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Wanzhou, formerly named Wanxian(a county near Chongqing), has been a district of Chongqing since the municipality was established in 1997. Located at the western end of Yangtze River's renowned Three Gorges region, Wanzhou is an important port along the river. Before Chongqing municipality was formally separated from Sichuan province, Wanxian was regarded as the Gateway to Eastern Sichuan and functioned as a main manufacture base and distribution center for goods between Sichuan and neighbouring Shaanxi and Hubei provinces.

Wanzhou Wanzhou
The Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge The Bell Tower in Xishan Park is regarded as a landmark of Wanzhou

The scenery in Wanxian is marvelous. The Bell Tower in Xishan Park(West Hill Park) dates back to 1930. The traditional Chinese architecture style employed on the Bell Tower make it well worth a visit. Throughout the years, numerous celebrities like Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi(great poets in Chinese history) have been to Wanxian to admire its beautiful scenery. There are also some historic sites nearby like Shibaozhai village, Zhang Fei Temple and the town of White Emperor City.

Wanxian is also noted for its silk production. The largest Silk Museum in Southwest China is located here. By visiting the museum, you can admire the process of spinning and silk weaving. If you like, you can buy some of the silk for a souvenir. It makes for comfortable clothing and a great gift to take back to relatives and friends.

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