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Huangshan Tour Tips

1. Accommodation for Huangshan Tour

(1) Is it necessary to book a hotel ahead of time?
Yes. Travelers are advised to book a hotel in advance through a travel agency or service company of the hotel, because there are a great number of travelers to Huangshan every year especially from April to October and places are filled up quickly.

Prices can also be cheaper if you take advantage of advanced discounts.

(2) What kind of accommodation is offered in the tour package?
In our tour packages, qualified and comfortable hotels are arranged for guests' stay. Hotels on Mt. Huangshan are star hotels while in city centre or districts are local ones.

Beihai (North Sea) Hotel is recommended for guests' choice, because it's close to the cable way and the surrounding area is less steep. Also the landscape nearby is more beautiful.

2. Preparation for Huangshan Tour

(1) What kind of clothing and shoes should be prepared for climbing Mt. Huangshan?
Warm Clothing: Temperature is relatively low on the mountain especially in early morning and evening, so please take some warm clothing to ensure a pleasant hike.

Raincoat: Weather of Mt. Huangshan varies greatly from day to day. Storms can seem to come out of nowhere, and skies can turn sunny just as fast. Therefore, whenever you climb the mountain, it is suggested to take a raincoat. (Umbrellas are not recommended, for the wind is often strong.)

Good Shoes: Please wear comfortable good shoes to ensure a smooth mountain tour.

(2) How is the arrangement of luggage?
Usually you are suggested to take a light pack for an overnight-stay on Mt. Huangshan, while the heavy luggage is kept at hotels in the city centre.

(3) Any practical suggestions for climbing Mt. Huangshan?
The front of Huangshan tends to be more dangerous, while the rear Huangshan Mountain is elegant. The path has lights so you can start climbing early or end late without worrying.

Since the mountain is high and steep, to keep safe, you'd better walk slowly and carefully, and watch the path in front of you. If you are caught by the charming scenery along the way and want to take pictures or gaze at the sights, please rest your pace so that you won't slip.

Comfortable hiking shoes are a must. Elderly people can ascend the mountain by cable car, which also offers great views. Those who like hiking have the added advantage to be right in amongst the scenery. You can begin trekking across the Walking Fairy Land Bridge or the West Sea Grand Canyon. In winter, it is advised to take the cable car.

3. Tips for Winter Tour

(1) Hotels in Winter
Hotels with higher star rating are recommended for winter stay, for they will provide adequate heating. Please be informed that not all hotels are open in winter.

(2) Clothing & Shoes
Down coats are highly recommended for keeping out the cold. Hotels also have provision for guests who get up early for catching sunrise.

If you happen to go on a snowy day, your tour guide will prepare spikes for you to avoid slipping and falling.

4. Best Viewing Spots on Mt. Huangshan

(1) Sunrise
Refreshing Terrace, Dawn Pavilion, Lion Peak, Beginning-to-Believe Peak, Rosy Clouds Peak, Bright Summit, Turtle Peak

The majestic moment of Mt. Huangshan's sunrise is definitely worth an early get-up. For our tour package, usually in spring, summer and autumn Lion Peak is the chosen sunrise viewing spot, while in winter is Beginning-to-Believe Peak.

You will have to check with your travel guide on the exact time to view the sunrise according to when you visit, but generally it is 05:30-06:00 in spring; 04:40-05:10 in summer; 04:50-05:20 in autumn and 05:30-06:00 in winter.

(2) Sunset
Cloud Dispelling Pavilion, Rosy Clouds Peak, Flying-over Rock, Bright Summit and Lion Peak

(3) Sea of Clouds
Jade Screen Peak for viewing the Fore Sea, Refreshing Terrace for Rear Sea, White Goose Ridge for East Sea, Cloud Dispelling Pavilion for West Sea, and Brightness Summit for Heavenly Sea

September to December and January to May are the best seasons for cloud viewing, especially on clear days after rainy or snowy weather. The billowing seas of clouds are infrequent in summer. To best experience the beauty, tourists should change their viewing locations according to the height of the clouds.

(4) Snow
North Sea, West Sea, Heavenly Sea, Jade Screen Pavilion, Pine Valley, Cloud Valley and the Spring.

5. Souvenirs & Side Trips

(1) Are there any special local products worth buying?
Huangshan City is full of attractive gifts and souvenirs. It is regarded as one of the better places in China for purchasing quality tourist products. Items such as the Four-treasures of the Study (the Hui Ink Sticks, She Ink Stones are famous local products), Maofeng Tea, Chrysanthemums, Chinese gooseberries, dried bamboo shoots, as well as bamboo carvings and potted landscapes can be had cheaply if you are willing to bargain.

(2) Are there any good side trips for recommendation when traveling in Mt. Huangshan area?
After you finish visiting Huangshan, the best place to go nearby is the world famous porcelain capital of China - Jingdezhen City in Jiangxi Province. This nearby town allows you to learn the history of China porcelain, see the process, visit ancient porcelain kilns, and purchase souvenirs.

6. Other Questions & Tips

(1) What's the difference of the three ancient villages, Chengkan, Xidi and Hongcun?
Xidi Village is developed in the earliest time and now is more commercial than the other two. Hongcun is in the middle, and Chengkan is the latest and therefore is still quite primitive.

(2) How many cable ways are there in Mt. Huangshan? What's the difference?
There are three major cable ways in Mt. Huangshan: Yungu (Cloud Valley) Cable Way, Taiping Cable Way and Jade Screen Cable Way.

Usually in our tour package we choose the Yungu (Cloud Valley) Cable Way, which takes 8 persons per cabin and cost less time than the other two.

Taiping Cable Way takes 100 per cabin and Jade Screen Cable Way 6 persons per cabin.

(3) Is it allowed to set up tents in the open air?
Tents are only allowed to set up at around the hotels.

(4) Any suggestions for photography lovers?
Take adequate films with you! Mt. Huangshan is so wonderful a place that you will surely be seduced by its marvelous views.

Another thing for your caution is that please be careful when you are on the mountain paths, whether you are walking or try to shoot. Rest your pace if you want to take photos.

(5) Is Celestial Capital Peak open to travelers?
Good news! Celestial Capital Peak, the highest and steepest peak of Mt.Huangshan has been open for pubilc on April 1 of 2014, while Lotus Peak, another famous peak in Mt.Huangshan, has been closed at the same time. Travelers can enjoy a wonderful hiking to the renowned peak. Take good care of yourself while climbing up to the peak.

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