2 Days Tulou Discovery Homestay Tour

- Chuxi Tulou Cluster
- Hongkeng Tulou Cluster
- Nanxi Tulou Cluster
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Tour Code: CTG-FJYD01

Tour Description

A taste of different types of the peculiar Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses)! Circular ones, rectangular ones, palace-like ones... Though in different shapes, these earthen houses share the same characteristics - architectural art & ideas, family culture, Hakka culture & customs... Join us on a 2-day exploration to this living World Heritage - Fujian Tulou!

Discover different Tulou styles in Chuxi Tulou Cluster, Hongkeng Tulou Cluster & Nanxi Tulou Cluster

Special homestay experience in Fujian Tulou

Day 1 Xiamen - Yongding: Chuxi Tulou Cluster (Lunch, Dinner)
Today's Activities

Start from Xiamen for a fantastic trip to Fujian Tulou! Scattered in the untouched mountainous areas in the Southwest of Fujian Province, Tulous are earthen buildings and mainly inhabited by the Hakka People. A Tulou is a small family kingdom of a clan as well as a reinforcement structure.

Check in a Hakka family inn and have a Chinese lunch at a local restaurant. Regain your energy for the afternoon trip around the Chuxi Tulou Cluster.

Chuxi Tulou Cluster, your first destination, is one of the most gorgeous parts of Fujian Tulou, preserving the original appearance and lifestyle at most. You will visit the typical examples of Hakka earth buildings: Jiqing Lou - the oldest and biggest round tulou of the Chuxi region, dating back to the year 1419 and can hold 72 families; Shengqing Lou - built in 1799 and dubbed as the King of the Rectangular Tulous; Yuqing Lou - built in 1729 and now a family inn.

At around 17:00pm, rest your feet and enjoy a tea-tasting ceremony in a local family to learn some knowledge about the Chinese tea culture and the elaborate way of preparing and serving tea. Fujian is one of the major places producing famous teas, including Ooling, Wuyi Yancha, Anxi Tie Guan Yin and Fuzhou Jasmine Tea.

Dinner will be served at a local restaurant. And you can spend your evening strolling around the village and feel the simple and joyful life of the locals. Stay overnight at a featured Tulou family inn.

Chuxi Tulou at Dusk Yuqing Lou Shengqing Lou Interior      
Chuxi Tulou at Dusk Yuqing Lou Shengqing Lou Interior    
Day 2 Yongding: Hongkeng Tulou Cluster - Nanxi Tulou Cluster (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities

Have your breakfast and enjoy a tranquil morning view of Chuxi, start out to Hongkeng Tulou Cluster, which is the most concentrated of all earthen house clusters. Along the road are tulous of various sizes. Your destination is Kuiju Lou and Rusheng Lou.

Kuiju Lou features a rectangular outer part with palace-like structures in the interior, and is praised as a rural Potala Palace. The exquisite Rusheng Lou is the smallest round Tulou (outer diameter: 17 meters) and looks like a measure for rice.

At around 11:00 you will make your way to the local tea fields and join the local farmer to experience how to make tea. For the local people, tea is not only a kind of drinks, but a way of life.

After lunch at a local restaurant, let's turn to the Nanxi Tulou Cluster, the "Tulou Great Wall". More than 100 earth buildings, in the shape of round or square, eight-square or hexangular, three-cornered or "D" shape, gather in large quantity along both sides of the river, offering a striking visual effect to all its visitors. You will visit the "Tulou Princess" - Zhenfu Lou and the elegant Yanxiang Lou, which is part of the World Heritage Site and designed according to the ancient theory of Ba Gua (Eight Diagrams).

If you would like to explore the pastoral village sceneries, you can also join the optional activity: 2-hour biking or motorcycling tour around Nanxi villages. (Fees not included in the package.)

Later of the day you will be transferred back to Xiamen. Wish you a happy day.

Rusheng Lou Interior Kuiju Lou Yanxiang Lou      
Rusheng Lou Kuiju Lou Yanxiang Lou  
Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner Admissions: Entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
Tour Guide: a local experienced English-speaking guide Hotels: Accommodation in Hakka Tulou Earthen House
Vehicle: a private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers Car Driver: an experienced licensed driver
Water & Tissues: free purified water and tissues offered per day; Luggage Transfers: a hand for your heavy luggage;
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional tours / meals / flights not mentioned in itinerary; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Yongding Hotels
Hakka Earthen Building Hotel
Hakka Earthen Building House
Though very simple in accommodation condition, the Tulou family inn is clean and special. An extraordinary experience at the unique Fujian Tulou allows you to get closer to the genuine local life and the distinctive Hakka culture.

Meals as mentioned in the itinerary include 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner at local restaurant.

Below are some featured local food and snacks for your knowledge. Try some or you can also ask your guide for recommendations.

Fujian Food & Snacks:

Fujian food is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions in China, and its snacks are also very popular nationwide. Fujian style cuisine is known to be light but flavourful, soft and tender, as well as retaining the original flavour of the main ingredients instead of masking them.

Notable dishes include:
(1) Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall): a complex dish making use of many ingredients, including shark fin, sea cucumber, abalone, and Shaoxing wine.
(2) Yanpi & Rouyan: Yanpi is a thin wrapper made with large proportions of lean pork. It's used to make Rouyan, a type of wonton.
(3) Oyster Omelette: Omelette with oyster filling. Also popular in Taiwan.
(4) Tusun Dong (Sipunculid Worm Jelly): an aspic made with a species of marine peanut worm. Especially famous in Xiamen.

Fujian Food - Fo Tiao Qiang    Fujian Food - Rouyan Wonton   
Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)    Rouyan Wonton   
Fujian Food - Oyster Omelette    Fujian Food - Tusun Dong   
Oyster Omelette    Tusun Dong   

Red Hill park

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The Red Hill park comes as the symbol of Urumqi. When standing on such a highlight of the city’s landscape, you will fall in love with the magnificent view of Urumqi.


Beijing Hutong

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When Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century he declared that "it is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world".


Beijing Hutong

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When Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century he declared that "it is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world".


Beijing Hutong

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When Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century he declared that "it is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world".

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Dear Allan,

Wuyishan Resort is a quite ipressive geological park and we enjoyed our trip. The bamboo rafts riding along the Jiuqu Stream is really wonderful. It's not the fierce type I thought, but gentle and pleasant. Life jackets were provided. Watching the strange rock formations is interesting.

Customer: Mr.& Mrs. Adams

Destinations:Wuyishan, Fujian

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Hello Sara,

The fujian hakka Tulou is really amazing! Our guide told us that the large ones can hold 60-80 families! The building itself is interesting. I wonder if next time I can stay overnight at Tulou, lol. Local people are very friendly also, though they can hardly speak English.

Thanks for arranging such a wonderful tour.

Customer: Mr. Weller

Destinations: Yongding Tulou, Fujian

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