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Pingyao Dining

Pingyao offers traditional northern China cuisine and specializes in various noodle dishes and pastries. Locals will tell you they have over 108 kinds of noodles and pastries; try Wantuozi, that's a famous noodle dish. Also sink your teeth into Pingyao's beefy dishes. The street food menu includes Shuijianbao, the fried pork-stuffed buns and Doumianjianbao, the pancakes topped with string beans. Besides, trying a bowl of millet gruel might be a good choice after the oily meals in big cities. Pingyao doesn't have ritzy high-end restaurants; the food here is rustic and homey.

Featured Pingyao Cuisine

Pingyao Braised Beef
Pingyao DiningThe prestige of Pingyao beef has spread far and wide in China. It dates from Han Dynasty. The Jiaqing Emperor of Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) granted it the title "Ultimate Beef". Since then, the Pingyao beef has come to its heyday. High in nutritional value, the beef is fresh and tender with a mouthwatering fragrance and a mellow taste. By smelling it, one can refresh oneself, and by tasting it, one can recover from fatigue.

It is a kind of round flat noodle that is rolled and dipped in sauce. It is a traditional Pingyao food dating back to the Qing dynasty, more than one hundred years ago. History has that the Empress Dowager Cixi once tried the food and gave high honor to its special flavor. Wantuoze has since ever become popular throughout the country.

Cao Family Smoked Pork Knuckle
Pingyao DiningThe dish is manufactured by the Cao clan in Pingyao and therefore called Cao Family Smoked Pork Knuckle. The nutrition, fragrance and look of commonplace pork knuckle reach their best after they are smoked among the spicery and wood shavings which just cease burning. The dish once won over the high praise of the royal of Qing Dynasty and served as a tribute. Today it's still as popular as the Pingyao Braised Beef.

Pingyao Dining
Yellow Wine
Changshengyuan, the ancient shop in Pingyao, was making the yellow wine and pancakes for over 300 years. Yellow wine is made from sticky rice. It is a low-degree beverage as well as a kind of flavoring. There are 18 sorts of aminophenol in the wine, and the content of aminophenol in the Yellow wine is higher than Sherry and Beer. It's proved that the yellow wine is healthy to spleen and stomach. Now it is a must for tourists to drink yellow wine, eat pancakes and watch the wine-making process at Changshengyuan.


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