11 Days Merry Xinjiang Cycling Tour

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Cycling around the triangle area of Xinjiang, composed of Kashgar, Turpan and Urumqi, is nothing short of travelling through a magical time tunnel. You'll come across grant ancient city ruins, ever-standing pagodas and tranquil Uygur villages hidden inside valleys. Cycling can't be more beneficial in Xinjiang as you can hold beautiful local legends, interesting folklore, splendid scenery, cool Xinjiang fruits and snacks all in your arms while cycling!

Savor history and civilization along Silk Road by touring Gaochang, Jiaohe Ancient Ruins.

Appreciate Uygur architectural art by visiting Abakh Hoja Tomb and Id Kah Mosque.

Explore Uygur custom by cycling to Sunday Bazzar and Tuyuq Valley .

Feast on breathtaking natural beauty by touring Heavenly Lake.

Day 1 Arrive in Kashgar transfer by air from Urumqi
Today's Activities Getting off the flight and marking your feet in Kashgar, you'll start feeling the exotic tone of Kashgar. It's quite magical, mixed with beautiful ancient stories and vague background of unexplored wonderland, yet don't hurry up to unveil Kashgar, you just need to have a good rest at your hotel, restoring energy for tomorrow's thrill.
Day 2 Cycling: Abakh Hoja Tomb - Id Kah Mosque (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities It's pretty good to begin your cycling tour in Kashgar with the legend-rich Abakh Hoja Tomb, isn't it? The tomb, which is more famous if called Xiangfei (Princess with great fragrance) Tomb, always look so amazing with the legendary life story of Princess Xiangfei. Besides, it merely takes 5km from downtown Kashgar to arrive at the tomb. So start cycling, later you'll savor the magnificent Uygur architectural beauty whereas imagining how attractive the Princess Xiangfei was.
End the tour at Abakh Hoja Tomb and cycle back to downtown Kashgar. Facing you is the gorgeous Id Kah Mosque, across Id Kah Square. Standing out as the largest-scale mosque in China, the mosque has been the symbol of Kashgar like Emin Pagoda the icon of Turpan.
1. Don't talk loudly when visiting these spots.
2. Don't walk right by the pilgrims doing service.
3. Don't take photo in the preaching hall of Id Kah Mosque.
4. Dress neatly before touring these spots.
Abakh Hoja Tomb Id Kah Mosque Id Kah Mosque          
Abakh Hoja Tomb Id Kah Mosque Id Kah Mosque          
Day 3 Cycling: Sunday Bazaar - Livestock Bazaar - Old Town(Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Cycling is more than visiting old blocks of architecture; actually you can probe into details of the locals via the help of your bicycle. Let's move on as per the order of today's playlist, Sunday Bazzar - Livestock Bazzar - Old Town, cycling from buoyant markets to tranquil old residence. At the first two markets you'll be excited by the novel local products and animated form of stock-exchange that still keeps flourishing along Silk Road. Afterwards, Old Town of Kashgar will stretch itself like a scroll of panorama of Kashgar folklore before you.
1. Don't bargain with the sellers at the bazzar if you don't plan to buy their products.
2. Don't take photo around yards of the locals before they agree.
3. Don't dring hot tea after having lots of cool fruits in case of diarrhea.
4. Don't splash water drops that stay on your hands after hand washing. It is drying your hands with towel that is regarded to be out of courtesy to Minorities in Xinjiang.
Sunday Bazzar Livestock Bazzar Old Town          
Sunday Bazzar Livestock Bazzar Old Town          
Day 4 Cycling: Upar Monday Bazaar - Tomb of Kashgali (Breakfast, lunch)
Today's Activities Today let's go on with the route from prosperity to serenity. Go cycle to Upar Monday Bazzar. You'll find how interesting it is to compare the delicate difference between Upar Monday Bazzar and Sunday Bazzar. Later, make a big switch with a 47-km cycling from downtown Kashgar to Tomb of Kashgali, the well-known ancient scholar who accomplished Grand Dictionary of Turkic. The Arabian style tomb, built in 1,000 years ago, is next to the Pamirs and vast area of oasis. Stop and breathe a fresh breath. Perhaps you'll come across some dedicated monks around there.
Upar Monday Bazzar Upar Monday Bazzar Tomb of Kashgali          
Upar Monday Bazzar Upar Monday Bazzar Tomb of Kashgali          
Day 5 Cycling: Moore Pagoda - Baishkeranm Village (Breakfast, lunch)
Today's Activities Pagodas in Kashgar look quite grand against the sappire-blue sky. To examine how gorgeous they are, let's cycle 25 km from the center of Kashgar city to Moore Pagoda. The 13-meter-high pagoda, built upon a sand hill, looks as if it were made of gold with the background of immense sky. If you're deep into history, you'll surely love the intense feeling of time passing. Later in Baishkeranm Village your understanding of Uygur culture and custom will be strengthen.
You need to wear flats or sandals to fit the unrepaired country roads. In addition, you'd better bring water with you.
Moore Pagoda Moore Pagoda Baishkeranm Village          
Moore Pagoda Moore Pagoda Baishkeranm Village          
Day 6 Kashgar -Urumqi - Turpan (Breakfast) Transfer by air and later by bus
Today's Activities Take the morning flight back to Urumqi and then drive about 200 km to Turpan. Fully relax yourself at the hotel in Turpan. Tomorrow is another brand-new cycling day!
Day 7 Cycling: Jiaohe Ruins - Karez - Grapes Valley - Emin Pagoda (Breakfast, lunch)
Today's Activities Your cycling tour in Turpan begins with 2,000-year-old Jiaohe Ancient Ruins. Cycle about 10 km from downtown Turpan and you get the huge ruins. Sandstorm eroded yet time honored, Jiaohe Ruins is able to stun you with its sophisticated layout and delicate overall shape of willow leaf.

It is own to the extreme arid climate of Turpan that Jiaohe Ancient Ruins are well preserved. On the other hand such a climate causes lots of trouble to daily life of the locals. Can you imagine ways of their getting domestic water? If not, just cycle about 4 km from Jiaohe Ruins to Karez, the longest irrigation channel in the world, ranked as one of the top three ancient projects in China along with the Great Wall and Hangzhou Grand Canal. Incredible is the fact that the aged Karez wells still provide fresh water to the majority of oasis in Turpan nowadays!

There is nothing better than entering the easy breezy Grapes Valley after hours of cycling. Savoring sweet strings of grapes while watching musical performance by the locals is for sure big entertainment.

The last stop of your cycling is Emin Pagoda, the symbol of Turpan and the largest ancient pagoda around Xinjiang region. The towering pagoda, together with magnificent city ruins and underground well system, compose a gorgeous Turpan.
1. Avoid visiting the ruins at noon as it can get rather hot. You'd better bring water with you.
2. Look out for steps as lights in Karez are quite limited. Don't drink directly well water in Karez.
3. Pay attention to your way of dressing. Brace skirts, mini skirts and slippers are not welcome in Emin Pagoda.
Jiaohe Ancient Ruins Grapes Valley Emin Pagoda          
Jiaohe Ancient Ruins Grapes Valley Emin Pagoda          
Day 8 Gaochang Ancient Ruins - Astana Graves - Tuyuq Valley (Breakfast, lunch) by bus
Today's Activities Today you'll go all the way through thousands of years of Turpan by bus, visiting unbeaten ancient ruins, tombs and villages. Drive a distance of 27 km from downtown Turpan and you get Gaochang Ancient Ruins right in front of you. Two thousand years ago the Gaochang city was the glorious center of religion and trade exchange between Central Plains of China and Central Asia; today it's still a stunning relic. Flowing times and sense of history get extraordinary vibrant around the huge ruins.

OK, time to leave for the 2nd stop Astana Graves(2km from Gaochang Ruins). Enter the valuable underground museum of Turpan where the largest number of mummies around the world are kept, you'll have a feeling that you go back to thousands of years ago when different ethnic groups.in Gaochang city lived happy together.

The knockout attraction today finally lies in front of you when your bus drives into Tuyuq Valley(76km from downtown Turpan). There you can't help giving thumb-up at serene valley scenery, Buddha caves and unstirred Mazha Ancient Uygur Village.
1. Avoid visiting the ruins at noon as it can get rather hot. You'd better bring water with you.
2. Photo taking is prohibited inside the Tombs.
3. You need to wear flats or sandals to fit the unrepaired country roads.
Gaochang Ancient Ruins Astana Graves Tuyuq Valley          
Gaochang Ancient Ruins Astana Graves Tuyuq Valley          
Day 9 Turpan - Urumqi - Xinjiang Regional Museum (Breakfast, lunch) Transfer by bus
Today's Activities Having toured so many pagodas, mosques, bazzars and villages, today you're to visit a big assembly of history, culture, religions and folklore around Xinjiang area . That is, Xinjiang Regional Museum. It opens you to a great panorama of 12 ethnic minorities living in Xinjiang, Eleven well-protected ancient corpses are the highlight. Drive back to Urumqi from Urumqi(about 200 km) before you reach the museum.
Xinjiang Regional Museum Xinjiang Regional Museum Xinjiang Regional Museum          
Xinjiang Regional Museum Xinjiang Regional Museum Xinjiang Regional Museum          
Day 10 Heavenly Lake (Breakfast, lunch) by bus
Today's Activities Harsh weather in Xinjiang leaves the area endless desert, sand hills and yardangs, yet it on the other hand benefits the formation of beautiful salt lakes. Heavenly Lake is the most celebrated. We won't let go of such a fantastic spot from the playlist. With touring Heavenly Lake, the glossy pearl in Tianshan Mountains along with the 240-km car ride towards the lake where scenery is breathtaking, the album of Xinjiang landscape on your mind will be complete.
1. Daily range of temperature around Heavenly Lake can reach 10-15 degree, and therefore remember to bring warm coats or sweaters to keep yourself off coldness.
2. Concerning strong ultraviolet ray around the spot, you'd better prepare adequate sun blocks. Meanwhile, drink and heat-relieving dissolvent should be with you in case of thirst and even sunstroke.
Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake          
Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake          
Day 11 Urumqi - Departure (Breakfast)
Today's Activities Drive to Urumqi airport and take the mornight flight, put a lovely period to your article of this merry cycling tour in Xinjiang. We wish you a good journey back home and a permanent memory of the tour!
Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 10 breakfasts and 8 lunches Admissions: Entrance fees to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
Tour Guide: Local experienced English-speaking guides Car Driver: Experienced licensed drivers
Vehicle: Private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers Hotel: accommodation in Kashgar, Urumqi and Turpan
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance Government taxes & Service charges
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional tours / meals / flights not mentioned in itinerary; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Kashgar Hotels
Barony Hotel Kashgar
Barony Hotel Kashgar
Barony Hotel Kashgar is a praiseworthy 4-star business hotel. It is next to the famous Id Kah Mosque and Kashgar CBD, offering obvious traffic convenience. The design of the hotel is toned with European architectural features and the facility includes catering, health&entertainment, conference, business and leisure. 108 rooms and suites give the guests warm staying places.
Qinibagh Hotel Kashgar
Qinibagh Hotel Kashgar
Qinibagh Hotel Kashgar is known as a 3-star hotel with so-so facility and outstanding service. The interior design of the hotel is full of Uygur tone. Amazing Grape Garden restaurant, Muslim restaurant, Chinese dining hall make all the guests quite at home. Plenty of health&entertainment bars, together with cozy guestrooms help the hotel win more satisfied guests from all over the world
Urumqi Hotels
Hoi Tak Hotel Urumqi
Hoi Tak Hotel Urumqi
Hoi Tak Hotel Urumqi is a deluxe 5-star hotel that is located at the CBD of Urumqi. It’s surrounded by the shopping streets on the one hand, yet the 36-storey building opens the guests to the gorgeous snowy Mount Tianshan. 318 super rooms and suites promise the guests to relax themselves and collect energy for the coming activities. Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant and Muslim dining hall show the guest the gourmet they expect.
Mirage Hotel B Tower Urumqi
Mirage Hotel B Tower Urumqi
Mirage Hotel B Tower Urumqi is located at the most prosperous block of downtown Urumqi. Unlike the sister version A Tower, the 4-star B Tower is a better choice for the guests who put comfort and cleaness into the first place. Besides, its surroundings give the guests many quick options to taste Urumqi food.
City Hotel Urumqi
City Hotel Urumqi
City Hotel Urumqi is a cozy 3-star hotel especially for businesspeople and travelers. Located at the superior shopping center of Urumqi, the hotel has both traffic convenience and surrounding public places of amusement 226 guestrooms are all well furnished to serve the guests better. The hotel itself owns one-stand catering service and health&entertainment facility to help the guests recover from tiredness.
Turpan Hotels
Tuha Petroleum Hotel Turpan
Tuha Petroleum Hotel Turpan
Tuha Petroleum Hotel Turpan is a comprehensive 5-star hotel and the most luxurious one in Turpan. All-around facility ensures that the hotel has as many functions as possible to meet different need. 143 rooms and suites ranging from deluxe to superior to standard class are available to fit assorted customers. In addition, four restaurants offer traditional Chinese food, Muslim cuisine, Western gourmet and large-scale party. The first-class hotel greets you whenever.
Huozhou Hotel Turpan
Huozhou Hotel Turpan
Huozhou Hotel Turpan is a comfortable 4-star hotel in Turpan. The hotel strives to providing the guests with subtil service and comprehensive equipment. Its standard twin room has 24-hour hot water available for the guests to wipe out travelling fatique. What’s more, its famed local snack and diet open the guests to more inspiring choice of food.
Turpan Hotel
Turpan Hotel
Turpan Hotel is right at the center of downtown Turpan and thus it shows great traffic advantage. It impresses the guests with Turpan toned design, local dance performance and spicy barbecue. Though it’s 3-star, it offers cozy rooms and full set of facility.

Recommended Local Restaurants:

Here we list some most welcomed restaurants for you to make a better catering choice. Each of them will excite you with comfortable environment and lucid tone of Xinjiang local gourmet.

Mayflower Mansaf Restaurant Urumqi
-- Warm-toned decoration style and Western layout
-- Double storey and arc-shaped stairs
-- Feature: Mansaf, yogurt, grill and brief dance performance at noon
   Korgan Restaurant Urumqi
-- Close to Erdaoqiao Grand Bazzar with shopping convenience
-- Vigorous Uygur decoration style
-- Feature: Original Uygur snack and simple tasty Western cuisine

Western Restaurant of Grand Turpan Hotel
-- Warm-toned decoration and polished environment
-- Fresh tasty Western food
-- Feature: Local dance performance
   Western Restaurant of Qinibagh Hotel Kashgar
-- Outstanding layout and comfortable furnishment
-- First-class service
-- Feature: Classical Western food


Dear Nancy, I’m back in America yet my thoughts are all about the pretty good tour guides, hotels, restaurants and spots of the tour. I think I really enjoyed every moment with them.

I’d like to clap my hands more for the cute exotic restaurants you recommended. Every inch of them came with Xinjiang tone. Besides, I had great luck to have all those enthusiastic tour guides all along my path in Xinjiang. They were terrific.

I’ll come again to taste more adorable Xinjiang in future. Thank you for your great organization and help.

Customer: Deborah White

Destinations:Kashgar, Turpan

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Dear Sara, For my fantastic Xinjiang tour I’d like to say a huge thank-you here.The travellings went so smooth around Kashgar, Urumqi and Turpan. Though sometimes we got to face bumpy situations, our drivers never let us down. The same it was with our thoughtful guides. My little girl didn’t feel that well at first in sweltering outskirts of Turpan, but with the caring guides and the protective tools they brought along, she was fine then.

I love most spots in my tour. They showed me bulks of knowledge about Xinjiang that I’d never known before. By the way, I enjoyed Turpan grapes particularly. The tour was totally worth the price and your service even went beyond my expectation. Million thanks!

Customer: Agyness Ronson

Destinations: Turpan, Kashgar, Urumqi

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