The Most Popular China Water Towns

Famous for the ancient buildings and old town layout, it is a place where bridges of all sizes cross the streams winding through the town. Apart from beautiful sceneries, water town features local traditions and customs as well, combining residential area with traditional market. takes you to experience the old lifestyles in the most amazing water towns.

Wuzhen Water Town
With ancient docks, waterside pavilions, and corridors stretched out for miles, Wuzhen makes a romantic atmosphere that is typical to water towns.
Xitang Water Town
Seemingly like being in an earthly paradise, you will feel extremely relaxed in Xitang water town, and be intoxicated by its beauty.
Tongli Water Town
With a system of canals, Tongli has a history of over 1000 years. The same waterways that kept it unscathed from wars make it peaceful and quiet.
Zhouzhuang Water Town
Remarked by Marco Polo as "the Venice of the East", Zhouzhuang is famous for its elegant watery views, ancient houses and featured traditions and customs.
Zhujiajiao Water Town
Located in the outskirt of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is a charming water town with archaic scenery, idyllic and tranquil, being a good side trip spot from Shanghai.