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With a wide range of flexible tour choices and professional guides and expert staff, China Tour Guide is dedicated to providing our customers a genuine experience during tours in China. Your feedback will be an attestation of our efforts as well as momentum of our progress. For people who are looking for a tour in China, the following reviews may be helpful for you to make choices.

Reviews of 2015

Thank you for reaching out . We had a good time on our tours .

Rating our guides

Linda was just OK she did not speak much and did not inform anything of Beijing just sat in the front seat .
At the wall she sent us up the hill and provided little input
She did not help us check in and left us with non speaking driver to take us to the airport . Compared to Sophie who my wife had last time she was not very informative .
Linda was adequate only .

Sonny was very good and extremely knowledgable . A very good guide and recommended . She had good English as well .

Melody was outstanding . She was knowledgable and very helpful . She assisted in so many ways and nothing was too much trouble . She is to be complimented as the very best guide we have worked with for many years . Please pass on our many thanks and regards .

Our first driver in Beijing was excellent and we were sorry he hurt is knee.

The second was difficult , rude and argumentative . He forgot his place as we had hired him all day and he only wanted to do his thing .

Our driver in Xian was very good polite and helpful .

Mr Jung in Shanghai was delightful and was always very helpful . Highly recommended .

But we have one major complaint . The age and condition of the Vans . All had poor air conditioning which in summer is inexcusable . But the van in Beijing and Shanghai were so old the hotels would not let them park in the grounds . This was embarrassing for us . staying at St Regis and Peninsula and getting into old junkers .You should be paying a little more for transport or offer the customer the opportunity to pay for better transport .

In summary I appreciate a very capable tour with some very good and some some just OK .

I hope this helps you improve your service

Customer: NickUpdate: Jul. 22, 2015Tour Code: 32711-nc

Hi Nancy,

We made it back safely and the typhoon did not delay our flight.

Our trip was absolutely wonderful.

As for feedback, in general we were pretty happy. I understand that on a trip with so many hotels, flights, train trips, etc. some things may not be perfect. There were a few hick-ups but most of the time these were addressed promptly.

Thank you for all your help with things and I certainly will keep you contact information for future reference.

Customer: WilcoUpdate: Jul. 15, 2015Tour Code: 634

I did enjoy my trip to China and your guides were wonderful. The drivers were good but unfortunaly they did not understand English.

All the hotels were of good standard And the food was satisfactory

The only negative comment I would like to put on record was that we were always taken to a shop or a factory with the expectation to buy.

I will certainly recommend your services to my friends

Customer: Jai ChandUpdate: Jul. 14, 2015Tour Code: 365

We were overall very happy with our tour, guides, accommodations, etc.

We will definitely contact you if we return to China. Our children are considering a trip.

Some special comments.

We were very impressed with our guides, Lee in Beijing and Vivian in Ghuangzhou. Our drivers were also very professional, courteous, and helpful!

We did not enjoy our guide, Jan in Xian, quite as much. Maybe she did not have as much experience or professionalism. While traveling she was often texting or listening to music. So for example, if we saw a statue and asked about it, she would either have to remove her earbuds and we would ask again, or she wouldn't hear us at all, so the moment would pass. She also didn't seem as qualified to answer our questions.

Thank you again for a wonderful trip!

Customer: Marla VosUpdate: May 14, 2015Tour Code: 253

Destination: Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an

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Hi Nancy,

We are back in Dubai now after having great trip to China. I must say that you arranged our trip very well and we had very nice experience. We have nothing to suggest for betterment. Your Tour guides were very friendly and had personal touch during our visit.

Thanks again for every thing.

Customer: AnuragUpdate: Apr. 22, 2015Tour Code: 420


This is just to tell you that we really enjoy our visit in canton. It was very well organize , the guide kelly and the driver were perfects.

Thank you very much

Customer: ChantalUpdate: Apr. 3, 2015Tour Code: 30200

Destination: Guangzhou

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Local tour guides are very cooperative and helpful. If you are on a business trip then you can hire local english speaking guides who takes you to places you want and helps communicate with local people

Customer: mtpplUpdate: Mar.9, 2015 From TripAdvisor

Our trip was fantastic. Every driver and every tour guide were engaging, knowledgeable, adjusted the schedule based on our interests and wishes, and well versed in English. They knew their regions and cities quite well and alerted us to potential dangers if appropriate i.e. pick pockets in crowded areas. Please share this with them. As Erich practiced his Mandarin with them, they responded in kind and reverted to English with us. The locations selected were most interesting. Although not used to subzero weather, Harbin was so unique I would recommend it to anyone traveling during the winter months. All of the sights chosen were unique and have so much to offer.

The hotel accommodations were comfortable. We had one experience when the power went off in a block that contained our hotel, but fortunately was restored within a few hours. The amenities were a nice add, i.e. water bottles, grooming items, slippers that are often forgotten. The restaurants were as unique as the cities/areas we visited and a real taste of Chinese cuisine was enjoyed by all four. Our guides made certain that our meal was ready and to our taste.

Should our son and daughter-in-law stay another year, (which is very probable) we have discussed a repeat visit, next year around the same time. As Erich and Caitlin are students at Tianjin International University, a trip revolves around their academic schedules. We will certainly use your services again, as all four of us were so pleased. We have lots of photos and video to show our friends and family, that I hop it will entice them to make a trip.

Have a safe and prosperous New Year.

Customer: The ChristiansUpdate: Mar.4, 2015 Tour Code: 31746

Destination: Harbin

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