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Huangshan MountainWith its grace, beauty and fame, Huangshan Mountain (Yellow Mountain) eclipses the rest of China's grand scenic mountains, being one of the most visited natural landmarks in the country. Mt. Huangshan is reputed for both its sceneries and culture, which was acclaimed through art and literature in the history. The most featured "Four Wonders" of Mt. Huangshan includes the fantastic pines, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs.

You may spend one or two days climbing the Mt. Huangshan, or trekking the pine-filled ravines, like the West Sea Grand Canyon, and stay overnight on the mountain. Camping in the sea of clouds and viewing the sunrise and sunset over Mt. Huangshan is surely an experience once-in-a-lifetime. Also a few days in the surrounding area will be a very worthwhile trip. The UNESCO World Heritage Hongcun and Xidi Villages are always on the travelers' itinerary. Or you can allow yourself along the "Danube in China" - Xin'an River for a primitive tour, viewing the local featured Hui architecture and enjoying the Anhui cuisine during your trip. In addition, Jingdezhen, China's capital of porcelain, is just 2.5 hours drive from Huangshan City, offering a pleasant side-trip to visitors. Check our well-selected package tours, there should be an itinerary catering for your appetite. If you're tired of the beaten path, we have Tour in Depth for you to create tailor-made tours!

Top Huangshan Attractions

Mt. Huangshan(Yellow Mountain)
  • Mt. Huangshan(Yellow Mountain): High mountains, ancient pines, bizarre rocks, and seas of clouds form the essential elements of traditional Chinese landscape paintings that all come alive at this celebrated mountain.
  • West Sea Grand Canyon: It is the most beautiful and untouched scenic zone of Mt. Huangshan and a perfect destination for hiking lovers.
  • Xidi Village: With a history of over 900 years, Xidi Village is peaceful with a hidden charm to be discovered like in a fairy tale.
  • Hongcun Village: Near the Southwest slope of Mount Huangshan, Hongcun is listed as one of China's top 10 charming villages and, together with Xidi, have been prized as UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage.
 Other Attractions List
Anhui Cuisine
Chengkan Village
Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory
Hui Style Carvings
Jingdezhen Porcelain
Tangyue Memorial Archways
Traditional Hui Ink
Tunxi Ancient Street
Xin'an River
Jiuhua Mountain
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Huangshan Local Tours

The beauty of Huangshan Mountain is to be discovered by yourself when this tour leads you to the grandeur of the most famous mountain in China to see the high mountain, cloud of sea, strange-shaped pine trees, and the magnificent sunrise. And at the ancient street at the foot the mountain, you will get a glimpse of the cultural heritage of the area.  
Spend 3 days here to explore Mt. Huangshan's charm, and linger among the tranquil lanes of the ancient villages, and pay visits to the 500-year-old Tunxi Ancient Street and the 200-year-old Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory. You'll find that you are so close to Nature and Culture!
As beautiful as Mount Huangshan is, there is much more to offer visitors than just the mountain. Nearby Huangshan City, and the Tunxi Ancient Street and Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory are not to be missed sites on anyone's itinerary to Huangshan Mountain.
Get inspired by a worthy hike over the world-famous Huangshan Mountain, making a vivid picture of this breathtaking mountain blessed with a series of natural wonders, like, grotesque pines & rocks, sea of clouds, sunrise & sunset etc. It is a world of discovery, exploration and enjoyment, with lots of surprises when you hike through the picturesque mountain step by step, from the front range to the back range, from the foot to the top.  
Climb to the top of Mt. Huangshan for a gorgeous scene, and step into the pastoral life of Hongcun and Xidi Villages, and admire the grand Tangyue Memorial Archways. This tour will lead you into the cultural Huangshan City.   
Huangshan is a giant Chinese painting, illustrating numerous spectacles and poems. High mountains, ancient pines, bizarre rocks, seas of clouds, and ancient villages come alive in this scroll. Do you want to use your hands to open it? Pass through the pines and rocks, climb the mountains and embrace the cosmic world! Nothing could break your strides.  
Hiking over the adventurous Mt. Huangshan, cycling across the breathtaking rape flowers field and exploring the culture relics in Hongcun and Nanping ancient villages will give you a memorable Huangshan tour.   
Explore essential elements of Chinese landscape paintings in Mt. Huangshan - trees, rocks, clouds... Also dive into the 500-year-old Tunxi Ancient Street to learn the fusion of tradition and modernity, and then step into the intricately designed Chengkan Village.  
Up to the top of the "World Geo-park" - Mt. Huangshan to relieve yourself from the bustling of modern life. Also you will take a cruise tour on Xin'an River of Huangshan City, feasting your eyes on the local styled countryside houses, and verdant loquat and orange forests on the hills extending in front of you.   
Regarded as China's Porcelain Capital for over a thousand years, Jingdezhen welcomes you with its profound porcelain culture. Also a tour to the UNESCO Cultural and Natural Site Mt. Huangshan where you can explore its endless charm in the booming flora, geographic features and natural spectacles.  
This tour offers you the opportunity to hike on Huangshan Mountain. You will reach the Huangshan's steepest peak and enjoy the sunrise and sunset from different scenic spot. In this tour, you can also trek along the Xin'an River, get the picturesque view along with your footsteps, and experience the rural custom and local culture.  
Encounter with the fantastic Mt. Huangshan for the marvelous sceneries and allow yourself among the local lanes in Hongcun, Xidi, Chengkan, Tangyue and Qiankou Villages to appreciate the arts of local Hui-style Architecture.  
Get prepared and set out on an energy-challenging hiking tour, along the attractive Xin'an River, and through trails of the West Sea Grand Canyon of Mt. Huangshan! The tour will also take you to Tunxi Ancient Street and Hongcun Village where you can dive into the local life for a better understanding of the city.   
Mt. Huangshan is praised as "The Most Fantastic Mountain under Heaven", while the West Lake gains its highest reputation especially due to the Legend of the White Snake. The "Four Wonders" of Mt. Huangshan and "Top Ten Scenic Spots" of West Lake will never disappoint you!   

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