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13 Days China UNESCO Tour


>> Great Wall, Mt. Huangshan
>> Water Town, West Lake
>> The Bund, Classical Gardens
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Tour Code: CTG-12

Tour Description

Many attractions of China have been recognized by the UNESCO as the World Heritage Sites. This itinerary will lead you to some of them, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Mt. Huangshan, Hongcun Village, West lake and Suzhou Classical Gardens, etc. Learn their beauty and cultural charms and as well taste the modern metropolitan life in these 13 days. You will never be disappointed!

Delving in Chinese culture through World Cultural Heritage Sites - Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc

Savoring different charms of China's landscape by visiting World Natural Heritage Sites in China

Day 1 Arrival in Beijing : Pick-up & Hotel Check-in, Free Day
Today's Activities Arrive in the Capital Beijing. Our local guide will meet you at the airport/ train station and take you to the hotel for checking in. Rest of the day is all yours, whether to stroll around the surrounding area, or to have a good rest and prepare for tomorrow's activities.
Day 2 Beijing (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities No one will miss the Great Wall when he/she visits Beijing. This grand ancient project has been inscribed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Badaling Great Wall, the first sector of Great Wall that opened to tourists, is one of the best preserved part and most magnificent. Allow yourself among this great ancient project and enjoy beautiful sceneries on both sides. Cable car and slides are available for tourists' convenience.

After the Great Wall, head for Changling Tomb of Ming Tombs through the Sacred Road while learning the holy belief of the ancient dynasty. The 13 Ming Tombs in Beijing was listed as World Cultural Heritage Site in 2003. And Changling, one of the 13 tombs, was the first and largest one built in the area and was the mausoleum of Emperor Zhu Di of Ming Dynasty. Huge columns and grand architecture of Changling Tomb, delicate animal scultures (in shape of legendary kylins, dragons, lions and other mascots or mythical beasts) on both sides of the Sacred Road are so awe-inspiring that you will never forget in your future days.
Badaling Great Wall Changling Tomb Sacred Road          
Badaling Great Wall Changling Tomb Sacred Road          
Day 3 Beijing (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Starting today, let's take a tour to Tian'anmen Square, the largest city square in the world and one of the top landmarks of China.

Another must-visit is the Forbidden City, also an UNESCO site since 1987. It once served as the Chinese imperial palace during Ming & Qing Dynasties. Numerous historical treasures and curios set you into an atmosphere as if you were in that ancient time, hanging around through beautifully-designed corridors and from one hall to another.

Beijing is such a history-honored city that it embraces a good number of world heritage sites. Summer Palace is another imperial palace and World Cultural Heritage Site, once serving as the summer getaway for the royal family. Just enjoy the serene sceneries in this classical garden!
Tian'anmen Square Forbidden City Summer Palace          
Tian'anmen Square Forbidden City Bronze Lion Summer Palace Corridor          
Day 4 Beijing - Huangshan (Breakfast, Lunch) Transfer by Flight
Today's Activities Continue with your UNESCO tour. On your visit list today is Temple of Heaven, an imperial sacrificial alter for heaven worship. Its overall layout symbolizes the relationship between earth and heaven - the human world and the God's world. Start your exploration of Chinese cosmogony in this dignified complex.

After that, try not to get lost at the maze-like Hutongs. Traveling among these alleyways allow you to experience the traditional life of the local commoners.

Also visits to the Temple of Confucius and the Imperial Academy. Temple of Confucius is devoted to the memory of the great philosopher Confucius and the sages and other philosophers of Confucianism, while the Imperial Academy was the highest official educational institution in the feudal dynasties. Just immerse yourself in a traditional academic atmosphere.

Later you will be transferred to the airport and fly to Huangshan City, and then be escorted by local guide to the hotel for rest and preparation for next day's activities.
Beijing Hutong Hutong Temple of Confucius          
Temple of Heaven Nanluoguxiang Hutong Temple of Confucius Statue          
Day 5 Huangshan (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Start your journey to Mt. Huangshan, an UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Site from which the city drew its present name. Drive about 1.5h from the city centre to Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area and then take a cable car from Yungu (Cloud Valley) Station to White Goose Ridge Station. Feast your eyes on the fabulous pines and bizarre rocks nearby Beginning-to-Believe Peak and Lian Li Pine (Couple Pine).

After lunch, get your energy ready for a hiking to West Sea Grand Canyon, freeing your soul in the untouched beauty of Mt. Huangshan. Stay overnight at the mountain hotel.
Huangshan Cable Car Ancient Pine - Greeting Pine West Sea Grand Canyon          
Huangshan Cable Car Ancient Pine - Greeting Pine Cliff Path of West Sea Grand Canyon          
Day 6 Huangshan (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Try to get up early! Or you will regret to miss the glorious sunrise on Mt. Huangshan. Just imagine that the sun comes out from a floating sea of clouds and shines through the dreamy morning mist. Later, have a visit to the 1,690m (5,544.62mi) high Lion Peak and the surrounding areas, and then take cable car down the mountain.

After lunch, one of the representative local villages is waiting for you! Drive about 1.5h to Hongcun, a local featured ancient village which was recognized as World Cultural Heritage Site together with Xidi Village. Free yourself in this tranquil village and have fun learning what the local life is like.
Sunrise on Mt. Huangshan A Sea of Clouds Hongcun Village          
Sunrise on Mt. Huangshan A Sea of Clouds Hongcun Village          
Day 7 Huangshan - Hangzhou (Breakfast, Lunch) Transfer by Coach
Today's Activities Take your time easy and stroll along the 500-year-old Tunxi Ancient Street. It's interesting to immerse in the local life which mixes adequately traditional lifestyle and the modern one. Abundant local products and souvenirs are available in this ancient street.

Then get on a coach and drive about 4h to the graceful Hangzhou. Transfer to hotel and prepare for next day's wonders!
Tunxi Ancient Street Tunxi Ancient Street Tunxi Ancient Street          
Tunxi Ancient Street Local Specialty - Inestone Red-bean Ornaments          
Day 8 Wuzhen Water Town (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities In Chinese, landscapes are usually referred to as "Shan Shui", that is, mountains and waters. So since yesterday you have the Mt. Huangshan, today a water town! Drive about 2h to Wuzhen, one of the top four renowned towns in Jiangnan Area (south of Yangtze River). It's a typical ancient water town with over 6,000 years' civilization history and nearly 2,000 years' history of Jiangnan Culture. Time is soft here, resting on the mottled old houses and the slow-moving waters.

Later return to Hangzhou, this enchanting city is waiting for you, with its natural beauty and elegance, as well as romantic tales and cultural heritages.
Wuzhen Canal Wuzhen in Winter Market on Water          
Wuzhen Canal Wuzhen in Winter Market on Water          
Day 9 Hangzhou - Shanghai (Breakfast, Lunch) Transfer by High Speed Train
Today's Activities Open your day in Hangzhou city with an exuberant stroll along the Hefang Street, a unique pedestrian shopping street showcasing a variety of Chinese crafts like paper-cutting and hand-made dough figurines. You can also feast on different local featured snacks - roasted walnuts, dragon-whisker candy, etc.

Your Hangzhou tour will surely not forget the West Lake (Xi Hu)! West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou, a new site recognized by UNESCO in June 2011, comprises the West Lake and hills arounds it. This elegant scenic spot has long been an attractive and inspiring beauty since the 9th century ever. Take in the refined landscapes with a boat tour on the serene lake, while learning the romantic love story Legend of the White Snake; you'll never be disappointed!

Then a visit to Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Pagoda), a masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture that built to calm the tidal waters of Qiantang River and aid in navigation.

While your Hangzhou tour is drawing to the end, head for the train station and take the High Speed Train to Shanghai. Speed up and get your blood stirred up for the Shanghai tour!
Hefang Street West Lake Leifeng Pagoda Six Harmonies Pagoda          
Hefang Street West Lake Leifeng Pagoda Six Harmonies Pagoda          
Day 10 Shanghai (Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities Themed on "City, Citizens, Environment and Development", Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is where you can get to know this metropolis. From professional exhibits and various interactive display means, you can have a wonderful experience of Shanghai's yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Then march your way into the noisy shopping area - Nanjing Road, which is the world's longest shopping district and one of the world's busiest shopping streets. Even despite its 6km's length, you probably cannot finish a thorough trek in one day 'cause you will surely stop your steps being attracted by numerous shops where varicolored clothes, ornaments, and other shopping stuff are on display.

Withdrawing from the shopping life, let's take visits to The Bund and Shanghai World Financial Center and take and overview of this big city. The Bund, running along the west bank of Huangpu River, is where you can find magnificent buildings standing in different architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque, Rome, Renaissance, Classic and Mixed Eastern and Western style...Here you can not only embraces an epitomized old Shanghai, but also take in the booming view of the new Shanghai on the other side across the River. There is where the Shanghai World Financial Center stands. There are always something fresh and exciting to discover - economic energy, new forms of cultural activities, shopping arcades...You can also enjoy a bird's eye view of this vibrant city when climbing to high floors of this building.
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center The Bund Day View The Bund No.3 Restaurant Shanghai World Financial Center          
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center Ctiy Model Styled Buildings on The Bund The Bund No.3 Restaurant Shanghai World Financial Center          
Day 11 Shanghai, Free Day (Breakfast)
Today's Activities There are so many attractions to visit the vigorous Shanghai that we cannot arrange all for you! So today is free for your own choice. You may ask for recommendations from our trip advisors or the local guide.
Day 12 Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai (Breakfast, Lunch) Transfer by High Speed Train
Today's Activities Head for Suzhou city today, which is only 0.5 hour by High Speed Train! Suzhou is another beautiful city comparing to paradise and often dubbed the "Venice of the East". A famous Chinese saying goes: "Up there is the Heaven, while Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth."

One of the best known of the city is its classical gardens, which won the UNESCO recognition as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997. Wangshi Garden (Master-of-Nets Garden) is a typical Suzhou Mansion garden among the finest gardens in China, divided into three major parts: residential area in the east, landscape area middle and inner garden (Garden in Garden) west. Lingering among this exquisitely designed garden is surely a wonderful enjoyment.

Silk is also Suzhou's top fame. So after taking a boat tour along the downtown canal to have a fast hold of the city's charm, head for the Suzhou Silk Factory. From silk producing to silk making, let's see how the No. 1 silk factory is made!
Graceful Suzhou Master-of-Nets Garden Suzhou Silk Factory          
Graceful Suzhou Master-of-Nets Garden Suzhou Silk Factory          
Day 13 Shanghai / Departure (Breakfast)
Today's Activities Biding goodbye to Suzhou, you will return to Shanghai for catching the flight at Pudong International Airport.

Have you get what you wished during the tour? Have you get more familiar with China this vast country? Hope that you are satisfied with this tour and wish you a good day!
Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 12 breakfasts, 9 lunches Admissions: Entrance fees to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
Flight/Coach/High Speed Train Tickets: Beijing - Huangshan, Huangshan - Hangzhou (Coach), Hangzhou - Shanghai - Suzhou (High Speed Train) Hotels: Accommodation in Beijing, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Shanghai & Suzhou
Tour Guide: Local experienced English-speaking guides Car Driver: Experienced licensed drivers
Vehicle: Private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers Luggage Transfers: A hand for your heavy luggage;
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional attractions/ tours/ meals and international flights - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Hotels in Beijing
Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing
Located in the golden business area of Wangfujing, the hotel only takes 10 minutes to Forbidden City and Dongfang Square.
With stylish guest rooms and newly renovated Crowne Plaza Club floor – Crowne Plaza Beijing has anticipated every need while providing easy access to business, commercial districts and historical landmarks.
Sunworld Hotel Beijing
Situated on the intersection of Wangfujing Avenue and Dengshikou Street, Sunworld Hotel Beijing is close to many famous historical and cultural landmarks, including the Forbidden City.
Guest rooms and suites are designed with a traditional and refined style. From servies to amenities, the hotel strives to make your stay a pleasant experience.
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing
With its courtyard style, the hotel has retained its charm of the ancient time but as well merged in contemporary architecture and designs. The hotel is near the famous Tian'anmen Square and Wangfujing Business Street. It takes about 20 minutes from Capital International Airport (24km) and 5 minutes from Beijing Railway Station (3km). The hotel provides guests clean and comfortable service and amenities
Hotels in Huangshan City
Huangshan Hotel
Huangshan International Hotel
Located in Huangshan City's central district – Tunxi, Huangshan International Hotel is a 4-star hotel with an ideal location for getting around the city. Facing beautiful Xin'an River, standing in front of Xiao Hua Mountain, the hotel is of ancient Hui-style in accordance with the ancient looking of the streets.
The hotel consists of over 400 rooms of different standards, 7 well-equipped conference halls, Chinese and Western Restaurants, a bar, and other entertainment facilities.
Huangshan Hotel
Huangshan Xinan Country Villa Hotel
Surrounded by ancient Hui-style gardens, the 4-star Xin'an Country Villa Hotel stands at the intersection of three rivers and affords scenic mountain views for guests. It's very convenient to get to the airport and Tunxi Ancient Street from the hotel.
The hotel boasts 64 rooms with first-class amenities. The Zhuxiangju Restaurant serves local Anhui cuisine. Modern conference centers offer various business services.
Hotels on Mt. Huangshan
Huangshan Hotel
Beihai Hotel Huangshan
Beihai Hotel is a 4-star hotel in North Sea (Beihai) Scenic Area of Mt. Huangshan. It's one of the best locations for catching the sunrise or sunset of Mt. Huangshan under or over the almost constant sea of clouds.
The hotel provides 245 well-equipped rooms, Chinese and Western Restaurant and other facilities.
Huangshan Hotel
Paiyunlou Hotel Huangshan
Huangshan Paiyunlou Hotel is a 3-star hotel located at the foot of Danxia Mountain in the West Sea (Xihai) Scenic Area of Mt. Huangshan. The hotel is close to Cloud Dispelling Pavilion (Paiyunlou), which is one of the best places for enjoying Mt. Huangshan's sunrise and sunset.
The hotel has well-designed guestrooms and suites for guests' comfortable stay, and also a business center for not leaving off business. Restaurant provides delicious Chinese cuisine.
Hotels in Hangzhou
Sofitel Hangzhou Westlake
Sofitel Hangzhou Westlake is located on the banks of the city's famous West Lake, and close to the central business district. The hotel features 200 elegantly furnished rooms, 2 restaurants, 1 bar, an indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness center and beauty salon. The executive lounge offers panoramic views of West Lake.
Lakeview Hotel Hangzhou
The 4-star Lakeview Hotel is only 3 minutse' walk from West Lake and 8 km from Lin Yin Temple. The hotel offers well-appointed rooms and facilities including an indoor swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre, beauty salon and foot massage. Lakeview Restaurant serves meals with beautiful lake view, while Food Street offers garden views and local dishes. Daily breakfast is available at Solmer Western Restaurant.
Lily Hotel Hangzhou
Lily Hotel Hangzhou enjoys a pleasant surroundings with Hangzhou's top landmark West Lake some 15 minutes walking distance away. And it's just 3km from the city centre, 5km from train station and 30km from airport. The 180 guest rooms are well furnished with a host of modern amenities to ensure the comfort of guests.
Hotels in Shanghai
Howard Johnson Plaza Shanghai
The hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Shanghai, 2 minutes from Nanjing Road, People Square and the Bund. It offers easy access to the city's most important business, cultural and entertainment hubs.
The elegantly designed and tastefully decorated rooms provide you with an experience of exceptional luxury and comfort.
Heng Sheng Peninsula International Hotel
Located in Hongkou District of Shanghai, Heng Sheng Peninsula International Hotel is surrounded by many famous attractions including the Bund, Oriental Pearl River TV Tower, and Nanjing Road.
With its comfortable rooms and complete services, the hotel tries all its best to make guests feel like at home.
Magnificent International Hotel
The hotel is located in the central heart of Shanghai – Xizang South Road and surrounded by the Bund, Xin Tian Di, Yu Garden and Shanghai Museum & Grand Theatre. Shopping streets like Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road are only within walking distance. The well-appointed guestrooms with a great number of amenities and facilities offer you an excellent stay with comfort and convenience.
Hotels in Suzhou
Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel
Boasting unique Chinese architecture grandeur and exquisite garden features, Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel is the ideal venue for a rejuvenating retreat while indulging into the profound Chinese culture. 481 uniquely designed guestrooms are endowed with modern facilities and comforts, together with Pan Pacific's renowned personalized service, expect a memorable experience in Suzhou.
Garden Hotel Suzhou
Situated in western Suzhou, Garden Hotel is a 4-star stylish hotel with a preferable position. Just 10-minute drive from Guanqian Street, the hotel is equipped with well-appointed rooms with spacious area, modern decoration and free WIFI. With high-end services provided, Garden Hotel also offers many entertainment choices for guest, such as Karaoke, cycling and fitness center, etc.
Traveller Inn Gusu Suzhou
Traveller Inn Gusu Suzhou is a 3-star hotel, located in the heart of the city, with 108 guest rooms. Hotel's restaurants offer Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. Many other facilities are provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible, including a shopping center, a bar, massage, laundry, mailing service and car rental. This hotel also neighbors the tourism center and famous parks of the city.

Meals in the Package

-- Breakfasts are offered by the hotels
-- Lunches are arranged according to different classes of tour
-- Dinners are for your own arrangement

We promise worry-free dining quality, plus flexible choices regarding your preference. Any special requestment please tell our trip advisors directly. Other recommendations are as follow:


Beijing, being the Capital of China, boasts a good number of restaurants with Chinese featured cuisines. Different restaurants, like Great Northeast Restaurant, Gold Palace Restaurant and Tang Yuan Restaurant, lead you for a feast of Chinese classic cuisines.
-- Great Northeast Restaurant: featuring seafood, Sichuan food, Canton food, food of China Northeast Region
-- Gold Palace Restaurant: featuring Canton food, Sichuan food, Shandong food, Japanese & Korean food
-- Tang Yuan Restaurant: featuring Canton cuisine

Dining Hall of Great Northeast Restaurant Main Hall of Tang Yuan Restaurant


Local food of Huangshan City belongs to Anhui Cuisine, one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of China featuring elaborate choices and handling of cooking materials, ingredients, and strict control of cooking process. To savor the most original Anhui food, tourists are recommended to take one of the local restaurants:
-- Laojie Diyi Lou: built in traditional Hui-style, the restaurant offer both buffet and sit-down meals, featuring traditional Anchui cuisine.
-- Meishi Renjia: a two-storey Hui-style building with open kitchen, featuring local specialized foods & snacks
-- Leigang Restaurant: a Hui-style architecture in Hongcun Village dating back to 1131, featuring local food and homely dishes
-- Jushantang Hostel: a well-preserved old house of traditional style in Hongcun, featuring Anhui Cuisine

Laojie Diyi Lou    Meishi Renjia   


Hangzhou dishes are best representative of Zhejiang cuisine, one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of China. Hangzhou dishes are noted for its elaborate preparations, sophisticated way of cooking and its most refreshing taste.
-- Dongpo Pork: A little fatty but not oily. Named after Su Dongpo, a famous man of letters of Song Dynasty.
-- West Lake Sour Fish: featuring tender fish meat with sweet and sour sauce.
-- Shrimp Meat with Longjing Tea: Sliced meat and crispy rice with fragrance of Longjing Tea

Dongpo Pork Shrimp Meat with Longjing Tea


Shanghai is regarded as a kingdom of delicacies, where you can taste almost everything. Here we strongly suggest you take M on The Bund into consideration.
M on the Bund Shanghai
-- Dedicated to creating a dining experience as exciting, as sophisticated, as delectable as Shanghai itself
-- “One of the top 20 restaurants in Asia” (Miele Guide, 2009-2010)
-- “Best Global Cuisine” (City Weekend Readers’ Choice Awards, 2010)
-- “M on the Bund: Most Popular Restaurant in Shanghai” (Zaqat Survey Shanghai, 2008)

Shanghai M on The Bund Restaurant Brandboard of M on the Bund


Suzhou cuisine is renowned for its unique sweet flavor, color and aroma, and it's always beautifully presented. Some of the best local dishes are songshu Guiyu (Stewed and Fried Mandarin Fish), Xiangyou Shanhu (Stewed Shredded Eel), Xigua Ji (Chicken Steamed in Watermelon Rind), etc.

Songshu Guiyu (Stewed and Fried Mandarin Fish) Xiangyou Shanhu (Stewed Shredded Eel)
Your Add On:


Hello Nancy,

I am having a wonderful trip! I truly appreciate all that you have arranged for me. THANK YOU!

Customer: Ms. Nichols

Destinations: Shanghai - Beijing

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Hi Sara and Choury,

Mother and Sister had a great time. I am copying my sister so she can share with your some memories and photos.

My mother had a great time with the school kids twice they wanted photos with her, maybe due to her age and size (pettit). I am attaching one photo.

Sara your tour guides are very professional and special people. Again thanks to you for the nice time that they had .

Customer: Mr. Rincones

Destinations: Beijing

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