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Suzhou Tour

Suzhou is a beautiful city. It is a place of gardens and canals. Several classic gardens, including the Humble Administrator's Garden and the Lingering Garden, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are great for sight-seeing. Suzhou is very much a water town - it's thoroughly criss-crossed with canals and bridges - and you can still see traces of a very old lifestyle centered around the Grand Canal. Two or three days are enough to experience Suzhou. Spare one more day and you can enjoy the extension Suzhou tours including the nearby water towns,such as Zhouzhuang Water Town and Tongli Water Town to experience the residence and bridges of hundreds of years old.

Top Suzhou Attractions

  • Lingering Garden: Surpasses thousands of its kind to become one of the four most famous classic gardens in China; the magic touch is that a fascinating scene forms from every single angle of the garden.
  • Tiger Hill: Symbol of the 2,500-year-old Suzhou city; featuring the Yunyan Pagoda which is even taller and leaner than the Leaning Tower of Pisa; well preserved despite of a history over 1000 years.
  • Humble Administrator's Garden: The exquisite beauty, artistic value and historic significent establish the garden, as one of the top four most famous gardens in China.
  • Tongli Water Town: With a network of lakes and waterways, Tongli was inaccessible in ancient times and therefore has survived without the war damage that many other places suffered.
 Other Attractions List
Pingjiang Road
Hanshan Temple
Lion Grove Garden
Luzhi Water Town
Ouyuan Garden
Panmen Gate
Suzhou Embroidery
Suzhou Silk Factory
Suzhou Pingtan
Grand Canal
Kunqu Opera
Master of the Nets Garden
Zhouzhuang Water Town
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Suzhou Local Tours and Extension Tours

You can see the beauty of Suzhou stretching endlessly along your way of exploration by rickshaw and canal. What's more, you can discover the time-honored glamour of Suzhou at the most historic hill, pagoda and garden and experience what Suzhou elegant lifestyle is like at the teahouse.  
The tour is all about the splendid scenery and lovely lifestyle at the garden city Suzhou and water town Tongli. Present are the amazing way the locals build their gardens, yards, bridges and streets along the river as well as the detailed style they eat, wear and entertain.  
Xitang Water Town
You'll have your eyes wide open for the most modern skyscraper, the most thriving shopping street and the largest-scaled Western old buildings in Shanghai. On the other way round, you'll also experience the classic Chinese garden, the pretty riverside residences and well-preserved traditional lifestyle in Suzhou  
Suzhou Pingjiang Old Town
The tour is composed by a ring of beautiful notes that echo respectively in Shanghai, Suzhou and Tongli. Dipping into the beautiful ballad, you'll hear the symphony in the Old Shanghai, the concerto in the garden city Suzhou and the serenade in the ancient water town Tongli.   
Zhouzhuang Water Town
The tour immerses you into the sea of well-known buildings in Shanghai and later the net of original folk residences, bridges, waterways in the No. 1 water town of China, Zhouzhuang.   
Suzhou Pingjiang Old Street
Go experience the amazing life of Old Shanghai together with Suzhou & Hangzhou, the two cities that share the pride of Paradise on Eeath. An average of 3 attraction spots per day and professional guides promise you enough time to appreciate all the wonders...   

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Suzhou Tour
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