in the world located in south-central Tibet, 5km from the border with Nepal. You can appreciate many lovely wild animals like kiangs, sunbirds, ailurus fulgens, long arm langur, etc. Later reach Saga and stay overnight there.
Tibetan Yak          
Red Beak Gull Lake Pekhutso Tibetan Yak          
Three Optional Routes for 14 and 15 Days, Depart at Lhasa or Zhangmu
Today's Activities We have two options to end the tour in Lhasa or Zhangmu for the exact same price in accordance with your requirment.
Option 1: 14-Day Tour --- Day 13: Saga - Zhangmu; Day 14: Zhangmu Port Departure.
Option 2: 15-Day Tour --- Day 13: Saga - Lhatse - Shigatse; Day 14: Shigatse - Lhasa; Day 15: Lhasa Departure.
If you want to travel to Nepal, we will escort you the China-Nepal border, the Friendship Bridge, and then drop you off here to cross the bridge into Nepal. If you choose to continue your journey and leave Tibet at Lhasa, we’ll drive you to Lhasa to take the flight or train to your next destination. Hope you have a good time.
Views along Highway Zhangmu County Lhatse Resident          
Group Tour Price & Details
Group Code Starting Date of 2016 Tourist Class Booking Status Go !
TBGT04-1605 May. 5 / 19 $2295 Available
TBGT04-1606 Jun. 9 / 23 $2295 Available
TBGT04-1607 Jul. 7 / 21 $2345 Available
TBGT04-1608 Aug. 11 / 25 $2508 Available
TBGT04-1609 Sept. 8 / 22 $2345 Available
TBGT04-1610 Oct. 6 / 20 $2345 Available

Group Tour Includes:
Tibet Entry Permit & Tibet Travel Permit: providing for free before your arrival, free shipping to you, while excluding Air or Urgent Express; Accomodation: 3 - 4 star hotel based on different pirces; for those places without hotel, guesthouse or camping will be arranged;
Free Transfer at fixed time: Lhasa downtown <-> Gonggar Airport or Lhasa Railway Station, see the Group Tour Notice for time details; Admissions: Entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary and EBC tourist car fee;
Tour Guide: an experienced English-speaking Tibetan guide; Meals: breakfasts and dinner listed in the itinerary;
Vehicle: the type of vehicle adopted is according to the size of group; Vehicle Parking Fees & General Delivery Fee
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges
Group Tour Excludes:
- Any attractions / meals / flights not mentioned in itinerary; - International transportation fees from / to Tibet;
- Personal Consumption in hotel, such as IDD and laundry service, etc; - Loss or extra charges caused by any force majeure, e.g. Flight    Cancelled, Weather Conditions;
- Any optional attractions / meals mentioned in itinerary; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
- Single Supplement (for a double room) for one-person group.

Tibet travel permit:

According to the rules of Tibet Tourism Bureau, visitor who should register the Tibet travel permit about 10 days prior to starting date of tour. So one who wants to join this group tour, kindly book it more than 11 days ahead of time, and send your personal information to us soon.

Free transfer schedule:

Lhasa Gonggar Airport to Lhasa downtown: 12:30pm & 3:40pm, Lhasa downtown to Lhasa Gonggar Airport: 9:00am & 12:00pm;
Lhasa Railway Station to Lhasa downtown: at all times, Lhasa downtown to Lhasa Railway Station: at all times.
Notice: In case that your arrival time is not in our free time schedule, you could take Airport Express Bus to Lhasa downtown at RMB 25 per person, or take a taxi from railway station to your hotel.
For a convenient way to transfer between the hotel and airport or railway station, kindly consider our pick-up service:
Gonggar Airport <-> Your hotel: RMB 400 per way for January-May & November - December;    RMB 450 per way for June-July & September - October;    RMB 480 per way for August.

The visit of Potala Palace:

Due to the popularity of Potala Palace and restriction on visitor numbers, perhaps it has difficulty on booking entrance tickets, so the visit of Potala Palace may shift to another day. But don't worry, we will make appropriate changes accordingly.

About Tour guide:

The group tour only provides English-speaking Tibetan tour guide, if you need other language guiding, perhaps consider our private tour to meet your need.

Tips for tour tips:

The group tour price excludes the tips for our tour guide and driver. If you are content with their considerate services and arrangements, kindly consider to express your satisfaction to them in financial way. We would be very grateful for your support.

Hotel in Lhasa
Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel
Gang-gyan Lhasa HotelGang-gyan Lhasa Hotel
With a great location, 5 minutes walk from Barkhor Street and Jokang Temple and the shopping area, Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel is a Tibet-style 4 star hotel, providing a total of 160 guest rooms, Tibetan-and-European-style suits, free WIFI & wired Internet and other modern facilities. It can also offer an overlooking view of Potala Palace.
Lhasa Hotel
Tibet Hotel LhasaTibet Hotel Lhasa
It is a majestic 4-star hotel with Tibetan-style architecture and exquisite interior decoration, suitable for business and leisure tourists. Equipped with 338 furnished rooms and modern facilities, Tibet Hotel offers local Tibetan and Cantonese dishes, plus tea house. It also provides airport transfer, WiFi, shuttle service and so on, close to some Tibet attractions such as Potala Palace, Norbulingka Palace, etc.
Dekang Hotel Lhasa
Dekang Hotel Lhasa Dekang Hotel Lhasa
Located in an advantageous position, Dekang Hotel is an economic hotel built in typical Tibetan architectural style, within 5 minutes walking distance to Jokhang Monastery and Barkhor Street, as well as 15 minutes to Patala Palace. Surrounding it there are some markets and restaurants that offer convenient shopping and dining. Rooms are well equipped while friendly staff is dedicated to providing high quality service.
Lhasa Yak Hotel
Lhasa Yak Hotel Lhasa Yak Hotel
Lhasa Yak Hotel is a good choice for stay in Lhasa, convenient to go for sightseeing. With average-level facilities and services, this hotel provides Internet access (LAN and WiFi), recreational amenities, western bar and so on. It also offers close proximity to Ramoche, Tsome Ling, Thaizand Bicycle Tours.
Hotel in Shigatse
Jiumu Yamei International Hotel Shigatse
Jiumu Yamei International Hotel Shigatse
Being situated in front of the legendary Tashilumpo Monastery, where the great Master Panchen lives, and overlooking the serene Pearl Lake. Shigatse Jiumu Yamei Hotel was built with a charismatic blend of some European aspects, Chinese characteristics, as well as some late Tibetan culture element, which evidently display the dignity, comfort, and uniqueness of the hotel.
Shigatse Hotel
Tashi Tshuta Hotel ShigatseTashi Tshuta Hotel Shigatse
Situated in the heart of Shigatse city and close to the major attraction - Tashilunpo Monastery, Tashi Tshuta Hotel is a brand new hotel with well designed rooms, high-quality furniture and appealing decorations, and high service standards, in order to serve guests a comfortable and memorable experience. It offers convenient transportation options and close proximity to a number of restaurants.
Shigatse Hotel
Shigatse Yangtze HotelShigatse Yangtze Hotel
With good location and elegant environment, Shigatse Yangtze Hotel is decorated in Tibetan architectural style, in possession of comfortable guest rooms, excellent restaurant, bar, leisure area etc. It has different-style dining rooms, including deluxe and elegant Chinese and Tibetan, offering Chinese Tibetan and western food.
Shigatse Hotel
Manasarovar Hotel ShigatseManasarovar Hotel Shigatse
Located close to the center of Shigatse and local markets, Hotel Manasarovar is equipped with 30 rooms which are spacious, clean and comfortably furnished, two restaurants serving an extensive menu with Tibetan, Chinese, Indian and Western choices, and other basic facilities. The staff is friendly, offering high quality service to all guests.
Hotel in Zhangmu
Zhangmu Cai Yuan Hotel
Zhangmu Cai Yuan Hotel
As one of the best and newest hotels in Zhangmu, at the border of Tibet and Nepal, Cai Yuan Hotel is modernly equipped, especially with electricity and running water which can be considered as luxuries in the remote area in Tibet. Its rooms are bright and perfect. What’s better is that guests can watch waterfalls outside the window in the hotel.


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I spent 27 days seeing over 3,000 miles of Chinese and Vietnamese landscape by train, cruise ship, and bus. I will not plan another trip to Asian without going through China Tour Guide.

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Customer: Dinaz

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