2 Days Suzhou Local Tour


-- Pingjiang Street Rickshaw Tour
-- Grand Canal Cruise
-- Tiger Hill
-- Suzhou Pingtan
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Tour Code: CTG-SZ01

Tour Description

Two short days in Suzhou can also be fruitful. You can see the beauty of Suzhou stretching endlessly along your way of exploration by rickshaw and canal. What's more, you can discover the time-honored glamour of Suzhou at the most historic hill, pagoda and garden and experience what Suzhou elegant lifestyle is like at the teahouse.

Taste Suzhou's elegance at tea house where the local ballad, Suzhou Pingtan, is performed.

Visit the unstirred old lanes, houses and life at Pingjiang Street by rickshaw.

Tour the legendary Tiger Hill Pagoda, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in China.

Enjoy amazing water town scenery cruising along the Grand Canal.

Day 1 Lingering Garden - Panmen Gate- Pingjiang Old Street Rickshaw Tour - Suzhou Pingtan ( Lunch)
Today's Activities You’ll meet the guide at Suzhou Railway Station and be transferred to the downtown hotel. With some brief rest, you’ll go explore Lingering Garden, one of the four most famous classic gardens in China. You sure fall attracted with the smart garden layout and delicate arrangement of trees, blossoms, ponds, pavilions, halls, bridges, rockeries, etc. Note the 3 iconic rockeries at the rear part of the garden.

Then steer your attention to another historical landmark in Suzhou, Panmen Gate. The grand gate is part of the ancient city wall (built in 514 B.C.) and received restoration in 1351 (during Yuan Dynasty ) . Stand on top of the gate tower, you’ll feast the enchanting view of the whole old town of Suzhou. To have a better look at Suzhou, you’ll go on with a rickshaw tour around Pingjiang Old Street where the old lifestyle and everyday elements are kept to the utmost. To the leisurely pace of the rickshaw you’ll go past the vegetable market, the unpolished streets and traditional residents as well as the simple happy locals who enjoy every minute home.

End today’s tour with an amazing spell of enjoying Suzhou Pingtan (Suzhou ballad singing and story telling) while sipping savory Chinese tea at the tea house. The performers, dressed in traditional costumes, would sing out the legends in beautiful gentle Suzhou dialect and to the elegant rythem of traditional musical instrument. You can never find more splendid melody elsewhere!
Lingering Garden Panmen Gate Suzhou Pingjiang Old Street          
Guanyun Rockery at Lingering Garden Panmen Gate Pingjiang Old Street          
Day 2 Grand Canal Cruise - Tiger Hill- Suzhou Silk Factory - Departure ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities After breakfast let’s start experiencing Suzhou by waterway. Relax yourself in the vintage hand-operated wooden boat and it will cruise with you along the Grand Canal, one of the 3 greatest projects in ancient China. Lighting up your eyes are all the elements that compose a water town - stone arch bridges, on-the-river markets, traditional yards shaded with willows, cormorant boat, etc.

See what the mountains in Suzhou are like after so much water town scenery. You’ll go into the serene Tiger Hill. Attend more to two highlights, Sword Pool and Yunyan Pagada (more known as Tiger Hill Pagoda). The Sword Pool is said to be the spot where two military generals of the ancient Wu Kingdom tested their swords. Plus, on the bridge across the pool there is a pair of well holes. As the story goes by, the favorite imperial concubine, Xishi (one of the 4 beauties in ancient China), often did her make-up by looking at her water reflection at these two holes. The more famous Tiger Hill Pagoda is reputed as the Leaning Tower of Pisa in China. It just keeps leaning through the long history of over 1000 years. Look how magnificent it is.

Then let's turn to Suzhou Silk Factory to see how the silk is processed from silk worm to the final product, and the interesting traditional spinning wheel and silk history in China. End the rich eye-opening tour and leave for Suzhou Railway station to your next destination. Wish you a fine Suzhou memory!
Tiger Hill Grand Canal cruise Grand Canal cruise          
Sword Pool at Tiger Hill Cormorant boat on the Grand Canal Grand Canal cruise          
Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 1 breakfast and 2 lunches Admissions: Entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
Tour Guide: a local experienced English-speaking guide Hotels: Accommodation in Suzhou
Vehicle: a private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers Car Driver: an experienced licensed driver
Water & Tissues: free purified water and tissues offered per day; Luggage Transfers: a hand for your heavy luggage;
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional tours / meals / flights not mentioned in itinerary; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Hotels in Suzhou
Pan Pacific Hotel Suzhou
Boasting unique Chinese architectural grandeur and exquisite garden features, Pan Pacific Hotel Suzhou is the ideal venue to for a rejuvenating retreat while indulging into the profound Chinese culture. 481 uniquely designed guestrooms are endowed with modern facilities and comforts, together with Pan Pacific's renowned personalized service, expect a memorable experience in Suzhou.
Garden Hotel Suzhou
Situated in western Suzhou, Garden Hotel is a 4-star stylish hotel with a preferable position. Just 10-minute drive from Guanqian Street, the hotel is equipped with well-appointed rooms with spacious area, modern decoration and free WIFI. With high-end services provided, Garden Hotel also offers many entertainment choices for guest, such as Karaoke, cycling and fitness center, etc.
Traveller Inn Gusu Suzhou
Traveller Inn Gusu Suzhou is a 3-star hotel, located in the heart of the city, with 108 guest rooms. Hotel's Restaurants offer Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. Many other facilities are provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The hotel also has a shopping center, a ballroom, and a bar and provides all kinds of services such as mailing, clinic, massage, laundry, and car rental. This hotel is neighbors the tourism center and famous parks of the city.

Meals as mentioned in the itinerary include 1 breakfast provided by the hotel and 2 lunches.
You are free to make dinner arrangements by yourself.


Suzhou cuisine is renowned for its unique sweet flavor, color and aroma, and it's always beautifully presented. Some of the best local dishes are songshu Guiyu (Stewed and Fried Mandarin Fish), Xiangyou Shanhu (Stewed Shredded Eel), Xigua Ji (Chicken Steamed in Watermelon Rind), etc.

Songshu Guiyu (Stewed and Fried Mandarin Fish) Xiangyou Shanhu (Stewed Shredded Eel)
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Hi Choury,

We thoroughly enjoyed beautiful Suzhou. The guide was there to meet us at the train station. I do have a comment to make of Mike, our guide. On the first day, he was not very chatty, he said he had a late night out the previous night before. He was not familiar with my itinerary, and had to read through it and still miss out the canal cruise. I had to point that out to him.

On the second day, Mike made up for everything. He was a lot more chatty and took us to a proper restaurant. He and the driver were very accommodating to take us to a couple of extra sightseeing places and drop us off at the station.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The accommodation at Pan Pacific is excellent.

Once again, thank you for a very pleasant experience with China Tour.


Customer:Mr. Tan

Destinations: Suzhou

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Hello Choury,

Suzhou is a beautiful place and we have great tour guide, Mike and the driver is great! We totally enjoy Suzhou and the tour guide Mike (Chen Ping) really looks after us. He is a typically tour guide that I have seen over these 10 years to china. He is worth a praised! Because of Mike, we have enjoyed Suzhou so much that we are planning to go back soon. Mike has a great history background of Suzhou and he even made an effort to find out more history of the Great Canal that we are visiting via his wife who is a history teacher. We are impressed with his initiative and the love he has for his work! He swapped our itinerary due to the time of the week and making us feel special as there are many occasions that the places we went at that time do not have many other visitors and we can enjoy the place leisurely and comfortably. We will recommend you to use him often as a tour guide for your other customers.

Thank you,

Customer:Ms. Montarroyos

Destinations: Suzhou

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