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Wooden Pagoda of Ying County

Wooden Pagoda of Ying County(also referred as Sakya Pagoda of Buddha Palace Temple), is ranked among World's Three Pagodas, the other two being Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Wooden Pagoda of Ying County Wooden Pagoda of Ying County
Facade of Wooden Pagoda of Ying County Backside of Wooden Pagoda of Ying County

Built in the year 1056, Liao Dynasty and completed in 1195, the pagoda is the only sheer wooden pavilion-style pagoda in China. It's 67.3 meter high, boasting five floors on which there are six eaves respectively. It now has become a construction miracle after going through hundreds of earthquakes and battles. The strongest earthquake, which happened in Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368), swept Ying County for seven days, leaving alone the magnificent wooden pagoda. During the infighting of Chinese warlords, 1926, the pagoda got stricken by more than 200 bullets, yet it stood towering. To probe into anti-seismic structure, experts can't get away from the wooden pagoda.

Apart from the high architectural value, this pagoda has another treasure to excite those who are deep into Buddhism. Inside the pagoda there are two holy sariras (relics of Sakyamuni). They have been proved to be the teeth of Sakyamuni. Consequently every year the pagoda would receive thousands of visits of global Buddhists.

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