Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is one of the world 's most stunning natural creations. It is just southeast of Kunming in Shilin County. It is only a three hour drive from Kunming and is commonly said that a visit there without visiting the stone forest is "a waste of time". The Stone Forest is made up of countless awesome natural rock formations that will truly boggle your mind.

This natural phenomenon is said to have begun taking shape about 270 million years ago in the Carboniferous Period. The area is believed to have been originally under the ocean. With eons of movement of the earth crust the area rose and broke through. The limestone left behind went through sun, rain, wind, and earthquakes and finally developed into the beautiful Stone Forest we see today.

This amazing labyrinth is 350 square kilometers (135 square miles) and boasts many different areas each with its own special features. They include the Major Stone Forest, Minor Stone Forest, Naigu Stone Forest, Subterranean Stone Forest, Strange Wind Cave, Long Lake, and Dadie Waterfall.

In the Major, Minor, and Naigu Stone Forests people marvel at the natural wonders before their eyes. The pillars of rock tower into the air seemingly just springing up from the ground. These stalagmites form a twisted jungle of stone.

Even more mysterious, is the Strange Wind Cave. Between the months of August and November, winds travel through the cave like clockwork lasting two to three minutes and spaced thirty minutes apart. It is the "Old Faithful" of China. The Dadie Waterfall is equally impressive and tumbles down 91 meters (300 feet). All of these amazing sights combine to create a stunning tourist destination that is unparalleled in the world leading it to be dubbed "The First Wonder of the World".

Kunming Stone Forest Kunming Stone Forest
The Stone Forest is a geological Karst wonder. Enjoy the delightful performance of Sani minority people, who live around the Stone Forest.

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