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Located in the west of Sichuan Basin, Chengdu has a population of over 11 million. Dating back to at least the fourth century B.C., the city has a long history and occasionally served as a regional capital for various kingdoms. The abundance of greenery in Chengdu makes it an enjoyable place to wander on foot. There are miles upon miles of bustling side streets to explore, where you'll stumble upon markets, commercial districts, underground shopping malls, countless tiny restaurants specializing in Sichuan snacks and old men walking their song birds. You'll also encounter the city's artisans: small-time basket-weavers, cobblers, tailors and snack hawkers who swarm the streets and contribute to Chengdu's lively atmosphere.

Emei Mountain Huanglong Scenic Area
Golden palace on top of Emei Mountain Huanglong - one of the best sight-seeing spots in the world

Visitors can enjoy delectable Sichuan cuisine, known around the world for its spiciness. Despite its fiery cuisine, Chengdu is one of the most laid-back regions of China, where locals find time to shop, cook, eat, and spend hours relaxing and socializing in teahouses. All around, it is one of China's more intriguing cities.

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