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  • Thanks for arranging our wonderful 28 day holiday to China in September. The blend of your arrangements and the few customised stops that we added with extra days, worked very well for us. All the agents did a good job and we thank them all.
    -- From Mr. Jones
  • Indeed we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to China and came back with very fond and delightful memories of the trip. We were very impressed with the quality of service provided by China Tour Guide. With military precision your English speaking Tour Guides and private car drivers were aavailable at each and every airport and cruise embark and disembark points, holding our names in their hands. They helped us at the airports by getting us boarding cards and at tourist sites by organising tickets etc.
    -- From Ms. Kirpalani
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Shanghai Tour

Shanghai, located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, is the No.1 metropolis in China and reputed as the "Paris of the Orient". Nonetheless, Shanghai attracts you not with the state-of-the-art skyscrapers, which you can without difficulty find a lot in almost all the big cities worldwide, but the smart way she interweaves the West and East, ancient and modern.

Traditional Lively Life of South China

Yuyuan Garden  City God Temple Shanghai Longtang Shanghai
Yuyuan Garden, Classical South-China Garden City God Temple Longtang, essence of Shanghai residence

The old town of Shanghai collects all the elements that link to Chinese worldly happiness - delicious snack, animated craft market, beautiful classic garden, Buddha or Taoist temple for praying, small houses in the old Longtang lanes where hospitality and mutual help is a must.

Magnificent Western Facet

The Bund Western villas Shanghai Huaihai Road
The Bund, showcase of Western buildings Western villas where Chinese historial celebrities once lived Huaihai Road, Oriental Champs Elysees

As the earliest treaty port in modern China (1840-1949), Shanghai has accepted tons of Western concepts, buildings and commodities and granted the locals much richer opportunities to experience and try all these brand new things. In International /British /French Concession, arrays of Western towers for commerce and diplomacy were built and lofty avenues were set. In addition, the then political and cultural celebrities showed off various sorts of villas in Shanghai. All these remain valuable architectural heritage for visitors to Shanghai.

Dazzling Shopping Paradise and Night Life

Nanjing Road Xintiandi Tianzifang
Nanjing Road, the top shopping street in China Bar street at Xintiandi Creative life at Tianzifang Soho Street

The metropolis Shanghai never falls short of night colors or shopping fiesta. You would ever feel bored with Shanghai as it provides too many shopping streets, bar streets and leisure plazas. You can go strolling at Nanjing Road, or take some sips at Xintiandi, or explore the creative lifestyle at Tianzifang.

Top Shanghai Attractions

  • The Bund: Regarded as the symbol of Shanghai and an epitome of Shanghai's history; famous for various styles of magnificent buildings and a marvelous view for the landmarks of the city.
  • Oriental Pearl Tower: Landmark of Shanghai and the tallest completed tower in Asia; applys Chinese elements in design, and features a breathtaking bird's eye view on the tower.
  • Nanjing Road: The earliest and most prosperous shopping street in Shanghai dating back to the 1840s; offering all-in-one shopping centers, gorgeous restaurants and spectacular night views over this area.

Local Shanghai Tours and Extension Tours

The Bund
The tour is composed of half the impression of old Shanghai during 1920s to 1940s and half the new image of flourishing metropolis Shanghai today. Brief yet classic, the 2-day tour won’t fade away once you come and experience!   
Suzhou Pingjiang Old Street
Go experience the amazing life of Old Shanghai together with Suzhou & Hangzhou, the two cities that share the pride of Paradise on Eeath. An average of 3 attraction spots per day and professional guides promise you enough time to appreciate all the wonders...   
Oriental Pearl Tower
The tour arranges so many activities around the famous Shanghai attractions to fit various age in a family- strolling, cruising, overlooking, valued animal watching, utmost speed experiencing. Bring your beloved family and spend 4 days happy together in Shanghai!  
Xitang Water Town
You'll have your eyes wide open for the most modern skyscraper, the most thriving shopping street and the largest-scaled Western old buildings in Shanghai. On the other way round, you'll also experience the classic Chinese garden, the pretty riverside residences and well-preserved traditional lifestyle in Suzhou>  
Mt. Huangshan
During the 5 days you'll let out endless wows in the face of the time-honored traditional garden, market, temples, avenues in Shanghai. On the other way round, you just can't stop clapping for the much more incredible works of nature when touring Mt. Huangshan.  
Shanghai the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower
Attend this tour and have a close look at Shanghai’s vibrant night color, elegant traditional garden, interesting market and temple together with the state-of-the-art skyscraper and maglev.  
Here is an in-depth tour that enables you to round your fingers on the skin and soul of Shanghai local life! You'll experience the rich night life and vibrant night color, taste the savory snack and do shopping around the old block, enjoy citylandscape on top of the skyscraper. What's more, you can spend a day the way the locals do in their family!  
Xitang Water Town
Prepare your eyes for the sharply different colors respectively in the metropolis Shanghai and the unstirred Xitang Water Town! You'll first be dazzled by the bustling market, pedestrian road and Western toned old towers in Shanghai, yet you'll later be all eyes on the simple beautiful old riverside houses, bridges and boats in Xitang Water Town.  
Zhouzhuang Twin Bridges
The tour immerses you into the sea of well-known buildings in Shanghai and later the net of original folk residences, bridges, waterways in the No. 1 water town of China, Zhouzhuang.  
West Lake Hangzhou
The tour unfolds itself like a scroll of panoramic sceneries of Shanghai and Hangzhou. You’ll find on it not only the most celebrated attractions like The Bund and West Lake but several other less-known market, pedestrian streets, temples, tower and pagoda that help establish the outline of these two cities and create their fame among travelers.  
Suzhou Pingjiang Old Town
The tour is composed by a ring of beautiful notes that echo respectively in Shanghai, Suzhou and Tongli. Dipping into the beautiful ballad, you’ll hear the symphony in the Old Shanghai, the concerto in the garden city Suzhou and the serenade in the ancient water town Tongli.   

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