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China is the cradle of one of the world's four oldest civilizations with a recorded history of over 5000 years. It boasts a highly developed rich cultural heritage as well as remarkable natural beauty. Our experienced guides and staff will help you to see this China with new eyes. Before the modern era only Marco Polo could have imagined the treasures of this land. Now you can take in the fascinating sights for yourself.

Reputed as the "Paris of the Orient", the city is an amazing mix of western and eastern cultures, boasting both traditional Chinese features and its modern lifestyle.
One of China's most important tourist places, famous for its enchanting natural beauty and elegance, plenty of romantic tales, and cultural heritages.
Living up to its reputation as China's Garden City, the canals, ancient architecture and green spaces give the city a timeless and tranquil ambiance.
High mountains, ancient pines, bizarre rocks, and seas of clouds found in traditional Chinese landscape paintings, all come alive at this celebrated mountain.
Badaling Great Wall
This is the best-preserved and most imposing section of the Great wall. It is approximately 3,741 meters (2.3 miles) long and was of great strategic importance in ancient times.
Temple of Heaven
This temple complex is an architectural wonder featuring the triple-roofed "Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest", where the emperor went to worship heaven and pray for the coming harvest.
Forbidden City
One of the world's most beautiful architectural complexes, this served as China's imperial palace for almost five centuries. Its massive scale and majestic design are overwhelming.
'Bird's Nest
The nest-shaped elliptic steel structure is hailed as "an icon of the Beijing 2008 Olympics" and has become a recognized landmark worldwide.
Terracotta Warriors
As the eighth wonder of the ancient world, it has history more than 2200 years. Over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses are unearthed.
Big Wild Goose Pagoda
The outstanding design of this Chinese tower has helped it survive a thousand years of turmoil and natural disasters intact and still holding a treasure-trove of Buddhist relics.
Bell Tower
Xi'an's most famous landmark, the largest and best-preserved bell tower in China. A keen imagination takes visitors back to the day when its bells split the night air warning of invasion.
Shaanxi History Museum
More than 3000 cultural and historic artifacts were specially chosen to display here in order to fully portray the glorious civilization centered in Shaanxi province.
Potala Palace
Featuring a charming blend of Tibetan and Han architecture, this once served as the Tibetan imperial palace, and is also the highest palace in the world.
Barkhor Street
This street runs through the heart and soul of Lhasa. The festival-like atmosphere and abundance of exotic souvenirs make for a fun-filled stroll or a shopper's paradise.
Jokhang Temple
Jokhang Temple is the spiritual center of Tibet and the holiest destination for all Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims.
Namtso Lake
As the highest lake in the world and with beautiful legends, it becomes a holy lake and has attracted numberous Tibetan pilgrims to worship here.
Yangtze River
As a cradle of ancient Chinese civilization and coursing from west to east through ten provinces of the country, the mighty Yangtze is the longest river in China and the third longest in the world.
Constructed on the mountain slopes and along the riversides, Chongqing is known as a "Mountain City", abundant in scenic spots and historical and cultural interests.
Three Gorges Dam
Being the largest hydroelectric complex in the world and a modern marvel of human engineering, the dam is a must-see highlight of any Yangtze cruise.
Lesser Three Gorges
One of the most famous sights in a Yangtze cruise, this boasts three sections of valleys along the Daning River, and is well-known for the crystal clear rapids and vertical cliffs.
The special geography gives it breath-taking scenery. The diverse ethnic minorities bless it with special folk cultures, while many foreign residents add exotic flavors to its fascination.
Li River
The centerpiece of any trip to Guilin, you will float down the crystal-clear, tranquil waters of the river, while the fresh breeze and ever unfolding karst mountain scenery delight all the senses.
Longji Rice Terraces
Originally built during the Ming Dynasty 500 years ago, the terraces stretch up the side of Longji Mountain from the river valley like a slithering serpent glittering in the sunlight.
Reed Flute Cave
This is the most visited cave in the world and a marvelous natural spectacle. The large variety of natural rock formations found here are sure to challenge your imagination.
Celebrated as the "City of Eternal Spring", the city bosts alluring highland scenery, bewitching karst landform, and varied and exotic habitats and customs.
A fairyland beneath the colorful clouds of southern China, attracting millions of tourists by its spectacular snow-capped mountains and its ancient primitive town.
This is a sacred earthly paradise, blessed with majestic mountains and of superb possibilities for trek, botanical exploration and Tibetan culture discovering.
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Lying on the way to Shangri-La from Tiger Leaping Gorg, Tiger Leaping Gorge is the longest, deepest, and narrowest gorge in the world.
Zhaoxing Dong village
One of the largest and oldest Dong villages, this mountain community's ancient architecture, century-old practices and hospitable locals offers a welcome contrast to urban lifestyle.
Xijiang Miao village
The biggest village of Miao in China and known as the one-thousand household Miao village, which is a living fossil for the study of Miao people's history and traditional culture.
Sisters Meal Festival
As one of the most exciting Miao festivals, this oldest Oriental Valentine's Day in Guizhou presents a great festivity for Miao youth to choose their dates.
Basha village
In this Miao ethnic village the locals live as they always have, maintaining a primitive slash-and burn lifestyle, practicing ancient customs, and holding their own unique beliefs.
Victoria Peak
The highest spot in Hong Kong offers a spectacular vantage point from which to see the hustle and bustle of the day as well as the breathtaking night view and colorful city lights.
Repulse Bay
A charming beach, soft golden sand, and clear azure blue water gently lapping the seashore have made it a popular spot for relaxation and aquatic activities.
Hong Kong Disneyland
The second Disneyland built in Asia. With fantastic scenic spots and Disney theme hotels, you're sure to start a magical journey and enter into a fairy tale kingdom.
Wong Tai Sin Temple
This is a popular Taoist temple in Hong Kong and is famed for the many prayers supposedly answered there via a practice called "Kau Cim".
Wuzhen Water Town
With ancient docks, waterside pavilions, and corridors stretched out for miles, Wuzhen makes a romantic atmosphere that is typical to water towns.
Xitang Water Town
Seemingly like being in an earthly paradise, you will feel extremely relaxed in Xitang water town, and be intoxicated by its beauty and local featured customs.
Tongli Water Town
Known for a system of canals, Tongli has a history of over 1000 years. The same waterways that kept it unscathed from wars make it peaceful and quiet.
Zhouzhuang Water Town
Remarked by Marco Polo as "the Venice of the East", Zhouzhuang is famous for its elegant watery views, well preserved ancient houses and local featured traditions and customs.
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