Aberdeen is an area at the south shore of the Hong Kong Island and remains a fishing port for more than 100 years. It is known to the locals as Hong Kong Tsai, which means Hong Kong Minor. It is believed that Aberdeen is where the name of Hong Kong originates.

Aberdeen still preserves its fishing tradition despite modernization. And you can see the best preserved lifestyle in Bei Fung Tong Typhoon Shelter of Aberdeen where hundreds of sampans and old-fashioned boats serve as floating homes for thousands of people. The boats thickly dotted the habour, dramatically contrast against the modern high buildings along the shore. To have a glimpse the life of the boat-dwellers, you can take a sampan ride offered by licensed operators and cruise around the Aberdeen. And if you are lucky, kind fishermen would invite you onto their dwellings where you may served with the fresh seafood as a daily meal. And the trip for delicacies continues when you go on to famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant and the Tai Bak (Tai Bei) Seafood Boat located at the Aberdeen Habour. You can enjoy a free-of-charge travel by ferry boat to the restaurants to have a taste of delicious seafood.

Aberdeen Hong Kong Aberdeen Hong Kong
The fishing boats at Aberdeen Habour The famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant for seafood

After the seafood dinner, you can wander through the old Hong Kong Tsai Street and see the local featured temples dedicated to the god and goddess worshiped by the Aberdeen boat-people: the Hung Shing (God of the South Seas and weather prophet) Temple (at the juncture of the sea lane and the land road) and the Tin Hau Temple (the queen of Heaven and Protectress of seafarers). With many worshipers burning incense inside, the temples impart a solemn atmosphere and you will find out it is the fishermen's tutelary spirit that people are really worshipping.

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