7 Days Yuanyang Manmade Wonders and Natural Beauty Tour

-- Stone Forest
-- Tuanshan Village
-- Yuanyang Rice Terraces
-- Hani Minority Villages
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Tour Description

Spending a holiday in Kunming, Yuanyang and Jianshui, you will have your eyes entertained by gorgeous manmade attractions like traditional garden, Minority Villages and Yuanyang Rice Terraces; fabulous naturally shaped works like Stone Forest and Dianchi Lake. You would love the wonderland interlaced with the artificial and the natural.

Visit World Geopark Stone Forest.

Explore World Memorial Architectural Heritage Tuanshan Village.

Tour water-logged Yuanyang Rice Terraces, wonderland of curves and colors.

Experience interesting ethnic custom and lifestyle in Hani Minority Villages.

Day 1 Arrive in Kunming
Today's Activities As soon as your flight reaches Kunming Airport, we're right there to pick you up and transfer you to the hotel in downtown Kunming. The rest of the day is spent as you please. Apart from getting sufficient rest at the hotel, you can enjoy strolling in Green Lake Park. you may as well have a walk at Kunming Flower and Bird Market. The buoyant birds and flourishing flowers there all convey easy breezy tones of spring rather than freezing winter, telling you why Kunming is entitled City of Spring. Additionally, you can visit Golden Horse and Green Phoenix Archway, the symbolic building of Kunming and the thriving shopping area.
Kunming Green Lake Park Kunming Flower and Bird Market Golden Horse and Green Phoenix Archway          
Have fun with black-headed gulls in Green Lake Park Kunming Flower and Bird Market Golden Horse and Green Phoenix Archway          
Day 2 Kunming (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Kunming is ever proud of its gorgeous landscapes, the most outstanding of which is listed as one of World Natural Heritage, Stone Forest. Drive about 100 kms south of Kunming and you get the unbelievable Stone Forest. Watching the spectacular array of limbstone, you can hardly assume what it was like millions of years ago. Stone Forest is developed from under the ocean in the similar way Mt. Everest rises. So just enjoy such a grant page of world geography.

Afterwards you'll be touring the Western Hill and Dragon Gate. Unlike the naturally shaped Stone Forest, Western Hill and Dragon Gate known for man-made grottoes, sculptures, corridors, and pavilions hacked from the cliff. The creators, a Taoist monk and his co-workers, consumed 72 years (from 1781 to 1853) to complete the project.

Having visited the artificial masterpiece, you''ll feast on another natural beauty, the glossy Dianchi Lake. The lake is vast and wave splashing all the year round. What's more, large numbers of black-headed gulls that will frequent Kunming to spend a warm winter (from Late November to March the next year), fly around like scattered pearls. Watching these happy creatures is a wonderful experience.
Stone Forest Western Hill and Dragon Gate Dianchi Lake          
Stone Forest Western Hill and Dragon Gate Dianchi Lake          
Day 3 Jianshui (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Today let's dip into profound traditional culture and fabulous architectural art around Kunming. The private car will take you to Jianshui County within 4 hours and the well-preserved Jianshui Confucian Temple will greet you. No matter how much you know about Confucius, it is worth a visit at the temple built in the year 1285, the second largest confucian temple after Qufu Temple, Shandong Province. After that, Zhu Family Garden is waiting for your exploration. The grand complex of Yunnan civilian houses will attract you with bulks of exquisite details.
Jianshui Confucian Temple Zhu Family Garden Zhu Family Garden          
Jianshui Confucian Temple Sophisticated layout of Zhu Family Garden Wooden carving in Zhu Family Garden          
Day 4 Jianshui - Yuanyang (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Paying a morning visit at Chaoyang Wall is quite fab! The old city wall of Jianshui, built in 1389, has gone through scores of big earthquakes and battles with merely 48 huge wooden pillars and other cogs and thus is qualified as the No.1 city wall in Yunnan every inch. Later you'll go to Double-Dragon Bridge. Having Appreciated the 400-year-old bridge known for elegant pavilion style and 17 bridge openings, you can't help marveling at the great architectural aesthetics in Yunnan.

After lunch you'll move on to Tuanshan Village. In this 600-year-old village you’ll be exposed to a great showcase of folk dwellings. The large-scale villas (15 in total), temples and ancestral halls will dazzle your eyes one by one. The highlight lies in Residence of Zhang Family who dominates the Tuanshan Village with their huge wealth and reputation. They sport individual styles and sumptuous decorations. You just can’t believe the existence of World Memorial Architectural Heritage (designated in 2005) in such a less-known ancient village before you tour it yourself.

Your tour in Yunnan will turn to a new chapter, Yuanyang County in the afternoon. What Yuanyang prepares for you are vast areas of shining rice terraces and exotic minority villages. Tomorrow the chapter will unfold itself to you, just keep thrilled!
Chaoyang Wall Double-Dragon Bridge Tuanshan Village          
Chaoyang Wall Double-Dragon Bridge Local family in Tuanshan Village          
Day 5 Yuanyang (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities From November to April, the second year, you will keep being dazzled by the glowing water-logged Yuanyang Rice Terraces, which is immersed with water for rice transplanting. The 3 most-famous rice terraces zones you’re to visit are Duoyishu, Bada and Tiger Mouth Pass. Duoyishu is the best spot for sunrise view while the latter two are perfect for sunset spectacle. Hiking in the rice terraces is somewhat like travelling over a tremendous contour map. Apart from these abundant lines of the earth, your horizon is further enriched by endless parade of cloud, cute mushroom houses dwelt by Hani Minority, distant original forest and crimson duckweed beneath. You’ll love the riot of curves and colors!

End the fabulous Yuanyang Rice Terraces sightseeing and you’re headed for the Hani Minority Villages where the creators of the rice terraces live. It’s another eye-opening experience. You’ll meet with the lovely mushroom houses Hani people build, colorful ethnic garment of Hani women, their favorite food and most interesting their Saturday market that seems a showcase of their daily supplies and their clothing culture. If you are lucky enough to arrive during their most important six-day October Year (according to their own calendar), which usually takes place around December, you’ll experience their sumptuous Long Street Banquet. Every family of the Hani village would contribute 1 full table of cuisine and the Banquet can get to several hundred meters long. You can’t find any greater banquet in China than the one right in front of you.
Yuanyang Rice Terraces Yuanyang Rice Terraces Hani Minority Villages          
Taking photos of Yuanyang Rice Terraces from the commanding pavilion Sunset scenery in Tiger Mouth Pass Terrace Area Lovely mushroom houses in Hani Minority Villages          
Day 6 Yuanyang - Kunming(Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Enjoy good breakfast in the Yuanyang hotel, then drive back to Kunming. Along the way is parades of beautiful landscape. You may pass Kunming Ethnic Village and Dianchi Lake by. Just keep in good mood and feast on all these beautiful sceneries.
Passing Kunming Ethnic Village by Passing Dianchi Lake b          
Kunming Ethnic Village Dianchi Lake          
Day 7 Kunming - Departure (Breakfast)
Today's Activities kiss Kunming goodbye and board the flight at Kunming airport. We see you off and wish you a thoroughly happy journey and your next visit!
Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 6 breakfasts and 5 lunches Admissions: Entrance fees to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
Tour Guide: Local experienced English-speaking guides Car Driver: Experienced licensed drivers
Vehicle: Private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers Hotels: Accommodation in Kunming, Jianshui and Yuanyang
Water & Tissues: free purified water and tissues offered per day; Luggage Transfers: A hand for your heavy luggage;
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional tours / meals / flights not mentioned in itinerary; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Hotels in Kunming
Crowne Plaza Kunming City Centre
Crowne Plaza Kunming City Centre offers a five-star stay experience for each guest. The hotel has comprehensive business facilities including a variety of meeting rooms and a Crowne Plaza Club lounge with private rooms, business facilities and dining area with panoramic river views. The hotel offers easy transportation access when guests travel for leisure and business purposes in Kunming.
Kunming Hotel
Kunming Hotel is located in the commercial and shopping district. With many famous department stores nearby, the hotel is one of Kunming''s most cosmopolitan areas.With an area of 2.7 hectares,the hotel is divided into 6 parts,including the main building,business building,garden square, entertainment building,courtyard and subsidiary building.The inner environment is comfort and it is fully equipped which is the ideal place for longstaying and leisure.
Fairyland Hotel Dongfeng Square
Fairyland Hotel Dongfeng Square Kunming is a boutique business hotel located in downtown Kunming. The hotel boasts easy access to the main transportation hubs and attractions of Kunming. The hotel was newly open in 2011 featuring 108 rooms in 7 storeys. Room facilities are comprehensive to fit business needs and good rest. Other amenities include Chinese restaurant, business center, meeting room and tourist service.
Hotels in Jianshui
Zhu Family Garden Hotel
At Zhu Family Garden Hotel in Yunnan, China you will discover your own Shangri-La... a distant and secluded hideaway of great beauty and peacefulness. A remote paradise on earth where harmony reigns, where the gods walk among the people, and where man and nature embrace.
Jianshui Hotel
The hotel is located in the financial and cultural center of Jianshui. There are many department stores near the hotel. Transpoctation is convernient and the environment is excellent. There are 111 comfortable rooms, Chinese restaurant, tea house and coffee bar in the hotel.
Hotel in Yuanyang
Yunti Hotel
Yunti Hotel comes as the first choice of economical hotels in Yuanyang. It provides the guests with all-around facilities and service at relatively low prices. Apart from center of Hani folk, the hotel still has access to one-stop shopping mall and recreational programmes. Moreover, located at the highest spot in Yuanyang, the hotel gives a marvelous view of the ancient town. Concerning all the advantages mentioned above, Yunti Hotel is definately the best hotel in Yuanyang meeting multiple needs.

Meals in the Package

-- Breakfasts are offered by the hotels
-- Lunches are arranged according to different classes of tour
-- Dinners are for your own arrangement

We promise worry-free dining quality, plus flexible choices regarding your preference. Any special requestment please tell our trip advisors directly. Other recommendations are as follow:


The variety of Kunming cuisine never fails to satisfy hungry travelers. It really is a "crossroads" featuring dishes from all over Yunnan. The feature of Kunming cuisine is a perfect blend of sour and spicy flavors, made from the minority 's century-old traditional recipes.

Steaming-Pot Chicken Guo Qiao Rice Noodles
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