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Goddess Peak of Wu Gorge

The Wu Gorge is a fairyland with cloud and mist. The high mountains and deep valleys of the Gorge, maintains the moisture of air and form the most beautiful and mysterious pictures - the humid cloud climb slowing up the mountains and sometime become fine rains, and sometime turn into dark cloud and sometimes heavy fog. The famous twelve peaks reveal and hide themselves among the mist and make a marvellous picture of this lively gorge.

Wu Gorge, Yangtze River Goddess Peak
The Wu Gorge is a fairyland of cloud and mist The Goddess Peak s topped by a large rock that resembles a sculpture of a girl looking down the river

The Wu Gorge is named after the high mountain - Wu Mountain there. Looking down the Yangtze River, Wu Mountain sees 12 high peaks, which are described by legend as being 12 fairy spirits. Among them, the Goddess Peak(Shennv Peak) is the highest and most notable. The peak is topped by a large rock that resembles a sculpture of a girl looking down upon the boats in the river. As it is the first peak to welcome the sun's glow and say farewell to its afterglow, it is also called Wangxia Peak(Looking Sunglow Peak). There are some popular legends relating to it that are worth knowing.

According to legend, this rock resembling the figure of a beautiful maiden is actually the embodiment of Yao Ji, the youngest daughter of the Heavenly Mother. The young fairy invited her eleven sisters to visit the earthly world, as she felt lonely in heaven. When they arrived at the Wu Gorge, they encountered Yu the Great controlling the flood there. Moved by his spirit, Yao Ji decided to help by sending him a sealed book relating to the control of water. However, before she decoded the book to Dayu, she and his sisters were caught by the soldiers from heaven. In order to help Yu the Great, they broke the chain used to tie them, and returned to the earth. With the help of Yao Ji and her eleven sisters, the flood was finally overcome. And Yao Ji finally became a protector of the people, guiding sailing boats through the gorge and easing the Yangtze's infamous floods. Hence the embodiment of the Goddess Peak.

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