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  • Indeed we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to China and came back with very fond and delightful memories of the trip. We were very impressed with the quality of service provided by China Tour Guide. With military precision your English speaking Tour Guides and private car drivers were aavailable at each and every airport and cruise embark and disembark points, holding our names in their hands. They helped us at the airports by getting us boarding cards and at tourist sites by organising tickets etc.
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Fujian Tours | Fujian Travel

Located on the southeast coast of China, Fujian (Fukien or Foukien) Province is a less trodden tour destination comparing to routine China tours. Once a barbarian and remote area, Fujian is now gradually revealing its charm by a wide region of mountains, river valleys and a lush subtropical coastline. A leisure stroll among the peaceful lanes of Gulangyu Island of Xiamen - a Garden on the Sea, or a bamboo raft drifting along Jiuqu Stream (Nine-Bend River) of Wuyishan Mountain, or a dive into the traditional culture and lifestyle of Hakka People in the UNESCO recognized World Cultural Heritage - Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses) or the pastoral Xiamei Ancient Village... All are worth a tour to Fujian!

The coastal cities like Capital Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and Xiamen have been engaging in International trade for hundreds of years, and is striking out their new developments in the modern day, while the interior parts are kept more traditional...

Top Fujian Attractions

  • Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses): Like UFOs in the mountain areas, the Fujian Tulou is an amazing architectural style of the Hakka People, serving as a fortress as well as a clan kingdom.
  • Gulangyu Island, Xiamen: A peaceful island with laid-back style and musical sensations. Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden and Piano Museum are top features of Gulangyu Island.
  • Wuyishan Mountains: A mountain range rich in both natural and cultural heritage, incl. red hills, crystal-clear waters and biodiversity conservation zone. The best way to appreciate its beauty is taking a bamboo raft drifting along the Nine-Bend River (Jiuqu Xi).
  • Xiamei Ancient Village: Xiamei Ancient Village is a quiet place with old buildings featuring delicate carvings. It's the starting point of Ancient Tea Road.
 If you want to see more pictures about Fujian, please click here.

Fujian Local Tours

Fujian Tulou

A taste of different types of the peculiar Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses)! Circular ones, rectangular ones, palace-like ones... Though in different shapes, these earthen houses share the same characteristics - architectural art & ideas, family culture, Hakka culture & customs... Join us on a 2-day exploration to this living World Heritage - Fujian Tulou!


Discover the essence of Wuyishan Mountain - the jade-like rivers and red hills (Danxia landform), as well as local tea culture. This tour includes an relaxing bamboo raft drifting along Jiuqu Xi (Nine-Bend River), a climb to the grandeur summit of Wuyishan - Tianyou Peak (Heavenly Tour Peak), a visit to the mysterious Yunwo (Clouds Pit) and a taste of the best quality oolong tea at Dahongpao Tourist Zone.

Fujian Tulou

It's a combination of resort leisure Xiamen (Amoy) and cultural Fujian Tulou. As Garden on the Sea, Xiamen greets you with its best spots - Gulangyu Island, where the elegant Shuzhuang Garden and Asia's largest Piano Museum exists. Fujian Tulou is another type - amazing buildings and layouts, time-honored building traditions and original living styles...


Join and Rejoice - A experience of the natural enjoyment at Gulangyu of Xiamen and Wuyishan Mountains, as well as a walking back to the old times - Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses) and Xiamei Ancient Village. Feel the natural charm together with the traditional culture, whether of tea, of Hakka people, or of architecture.

Fujian Tour
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