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18 Days China Dream Tour

Departure date:
Tour Code: CTG-26

Tour Description

Lost in the China Dreams - through the imperial palaces, around the paradise-like landscapes, and shift between the Ancient and the Modern, between the ethnic custom and the common skycrapers.

Read an ancient China in Xi'an and Beijing - famous ancient capitals

Experience the ancient Lijiang towns, and legendary Shangri-la

Dive into a vibrant China in prosperous Shanghai

Explore all beauties of mysterious Tibet

Day 1 Arrival in Beijing: Pick-up and Check-in
Today's Activities

Wish you a good journey to China, and our guide will meet you outside the customs of Beijing Airport after you clear the customs, and then transfer you to check in the hotel. The rest of the day is flexible for your will, have a rest or take a walk near the hotel. Today you will stay at the hotel in Beijing.

Day 2 Beijing ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )
Today's Activities

After breakfast at hotel, you will visit the Tiananmen Square to start your Beijing tour. It is the heart and soul of Beijing and ranks as the biggest square in the world. You will stroll leisurely around the large square, experiencing its ancient history and modern vigour. Then walk north to the Forbidden City. As the largest and best-preserved imperial palace in China, it vividly indulges us with a whole impression of the royal life. And also you can appreciate lots of national treasures in Treasure House of the Forbidden City. 


After lunch, drive to Chinese featured royal park - Summer Palace, which boasts of typical Chinese architecture and splendid landscapes. After appreciating the ancient building you can also take a leisurely stroll on the willow-shaded paths and arched bridges that encircle the Kunming lake. You will marvel at the beautiful scenery along your way.  Tonight you will have a sound sleep in the featured hotel.

Tiananmen Square Forbidden City Summer Palace          
Tiananmen Square Forbidden City Long corridor in Summer Palace          
Day 3 Beijing ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )

Today's Activities

Today you will experience the old and modern Beijing. Later after having breakfast, drive to visit the wonderful Mutianyu Great Wall, which has a storied history of over 1400 years, and is considered the most beautiful section of the Great Wall. You will take a cable car to view this vital section of the China Great Wall.


Then move on to the most famous tomb of Ming Tombs - Changling, it is the largest in scale and is completely preserved, inhumed the fourth emperor of Ming Dynasty. Also you will visit the Sacred Road of the tombs, which was originally built to lead to the Changling mausoleum. 


After the visit, drive back to downtown Beijing. En route, you will stop by the Bird's Nest (Olympic National Stadium) and Water Cube (National Aquatics). You can view the unique constructions and take some photos. 

Mutianyu Great Wall Ming Tombs          
Mutianyu Great Wall Ming Tombs - Changling Bird's Nest          
Day 4 Beijing - Kunming ( Breakfast, Lunch) Transfer by air

Today's Activities

On this day we mainly visit downtown attractions of Beijing. After breakfast at hotel, drive to visit the Temple of Heaven, where the Emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties would worship heaven and pray for good harvests. Nowadays, it serves as a park. You can see local people doing morning exercises and practicing Taichi. 


Later explore Beijing Hutong where you will learn more about the life and culture of ordinary Beijing people. You can go across the alleys by rickshaw (not included in the package) to appreciate the featured archetecture and enjoy the air of local life. Also, you will have a visit to a local family to have contact with local people, and learn to make dumplings. This is really a distinctive experience!


After lunch drive to Beijing Airport to take the flight for your next destination - Kunming. After arrival at Kunming, transfer to local hotel for check-in. You can stroll around the featured night market to taste local snack food and enjoy ethnic handicrafts.

Temple of Heaven Beijing Hutong Kunming Night Market          
Temple of Heaven Tour Beijing Hutong by rickshaw Kunming night market          
Day 5 Kunming ( Breakfast, Lunch)
Today's Activities

After breakfast, drive to Kunming's landmark - the Yunnan Stone Forest, which is one of most remarkable natural phenomena of China. You will wonder at the innumerable bizarre-shaped ancient limestone cliffs and peaks, which is created by wind and water erosion some 270 million years ago.


On the way back to downtown hotel, you will visit a Ethnic Village to learn more about their traditional way of life and unique customs.


Later drive back to the hotel in Kunming.

Stone Forest Stone Forest          
Main Entrance of Stone Forest Bizarre-shaped cliffs in Stone Forest Performance in Stone Forest          


Day 6 Kunming - Dali ( Breakfast, Lunch) Transfer by air
Today's Activities

After your breakfast, transferred to Kunming airport to catch the morning flight to Dali. Be met at Dali airport and drive to Chongsheng Monastery to visit the Three Pagodas, which is one of the three curiosities of Chinese ancient architecture. Each pagoda has splendid Buddhist scriptures, Buddha and many other cultural relics. Then you will explore around Dali Old Town. The magnificent towers, elegant streets, small and exquisite courtyards, colorful flowers blooming in profusion will give you a feeling of antiquity, serenity and elegance. Afterwards, you will have chance to climb up on the Ancient Wall Gate.

Three Pagodas Ancient Wall Gate Dali Ancient Town          
Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Monastery Ancient Wall Gate Dali Ancient Town          
Day 7 Dali - Lijiang ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by private car
Today's Activities

In the morning you will visit the morning market in Xizhou, which is country marketplace for local Bai minority. It is an ideal destination for you to experience a different way of life. Afterwards, you will visit Bai Ethnic House. Most of the houses are made of marble in unique style to express Bai Ethnic people's depth of their wisdom and culture. After lunch, drive to Lijiang. You re free to explore around Lijiang Old Town. It has numerous streams and brooks crisscrossing the houses. Everytime you walk on the paddle-paved road, a stream is running beside you. Tonight you will have a sound sleep at the featured hotel in Lijiang.

Three Pagodas Overview of Mu Mansion Lijiang Ancient Town          
Bai woman on Xizhou morning market Overview of Mu Mansion Lijiang Old Town          
Day 8 Lijiang ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

After breakfast, we will drive you to the spectacular Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is the largest snow mountain in the Northern Hemisphere.


You will catch a cable car  to the summit of the Yak Meadow, one of 13 peaks of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The landscape rises and falls on the meadow. In spring and summer, you can find yaks with black and white skin wandering in grass and all kinds of flowers. In autumn and winter, you will wonder at the sharp contrast between the mild edge of the meadow and the peaks of the snow mountain. The view is unforgettable. Looking down at Ganhaizi and continuous mountains, you will find that the snow mountain is so close to you. Cool wind gently blows on your face. All the things here are so beautiful and peaceful.


Then carry on to Jade Water Village where you can visit the famed explorer Joseph Rock's former residence. Located at the base of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Jade Water Village is a tranquil reminder of a former time.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Yak Meadow Jade Water Village          
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Yak Meadow Jade Water Village          
Day 9 Lijiang - Shangri-la ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by private car
Today's Activities

In the morning drive to Shangri-la. On the way, you will visit the deepest gorge in the world - Tiger Leaping Gorge. Its magnificent scenery will be among the best of your whole trip. What's more, you can admire the fascinating meadow scenery along the way.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tiger Leaping Gorge traditional paper making          
Tiger Leaping Gorge Jinsha River passing through the Gorge Tranquil village in Shangri-la          
Day 10 Shangri-la ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

In the morning you will take 2 hours to visit the fascinating Napahai Lake, the largest grassland in Zhongdian. Napahai is in fact a seasonal lake. When summer comes, snow on the adjacent mountains melts and flows down into about ten rivers forming a vast lake. You will appreciate a grand area of peaceful lake surrounded by snow mountains. In the dry season, Napahai becomes a boundless green grassland where you will find flocks of yaks, horses and sheep. Also you have chance to see the precious black-necked cranes, of which only 6,000 remain in the world. During the dry season, this grassland is an ideal place for horse-back trekking. You can hire a horse from local people with a reasonable fare.


After lunch visit the ancient Songzanlin Monastery, which is the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monastery in southwest China. In the main hall you will appreciate a series of precious Buddhism-related objects like scriptures written on palm leaves, the Shakyamuni statues, etc. Standing on the roof of the temple, you will amaze at the magnificent landscape of front meadow and the town. The blue sky is so close to you as if you can reach it with your hand. Downhill along the hill slop, you will find smaller temples and monk's residences where about 700 monks live. If you want to deeply experience the Buddhists' life, you can join in the morning class or evening class. You will have a peacefull mind and remain in deep thought.


On the way back, explore a local village and be a guest in a Tibetan family with a taste of Tibetan specialities such as yak butter tea, yogurt & Tibetan barley. Tonight you will stay at the hotel in Zhongdian.

Napahai Lake Songzanlin Monastery Tibetan family          
Napahai Lake Songzanlin Monastery Napahai grassland          
Day 11 Shangri-la - Lhasa ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by air
Today's Activities

In the morning, transfer to airport and fly to Lhasa. Upon your arrival at Lhasa, our Tibetan local guide and driver will pick you up at Gonggar Airport, then transfer you to downtown hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to adapt yourself to the high altitude of 3,658 meters above sea level.

Travel Tips

Start taking anti-AMS medicines a week before your trip. When you arrived at the hotel, please be not so curious to walk much around the hotel, and all you need is a good rest in your room for necessary acclimatization, otherwise you may easily get mountain sickness. Besides, try to aviod catching a cold. And a first aid kit including aspirin, antibiotics and AMS medication is highly recommended.

View from Plane Pilgrims in Jakhang Temple Buddhism Kingdom          
View from Plane Pilgrims in Jakhang Temple Buddhism Kingdom          
Day 12 Lhasa ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

It believes that this day must leave a lifetime memory for your whole life. In the morning, you will visit the splendid Potala Palace, which originated from 7th century and once homed to Dalai Lamas. The Jokhang Temple, we head to later, as the spiritual center of Tibet, will deeply impressed you by its magnificence and sincere pilgrims. Barkhor street, hugging the jokhang temple, is regarded as the crowded central Market in ancient section of Lhasa, and at where you can buy various Tibetan or other minorities' souvenirs for your family and friends.

Travel Tips

1. Due to the popularity of Potala Palace and restriction on visitor numbers, perhaps it has difficulty on booking entrance tickets, so the visit of Potala Palace may shift to another day. But don't worry, we will make appropriate changes accordingly. 
2. For the protection of this world-famous cultural heritage, the visiting time for Potala Palace is limited in 1 hour.

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge Eight villages of Chengyang Drum Tower of Dong Village          
Potala Palace Barkhor Street Jokhang Temple          
Day 13 Lhasa ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

This day you can visit Carpet Factory, which produces traditional Tibetan rugs that are exported worldwide. You will hve knowledge about the process of rug weaving by old style vertical loom.


The next visit is Norbulingka, meaning "Treasure Park" in Tibetan, is situated in the western suburb of Lhasa City. It is the biggest man-made garden in Tibet, and of great cultural value.


Later that day, drive to Sera Monastery, the second monastery in Tibet. Distinctively its famous debating activities are holding around 3-4pm regularly every Friday.

Travel Tips

1. It is a good idea to pack some food, snacks, and drinking water along your trip. 
2. When you are in a monastery or a museum, please do not smoke, consume alcohol or make unnecessary noise; neither, do not touch, walk over or sit on any religious texts, objects or prayer flags.

Longji Rice Terraces Yao Village Yao woman's long hair          
Tipet Carpet Norbulingka Buddhism debate at Sera Monastery          
Day 14 Lhasa - Xian ( Breakfast ) Transfer by air
Today's Activities

After breakfast, transfer to airport to catch the flight for your next destination - Xi’an. Upon your arrival at Xi'an, our local guide and driver will pick you up at Airport, then transfer you to downtown hotel for rest.

Xian Airport Bell Tower muslim quater          
Xian Airport Bell Tower at night Taste snacks in Muslim Quarter          
Day 15 Xi'an ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

After breakfast at the hotel, prepare yourself for one of the top attractions in this tour - the fantastic Terracotta Warriors Museum. With just 1- hour drive, the grand ancient army troupes apear in front of you. Thousands of Terracotta Soldiers stand solemnly in the grand excavation site for your inspection. You will spend 2 hours in exploring the mystery of these ancient army troupes and also the legend of the First Qin Emperor (Qin Shihuang) in the Mausoleum. After the visit, you will have lunch at the Friendship Restaurant inside the Scenic Area. Then drive back to Xi'an downtown and begin your afternoon trip for the Ancient City Wall and Big Wild Goose Pagoda.


Then head for the square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which is a Buddhist pagoda with 7 stories standing 64.5m (211.61ft) high. You can stroll leisurely on the square, enjoying the quiet and mysterious atmosphere.  Tonight you will stay at the hotel in Xian.

Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Soldier Big Wild Goose Pagoda          
Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Soldier Big Wild Goose Pagoda          
Day 16 Xi'an - Shanghai ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by air
Today's Activities

After Breakfast, visit the Shanxi History Museum which is a huge modern museum with Tang Dynasty architectural style, housing a marvelous collection of over 300,000 items. After meandering among this treasure strove, you will known more about the Chinese History.


Then turn to the Bell Tower, which is the center of the old town. Dating back to 1384 A.D., the Bell Tower is a representative Ming Dynasty architecture with gorgeous building style. Ascending the tower, you may see a big bell from which the tower got its name, and you can also hold the city overview into your eyes in all directions. You may also watch an Imitated Chime Bells Performance if you are lucky enought.


After  visual feast of Terracotta Warriors, you will have a leisure time in Ancient City Wall (Circumvallation). With 12 meters high and 15 meters width, the ancient wall is the best preserved of this kind in China. You can climb up on top of it, enjoying the wonderful city view. Also you can hire a bike to ride along the City Wall which is an optional but wonderful choice (the price not included in this package).


Then you will be escorted to Xi'an Airport for your departure for the next destination - Shanghai. Upon arrival your tour guide will welcome you at the Airport and escort you to the hotel for check-in. Tonight you will stay at the hotel in Shanghai.

Shaanxi History Museum Bell Tower Ancient City Wall          
Shanxi History Museum Bell Tower Ancient City Wall          
Day 17 Shanghai ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner )
Today's Activities

After breakfast you’ll launch the whole day tour from the old town to the brand-new area of Shanghai. You start with the over- 400-year-old Yuyuan Garden to appreciate the elegant pavilions, villa, lotus pond and bridges, especially the Mid-Lake Pavilion. Then move to the neighboring Yuyuan Market to explore how elaborate and cute the traditional Chinese handicrafts and art works are.


Finishing the historic part of Shanghai, you will steer to the new landmark Oriental Pearl Tower. Then you’ll be elevated to the top of Oriental Pearl Tower. At the height of 468 m (1,535 feet) you’ll enjoy a bird's eye view of this vibrant city.


Strolling along this 1,599-meter-long Nanjing Road is much like being immersed in seas of garment, shoes, jewelry, accessory, snack and souvenir. The pedestrian street leads you to The Bund. Here you can embrace the best cityscape, feast on the rich architectural fashions (Gothic, Baroque, Rome, Renaissance, Classic and Mixed Eastern and Western style, etc.) 


At night, we recommend Shanghai Acrobatic show as your add-on activity. As one of the oldest performing arts in China, the acrobatics displayed on stage include a number of feats focusing on flexibility, strength, endurance and sheer will-power. Cheer up your bravos!

Yuyuan Garden Oriental Pearl Tower Acrobatic show          
Yuyuan Market Oriental Pearl Tower Acrobatic show          
Day 18 Depart Shanghai: See-off at airport ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

This is the last day of your tour. In the morning go to visit the Jade Buddha Temple. In this ancient temple your knowledge of the historic facet of Shanghai will be richened. You can appreciate the two gorgeous white jade Buddhist statues in the temple.


Then drive to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, where you will have a better understanding of Shanghai's yesterday, today and tomorrow. Apart from professional exhibits and various interactive display means, there is the highlight 360 Degree Experience Hall that you can't miss. 


After lunch your tour guide will take you to airport for your flight to next destination. We believe you will love China and keep forever memories about China in your whole life.

Jade Buddha Temple Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center          
Entrance of Jade Buddha Temple Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center          
Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 17 breakfasts, 16 lunches and 2 dinners; Admissions: Entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary;
Train, Flight Tickets: all listed in itineraries; Hotels: accommodation in mentioned cities;
Tour Guide: a local experienced English-speaking guide; Car Driver: an experienced licensed driver;
Vehicle: a private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers; Luggage Transfers: a hand for your heavy luggage;
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges.
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional attractions / tours / meals and international flights; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Hotels in Beijing
crowne plaza hotel
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Beijing, as the 2008 Olympic City of great culture and tradition, the booming capital of modern-day China, its many faces are on your doorstep during your Crowne Plaza Beijing stay. Our Wangfujing Avenue location is just a 10-minute stroll from the inspiring Forbidden City.
sunworld hotel
Sunworld Hotel
The Sunworld Hotel (formerly the Tianlun Songhe Hotel) is located in the center of downtown Beijing at the corner of Wangfujing and Dengshikou (the "Golden Street" and "Silver Street" of Beijing). The hotel is near many famous historical and cultural landmarks, including the Forbidden City. There are many commercial buildings and shopping malls in close vicinity of the hotel and transportation is very convenient.
days inn forbidden city beijing
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing is a courtyard style establishment surrounded by thousand year old trees. The hotel has retained its old world charm but at the same time merged in contemporary architecture and designs.
Hotels in Kunming
Green Lake Hotel
Green Lake hotel
Situated in the heart of Kunming's business, finance and culture district, perfectly located for business and leisure traveller, Green Lake Hotel is just a minute's walk to Green Lake Park, the eye of Kunming. The Green Lake Hotel is centrally located just minutes from the city's cultural spots, government offices, convention centers, 15 minutes from Kunming International Airport.
Kunming Hotel
Kunming Hotel
Kunming Hotel is located in the commercial and shopping district. With many famous department stores nearby, the hotel is one of Kunming's most cosmopolitan areas. The location makes it very convenient to get to and from the railway station and the airport (only 5 and 7 kilometers respectively). The hotel has 400 guest rooms, including standard single room, executive room, standard room, business room, and so on.
Fairlyland Hotel Dongfeng Square
Fairlyland Hotel Dongfeng Square
Fairyland Dongfeng Square Hotel is located on Beijing Road in the Panlong district of Kunming. It is close to Nanping Pedestrian Street, Jinma Biji Archway and the Thailand Consulate, and about 6 kilometers from Wujiaba International Airport. Opened in 2011, the 7-story hotel features 108 guest rooms and suites, equipped with LCD cable televisions, internet access and climate control.
Hotels in Dali
Regent Hotel Dali
Regent Hotel Dali
The Regent Hotel began its construction on 2003. Located in Yuer Road, lying against ChangShan Mountain, facing Erhai Lake, the Regent Hotel can easily keep the wonderful scenery of "Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon" in views. The hotel is 20kms to the railway station, and 35kms to the airport.
Landscape Hotel Dali
Landscape Hotel Dali
Opened in 2002, the Landscape Hotel Dali is located in the famous Old Town of Dali. This hotel is built in traditional Bai Nationality style. It is 13km away from the City Center, 15km away from the Railway Station and 25km away from the Dali Airport.
Hotels in Lijiang
Guanfang Hotel Lijiang
Guanfang Hotel Lijiang
The Guanfang Hotel serves both tourists and business travelers with comprehensive modern service. The hotel is 3kms to the old town of Lijiang, and 35kms to the airport. THere are 292 rooms including standard, handicapped, connecting-room and suites.
Aviation Sightseeing Hotel Lijiang
Aviation Sightseeing Hotel Lijiang
Built in traditional Chinese courtyard style, Sightseeing Hotel is located on Lijiang Shangri-La Road. The hotel offers first-class service to each and every one of our guests. It is located just five minutes away from the Dayan old city and 28kms from the airport, an ideal place for travel, business and relaxation.
Sanhe Hotel
Sanhe Hotel Lijiang
Opened in 1995 and renovated completely in 2004, Sanhe Hotel is designed according to Naxi courtyard style and owns the characteristics of Ethnic customs. The hotel located in the golden area has convenient transportation and it is just 50 meters from the entrance of the ancient town. It has 47 various rooms with elegant decoration, which are equipped with modern sanitary facilities and broadband internet access.
Hotels in Shangri-la
Tian Jie Shen Chuan Hotel Shangrila
Tian Jie Shen Chuan Hotel Shangrila
Tian Jie Shen Chuan Hotel is located in the middle section of the most prosperous Long March Road in Shangri-La County. It has 2 presidential suites, 4 deluxe suites, 1 business suite, 14 deluxe single room with independent tub and 250 standard rooms.
holy palace hotel
Holy Palace Hotel Shangrila
Situated in the downtown of Shangri-La, Holy Palace Hotel has unique district superiocrity. Because of its special outward appearance and Iuxurious decoration, the hotel is named "Little Potala Palace". There are 220 deluxe standard Rooms, 6 suits and 6 Single Rooms.
Zaxi Dele Hotel
Zaxi Dele Hotel Shangri-la
The hotel is a deluxe hotel featuring typical tibetan styles. It is 6 km to the airport and 3 km to the long-distance bus station. There are 52 deluxe business standard rooms, 58 tibetan deluxe standard rooms and 3 deluxe suites in the hotel, with amenities of central air conditioning, mini-bar, IDD/DDD telephone etc.
Hotel in Lhasa
Brahmaputra Grand Hotel
Brahmaputra Grand Hotel Lhasa
Brahmaputra Grand Hotel Lhasa is chain-operated hotel. It is located in Wenjiang District and was opened in 2006. It is a business holiday hotel with more than 200 guest rooms. The hotel also provides elegant Chinese and Western restaurants, splendid banquet with modern facilities, conference room and recreation items. It abuts to Lhasa riverside and Gong Ba Ri Mammon Mountain. People can enjoy wonderful views of Lhasa.
Lhasa Hotel
Lhasa Hotel
A 4-star hotel, the Lhasa Hotel is located in the Holy Land of Lhasa with an altitude of 3,600 meters. It occupies 7-floors and was recently renovated in 1999. The hotel has a range of restaurants that provide Sichuan, Western, Indian and Tibetan food. The hotel is near the famous Norbulingka or Lobulinka, the Palace of the Dalai Lama. Located only 10 minutes by car to the center of Holy Town and the magical and Potala Palace. Situated approximately 95kms from the airport.
Shambhala Hotel Lhasa
Shambhala Hotel Lhasa
As a 3 star hotel, Shambhala Hotel Lhasa is near the Barkhore Bazaar, Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace with easy access to all great attractions. With a total of 70 comfortable rooms and suites, the hotel is 10km away from the Railway Station and 70km away from the Lhasa Airport.
Hotels in Xian
sheraton hotel xian
Sheraton Hotel Xi'an
Located near the 600-year-old City Wall and close to the city centre, Sheraton Hotel is just 35 minutes from Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.
With first-class amenities, facilities and family-friendly services, Sheraton Xi'an Hotel will make you feel at home.
grand new world hotel xian
Grand New World hotel
Located within the Ancient City Wall and styled in an extraordinary mix of tradition and modernity, the hotel is just 4km from the railway station and 45km from Xianyang International Airport. The large Parkson shopping centre is close by, while the Terracotta Warriors Museum is about 35km from the hotel.
city hotel xian
City Hotel Xi'an
Located in the booming city center, City Hotel is within walking distance to the Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Muslim Quarter, the Great Mosque and the Ancient City Wall. It's right behind the Bell Tower Hotel. Bus station, metro and Airport Express stop are within easy reach. It's about 50 minutes' drive from the Airport. The hotel is a 3-star modern hotel offering comfortable living space with simple but elegant decor.
Hotel in Shanghai
Howard Johnson Plaza Shanghai
Howard Johnson Plaza Shanghai
The hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Shanghai, 2 minutes from Nanjing Road, People Square and the Bund. It offers easy access to the city's most important business, cultural and entertainment hubs. The elegantly designed and tastefully decorated rooms provide you with an experience of exceptional luxury and comfort.
Hengsheng Peninsula International Hotel 
Located in Hongkou District of Shanghai, Heng Sheng Peninsula International Hotel is surrounded by many famous attractions including the Bund, Oriental Pearl River TV Tower, and Nanjing Road. With its comfortable rooms and complete services, the hotel tries all its best to make guests feel like at home.
Express Holiday Inn Zhabei Shanghai
Express Holiday Inn Zhabei Shanghai
Express Holiday Inn Zhabei Shanghai is a 3-star business hotel. The hotel enjoys much transportation convenience. It's within walking distance to the Shanghai Metro Line 3 and Line 4 Shanghai Circus World Station. Moreover, it's merely 1.5 km from Shanghai Railway Station and 20 km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.


Meals as mentioned in the itinerary include 17 breakfasts, 16 lunches and 2 dinners.
You can just feel free to make dinner arrangements as per your personal taste.

We promises no worries about the dining quality, plus flexible choices that you can have depending on your preference. If having any special requestment, just tell our trip advisor directly. In all, we aim to satisfy your tongue and stomach with our recommendation as follows:


As the capital of China, Beijing boasts many good restaurants with featured cuisines. Our package takes you to have A La Carte dinner at Great Northeast Restaurant, Gold Palace Restaurant and Tang Yuan Restaurant, leading you to grasp the essence of Chinese classic cuisines.

Dining Hall of Great Northeast Restaurant Main Hall of Tang Yuan Restaurant


The variety of Kunming cuisine never fails to satisfy hungry travelers. It really is a "crossroads" featuring dishes from all over Yunnan. The feature of Kunming cuisine is a perfect blend of sour and spicy flavors, made from the minority 's century-old traditional recipes.

Steaming-Pot Chicken Kunming Bittern Duck


Dali is famous for its snack food. After dusk falls, many old lanes are lined with food stalls open until midnight. There are a great variety of delicious snacks in Dali. You can wander along until you see one you like.

Roasted Bean Curd Dali Rice Cake


Because of the proximity to so many food styles, the cuisine of Lijiang is diverse. Great attention is paid to bringing out the natural flavors and there are a number of local delicacies worth trying. Square Street in the center of Old Town is an ideal place to find some of the best local dishes.

Yak Chafing Dish Cici Bean Jelly

Lhasa, Tibet

You do not have to eat the same food every time in tourist restaurants; It means that you can choose your favorite restaurant to have a meal. And in Lhasa, wider choices that you can have relatively, like western food, chinese set meal or something else, also you could try very local Tibetan foods, such as Buttered Tea, Zanba, dry yak and cow jerky;

Common Meals in Tibet Restaurant Tibetan Sesame Lamb Chops


Xi'an features distinctive cuisines of China Northwest, such as various-shaped Chinese dumplings and other wheaten food. Muslim Quarter gathers lots of delicious local food like Rou Jia Mo and shish kebabs, etc.

(1) Here we highly recommend Chinese Dumpling Dinner, which also named Jiaozi, typically consist of a ground meat and/or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. As a must-try for visitors, it serves with Tang dynasty show. And it belongs to an [add on] item in the tour.

(2) Rou Jia Mo, also called Chinese Hamburger, is very similar to the Western hamburger essentially, but with different cooking method.

Chinese Dumpling Dinner Rou Jia Mo (Chinese Hamburger)


We say little about the dining in Shanghai, since Shanghai is regarded as a delicious kingdom, where you can taste everything almost. Here we strongly suggest you take M on The Bund into consideration.
M on the Bund Shanghai
-- Dedicated to creating a dining experience as exciting, as sophisticated, as delectable as Shanghai itself
-- "One of the top 20 restaurants in Asia" (Miele Guide, 2009-2010)
-- "Best Global Cuisine" (City Weekend Readers' Choice Awards, 2010)
-- "M on the Bund: Most Popular Restaurant in Shanghai" (Zaqat Survey Shanghai, 2008)

Shanghai M on The Bund Restaurant Brandboard of M on the Bund


Dear Sara,

Thank you for your mails. Today we start to Shanghai in the evening and we are exiting to see your great country, its towns, people, arts, history and hopefully many wonderful Chinese gardens and landscapes. It will be a very interesting experience to get to know the arising new world.

You had a lot of work with planning and organisation AND conversations/discussions with us during the last months. Therefore I thank you very much for your great support!!! I think your boss should be very satisfied with your work. We are thankful to you.

Now we see forward how everything will work. You get a chinese telephone nnumber from us as soon as we bought a prepaid card. Our son Tilman will be contact with us anyhow and via him you can be in contact even with us.

Kind regards

Customer: Mr. Cristof

Destinations: Xi'an - Shangri-la - Lijiang - Dali- Guilin

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Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Very happy with the hotel. The car used for trips was excellent. The tour guide had excellent English and was very warm and friendly. A very good all round service here!

Customer: Ms. Wills

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an - Lhasa - Shigatse - Chengdu - Shanghai

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