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Panda in Shanghai Zoo

How could you leave China without seeing the famous giant pandas? A visit to Shanghai Zoo for checking out pandas is amazing. The cuddly fluffy black and white bears are super stars in the zoo. They are very lovely, especially their smoky eyes, though their eye shadows seem a little bit too heavy. And they appear shy, even coy, covering its face with a paw or ducking its head when confronted by an approaching stranger or camera. Yet, they are very playful when they are tracing each other or eating their favored bamboo.

Other stars in the zoo are the rare animals including golden-haired monkeys and the South China Tigers from China herself, and kangaroo, chimpanzees and the polar bears, just to name a few. There are beautiful lakes and lawns there for tourists to have picnics in. With plenty of amusement rides, open spaces, restaurants and snack bars, the Shanghai Zoo is also a great place to take the kids for a day.

Panda in Shanghai Zoo Shanghai Zoo
A panda chewing bamboo at Shanghai Zoo Green space in Shanghai Zoo

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