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Shanghai Weather


Shanghai weather is moderate with annual average temperature about 15 degrees centigrade, and the seasons are not as distinct as in the North. It is characterized by a warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter. Shanghai summers are not only hot, but also humid. July and August are Shanghai's hottest months with average highs of 27.4 degrees centigrade. In winter, January is the coldest month, with a temperature average of 3 degrees centigrade.

Shanghai receives abundant rainfall and the average annual precipitation is over 1000 cm. The "Plum Flower Rain" season featured frequent light rain is from mid-June to early July. During July and September, strong storms with torrential rain become frequent. However, it seldom snows in Shanghai.

 Shanghai Temperature and Rainfall
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


(F) 38.7 40.3 47.3 57.6 66.6 74.1 82.0 81.9 74.5 64.9 54.3 43.0
(C) 3.7 4.6 8.5 14.2 19.2 23.4 27.8 27.7 23.6 18.3 12.4 6.1
Rainfall (mm) 39.0 58.8 81.2 102.3 114.5 152.0 128.2 133.0 155.6 60.5 51.2 34.7

Days of rainfall

6.0 7.4 9.4 10.0 9.6 10.3 8.7 7.6 9.0 5.9 5.1 4.7

Autumn is probably the best time to visit Shanghai. Spring can be difficult with an occasional long winter or early wet season, although mid-April through mid-May are usually very nice. It is not yet very hot, flowers are blooming and the trees are starting to leaf out, so there's an air of freshness. While summers are long, hot and humid. And autumn usually sees clearer skies, still-warm temperatures without the overbearing humidity. And, you're less likely to get rained on.


Shanghai Weather Forecast

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