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Pingyao Tour

As UNESCO world heritage, Pingyao, one of the most popular attractions of Shanxi province, is a perfect place for you to understand the life of Ancient Chinese. Wandering around the city, you will be surrounded by all the well preserved ancient houses and architecture, the city wall, private bank in the China History - Richangsheng, Ming Qing Street. All bring you to the old days in this ancient Chinese Town. Two days is enough to experience this little old town, but spend a few days more you can also enjoy tours including Taiyuan and Datong. See our recommended Pingyao tours and check out more interesting attractions for Pingyao in our Tour in Depth to plan your own unique tour.

Top Pingyao Attractions

  • Pingyao Ancient City: The ancient city of Pingyao in central Shanxi Province has retained the look and feel of ancient times and serves as an outstanding model of a traditional Han city.
  • Qiao Family Compound: It is the former residence of Qiao Zhiyong, the third-generation commercial tycoon of the Qiao family in Shanxi Province.
  • Wang Family Compound: Wang Family Compound is one of largest luxurious residential complexes, representing Chinese distinctive architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasty.
  • Mingqing Street: Reputed as the "Wall Street of China", it was the most prosperous part of the city and the financial center of China.
 Other Attractions List
Rishengchang Exchange Shop
Ancient Security Guard Company
Ancient Government Office
Shuanglin Temple
Temple of the City God
Pingyao Confucian Temple
Zhenguo Temple
Zhangbi Ancient Castle
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Pingyao Local Tours and Extension Tours

Within the brief 2-day tour you'll fully understand why Pingyao is entitled to UNESCO world heritage. The all-vintage streets, elaborate compound of ancient commercial tycoons, temples boasting exquisite paintings and sculpture as well as the featured hotels will feast you to the utmost.
The two-day journey takes you back to 2700 years ago to witness an exceptional historical scroll which depicted the development of economy, society, religion and culture in Pingyao ancient city at that time. Further throw yourself into the minature castle - Zhangbi Ancient Castle, to dicover a cluster of precious historical sites and explore the mysterious underground world.
Stay away from on-the-go metropolis life and enjoy 3 days of thorough relaxing life in Pingyao Ancient City. Let the adorable Pingyao small town convince you that things good can stay gold.
Searching for an unspoiled piece of land? This package is definitely your cup of tea with focuses on the well-known Pingyao Ancient City and the splendid Mianshan Mountain with an insight into the history and culture.
It's most beneficial to come to Pingyao during Pingyao International Photography Festival. You'll not only happily wander about the time-honored Pingyao Ancient City but have fun watching various profiles of Pingyao in the wonderland built by the camera.
Look what it takes to make the UNESCO world heritage Pingyao Ancient City and rich-in-Buddha-art city Datong. Well-maintained ancient streets, once-glorious exchange companies, lofty ancient government office, ever-standing city wall and unbelievable temples and Buddha caves show their charm to the utmost in front of you.
The tour is to show you a delicately carved cultural landscape of Shanxi Province. Three famous tourist cities, Pingyao, Taiyuan and Datong of the province come together, unfolding their vast stock of standout works in architecture, carving, history...Buildings and folklore are so vintage and well-maintained that you can't help wowing again and again.
This tour is packed with many cultural and historical attractions in Shanxi province! In five days, just get away from the bustling and hustling city life and immerse in the traditional Chinese culture and lifestyle.
Explore the well-known Yungang Caves,the primitive and pure Da Chang Village with 1500+ years history, and the financial center of China in the late Qing Dynasty - Pingyao Ancient City.
This is a full-of-fantasy tour. All the attractions we show you among four cities in Shanxi Province are beyond your imagination. You'll see how strong the ancient buildings can get, how delicate Buddha carvings and paintings are and how splendid an ancient city can stay.

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