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15 Days China Paradise Tour

(Forbidden City, Badaling Great Wall -Yungang Caves -Pingyao Ancient City -Terracotta Warriors -The Bund - Tongli Water Town)
Departure date:
Tour Code: CTG-24

Tour Description

A perfect choice for those interested in Chinese architecture and custom. It not only takes you to explore the majestic imperial buildings, ancient military fortifications and Entombed Warriors, but affords the opportunity to really appreciate the smaller ancient towns and exquisite private villas and gardens. During the architectural exploration, you'll also learn much about the unique and interesting Chinese custom and culture.

Marvel at the gorgeous architectural compounds in China - Forbidden City, the Bund, Wang Family Compound, Lingering Garden, etc.

Explore the well-maintained old towns and their lifestyle - Pingyao Ancient City and Tongli Water Town.

Economic way of transfer, mostly by train; caring and experienced local guide & driver & cozy hotel.

Day 1 Arrive in Beijing
Today's Activities The guide will pick you up at Beijing Airport, and then transfer you to the downtown hotel. The rest of the day is flexible for your will, have a rest at the hotel or take a walk around the famous Wangfujing Pedestrian Street enjoying the tasty Beijing snack there.
Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Wangfujing Pedestrian Street          
Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Nightview of Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Snack in Wangfujing Pedestrian Street          
Day 2 Beijing ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities You’ll start your Beijing tour with Tian'anmen Square, the largest square in the world and all the lofty jade stone bridges, moats, monuments, ornamental columns, stone lions, etc. Later walk northward and you reach Forbidden City. The largest and best-preserved imperial palace in China vividly showcases a whole set of the royal life. You’ll be shown around several main halls like the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Have a good view of the emperor’s chair, sculpture of mythical beasts, eave decoration and the like, you can touch some daily routine of the ancient Chinese emperors, courtiers and princesses.

Later you'll tour Summer Palace, the royal garden. You can keenly feel the imperial grandeur while touring the 728-meter-long painting-rich corridor, Foxiang Hall, etc. The trip includes an exciting cruise on the huge Kunming lake.
Tiananmen Square Forbidden City Summer Palace          
Tiananmen Square Stone Lion in Forbidden City Summer Palace          
Day 3 Beijing ( Breakfast, Lunch )

Today's Activities

After breakfast at hotel, you will have an excursion to the Badaling Great Wall. By roundtrip cable car you can feast on this vital section of the world famous China Great Wall. Badaling not only boasts a surprisingly long history of over 1400 year but sport a special structure of three watchtowers on end.

Afterwards, you will visit the most famous tomb of Ming Tombs - Changling. The tomb is inhumed with the 3rd emperor of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Zhu Di and his queen. Its tremendous scale and perfect degree of maintanence well fits the great achievement Emperor Zhu Di secured during his reign over China.

On the way back to downtown Beijing, you will stop by the Bird's Nest (Olympic National Stadium) and Water Cube (National Aquatics), to view the unique constructions and take some photos.
Badaling Great Wall Changling of Ming Tombs          
Badaling Great Wall Changling of Ming Tombs Water Cube          
Day 4 Beijing - Datong ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by train
Today's Activities After breakfast you’ll head for Temple of Heaven where the Emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties(1368-1911) would worship heaven and pray for good harvests around the kingdom. Here you would have an eye-opening understanding of Oriental architectural aesthetics and the deeply rooted awe of heaven in ancient Chinese, from the emperor to the masses. You may have chance to see the locals doing morning exercise, playing Tai-chi or sword in the big park.

Later let’s leave the blocks of royal buildings for the populace culture that hide itself in the Hutong. Taking a rickshaw tour through these narrow alleyways, you’ll be impressed with the simple happy kids, the old enjoying their leisure time under the tree, exquisite old quadrangles, delicious sugared plums and all kinds of Beijing snacks at roadside peddlers. Plus, in a friendly family in the Hutong you’ll enjoy the most authentic Beijing cuisine with them. You may optionally experience how the delicious dumpling is made.

After the lunch, you’ll move on to Beijing Railway Station and take the soft-sleeper train for Datong City. Upon your arrival, you’ll be picked up and transferred to the downtown hotel.
Temple of Heaven Beijing Hutong Beijing Hutong          
Temple of Heaven Hutong Rickshaw Tour Enjoy lunch with the local family in Hutong          
Day 5 Datong ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities Datong was once the center of Buddhist culture and art in North China, leaving a myriad of Buddhist heritage for the visitors. You’ll explore two standout attractions today.

The first stop is the over-1,500-year-old Hanging Temple that fast fastens itself to a near-vertical cliff, you may shiver with fear. Beneath the temple are a dozen of wooden pillars that appear to be supporting the temple from falling apart, actually you’ll soon discover that the safety of the temple has little to do with these pillars. It is said that the architects added the pillars to strengthen people’s confidence in walking through the temple. Enjoy visiting the temple and see how human intelligence can get!

End the thrilling Hanging Temple tour and drive back to the downtown Datong to have your lunch. After that you’ll head for the World Heritage, Yungang Caves. The tremendous caves, one of the four Buddha caves in China, sports as many as 45 main caves and over 51,000 statues. Whatever size they come with, from the gigantic Buddha statues that front you at the cave entrance to the pocket statues inside, they are drop-dead gorgeous. Look what they’re doing- flying in mid air playing with Chinese lute, beating the drum, dancing to the rhyme of the royal band, etc. You may feel as if you were watching an amazing circular-screen movie that shows you both the Buddhist and worldly ways of life in China during 5th -6th Centuries.
Hanging Temple Yungang Caves Yungang Caves          
Hanging Temple Entrance Yungang Caves External Buddha Statue          
Day 6 Datong - Pingyao ( Breakfast ) Transfer by train
Today's Activities After breakfast at the hotel, you’ll take the train to Pingyao from Datong. With railway station pick-up and hotel transfer, you’ll spend the rest of the day as you like. You can enjoy staying at the cozy featured hotel. The hotel doesn't come with a dull modern building look, which is quite commonly in starred hotels in big cities of China, rather, it takes on style of traditional folk residence during Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). You can feel the strong vintage touch at the hotel courtyard, corridors, windows, doors and room furnishment.

When the night falls, strolling around Pingyao Ancient City is lots of fun. Look, almost all the shops are decorated in old fashion and everything that hits your eyes is of traditional Chinese touch - Red lanterns, red paper cuts, opera facial makeups, sidewalk restaurants sell traditional Pingyao diet and bars playing poetic Chinese ancient music. If you're lucky, you would watch a night watch stroll past you sounding night watches!
Pingyao Ancient City Pingyao Ancient City Pingyao Ancient City          
Pingyao Ancient City Traditional way of spinning in Pingyao Ancient City Pretty cozy featured hotel in Pingyao          
Day 7 Pingyao ( Breakfast, Lunch )

Today's Activities

Today let's make an excursion at the outskirt of Pingyao. The first attraction is the 1,400-year-old Shuanglin Temple, the treasure house of Oriental Painted Sculptures. Your eyes will be dazzled by the sea of colorful and expression-rich Buddha sculptures.

Then you would head for Wang Family Compound. The residential complex whose owner is the wealthiest family locally, is honored as the Forbidden City in Shanxi Province or the folk Forbidden City. Keep your eyes sharp or you’ll soon get lost cause the enormous labyrinth world boasts 123 courtyards and an astonishing total of 1,118 rooms! Apart from the spectacular layout, you can further enjoy the sumptuous details of carving and embossing on the pillars, eaves, walls, windows and doors…Finishing the incredible architecture appreciation, you’ll be back to Pingyao Ancient City and have free-time activity.
Shuanglin Temple Wang Family Compound Wang Family Compound          
Painted sculptures in Shuanglin Temple Wang Family Compound Elaborate window carving in Wang Family Compound          
Day 8 Pingyao - Xi'an ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by train

Today's Activities

Today is all about Pingyao Ancient City, the whole set of which is ranked as World Heritage! Beginning with the most buoyant Mingqing Street, the old town has its vintage buildings parade past you. Though these houses appear more or less the same, they shadow their internal contents which are sharply different from each other.

The Government Office of Pingyao (Xianya in Chinese) is totally feudal, there you can have a view of how the ancient county magistrate hears a civil case (Performed by costumed actors). However, when turning to the nearby Rishengchang Exchange Shop, the best-known capitalistic banking company that once dominated the banking industry of China for decades (1824-1914), you would fall lost before the sophisticated system of draft exchange. In keen contact with the exchange shop is the Ancient Security Guard Company (Biaoju in Chinese) that played as the property supercargo. Stepping into the deep courtyard of the Biaoju, you will find a complete series of cold weapons – spears, swords, sticks, hammers, bows and arrows. It was with these old-fashioned weapons and one-wheel escort vehicle that the tons of money and treasury of the exchange shop made it to the destination safely.

At dusk, you’ll have a panoramic view of the time-honored ancient city on the lofty Ancient City Wall of Pingyao. Trust you to have lots of thoughts and sighs to let out. Having finished the impressive tour around Pingyao, you’ll move on to Pingyao Railway Station and take the soft-sleeper train for the most historic city Xi’an.
Ancient City Wall of Pingyao Draft writing in Rishengchang Exchange Shop Ancient Security Guard - Biaoju          
Day 9 Xi'an ( Breakfast, Lunch )

Today's Activities

The night train will reach Xi’an Railway Station around 7:00 A.M. Then you’ll be transferred to the hotel and spend the rest of the morning as you please. After lunch the exciting tour of Xi’an starts with a visit of Shaanxi History Museum. Every antique displayed there, ranging from the eroded bamboo stroll to the well-kept glaze ceramic (Tangsancai), is able to provide strong statement of the vibrant civilization of ancient China.

The then capital city of Tang dynasty Xi’an was known for its generosity towards various religions. People with totally different beliefs lived happy together at that time. The next stop Great Mosque sports more than 1200 years' history as one of the four grand Islamic mosques in China. It will let you see how Muslim architecture and Chinese traditional buildings light up each other. As to the Muslim Quarter, it is a big stock of exotic souvenir markets and savory restaurants.. You may as well have a supper and some shopping around.
Shaanxi History Museum Great Mosque Muslim Quarter          
Pottery of monster in Shaanxi History Museum Praying hall of Great Mosque Muslim Quarter          
Day 10 Xi'an - Shanghai ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by flight

Today's Activities

No matter how many times you view the Terracotta Warriors via television or pictures, you would fail to describe the invincible vigor they give off when you’re finally face-to-face with them. You’ll have a feast on the gorgeous arrays of terracotta warriors at pit 1, 2 and 3 along with groups of ancient bronze chariot s and horses after watching a circular-screen movie. The eighth world’s wonder never lets you down!

After having lunch at the restaurant within the scenic spot, you will be transferred to the Xi’an airport heading for Shanghai. After airport pick-up and hotel transfer, you’ll have the rest of the day as your free time. It’s quite regrettable to let go of the colorful Shanghai nightlife. You can optionally go enjoy Shanghai Acrobatic show. As one of the oldest performing arts in China, the acrobatics displayed on stage include a number of feats focusing on flexibility, strength, endurance and sheer will-power. Cheer up your bravos! Or you can simply visit Xintiandi Bar Street to feel the vibrant night color in Shanghai and romantic tone that prevails the whole street.
Xian Terracotta Warriors Shanghai Acrobatic show Xintiandi          
Terracotta Warriors Shanghai Acrobatic Show Open-air bars in Xintiandi          
Day 11 Shanghai ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities After breakfast you’ll launch the whole day tour from the old town to the brand-new area of Shanghai. You start with the over- 400-year-old Yuyuan Garden to appreciate the elegant pavilions, villa, lotus pond and bridges, especially the Mid-Lake Pavilion. Then move to the neighboring Yuyuan Market to explore how elaborate and cute the traditional Chinese handicrafts and art works are. at the 600-year-old City God Temple you’ll see scores of statues that represent this or that powerful Taoist immortal. Besides, you can have a taste of the delicious snacks at the famous snack square of the temple.

Strolling along this 1,599-meter-long Nanjing Road is much like being immersed in seas of garment, shoes, jewelry, accessory, snack and souvenir. The pedestrian street leads you to The Bund. Here you can embrace the best cityscape, feast on the rich architectural fashions (Gothic, Baroque, Rome, Renaissance, Classic and Mixed Eastern and Western style, etc.)

Finishing the historic part of Shanghai, you will steer to the new landmark Oriental Pearl Tower. On the ground floor, you’ll first visit Shanghai Municipal History Museum. The Museum shows you a vivid panorama of Shanghai’s development. The part of old Shanghai life during 1920s to 1940s is the most attractive. Then you’ll be elevated to the top of Oriental Pearl Tower. At the height of 468 m (1,535 feet) you’ll enjoy a bird's eye view of this vibrant city.
Yuyuan Garden City God Temple Shanghai The Bund          
Yuyuan Garden City God Temple Praying The Bund          
Day 12 Shanghai: free-time activities ( Breakfast )
Today's Activities Today is all your free time. You can pay a visit to the aged lanes and explore the way the most ordinary locals spend their life, their houses and markets, etc.
Shanghai snack Shanghai longtang Tianzifang Soho Street          
steamed buns, featured Shanghai snack Old lanes and houses in Shanghaid old town Tianzifang Soho Street          
Day 13 Shanghai- Suzhou ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by high-speed train
Today's Activities After breakfast, you’ll leave Shanghai for Suzhou by high-speed train. About 30 minutes later, you will set foot on the famous garden city. The splendid tissue of Suzhou cityscape like gardens, rivers, riverside residence and old city wall will be listed on today’s itinerary. You’ll first visit Lingering Garden, one of the four most famous classic gardens in China. The sophisticated layout of the garden will surely offer you scene of beauty and refreshment at every turn. The three rockeries at the rear part of the garden is worthwhile your special attention. 1.5 hours later, let’s leave Lingering Garden for another historical landmark in Suzhou, Panmen Gate. The grand gate is part of the ancient city wall (built in 514 B.C.)

Then let's turn to Suzhou Silk Factory to see how the silk is processed from silk worm to the final product, and the interesting silk history in China. After spending 1 hour in the factory, we’ll cruise along the Small Canal. The elements that make up a water town, like stone arch bridges, on-the-river markets, traditional yards shaded with willows are all presented.
Lingering Garden Panmen Gate Suzhou Silk Factory          
Lingering Garden Panmen Gate Suzhou Silk Factory          
Day 14 Suzhou - Tongli Water Town - Suzhou ( Breakfast, Lunch )Transfer by private car
Today's Activities The day is all about water town! Drive about 30 minutes from downtown Suzhou and you get the most famous over-1,000-year-old Tongli Water Town. You’ll be cruising along the waterway to see refined black-and-white blocks of folk houses, various looks of bridges and undisturbed local custom.

Apart from the cruise, you also have free time to explore this old town. Recommended attractions are: Tuisi Garden, Three Bridges (Taiping, Jili, and Changqing Bridges), Chongben Hall, Jia yin Hall, Mingqing Street, Dingzi (T-shaped) River. At 5:30 P.M. let’s say goodbye to Tongli and drive back to downtown Suzhou.
Tongli Water Town Tongli Water Town Tongli Water Town          
Picturesque Tongli Water Town Cruise in Tongli Water Town Unstirred old lane in Tongli Water Town          
Day 15 Suzhou - Shanghai- Departure ( Breakfast )
Today's Activities After breakfast at the hotel, you’ll spend 1-2 hours as you like. you can optionally have a walk at Suzhou Flower and Bird Market if time admits. It’s fun immersing yourself in a world of bonsai and blossom while enjoying the sweet whisper of various birds and crickets.

Later let’s end the full leisure tour and drive to the airport in Shanghai to depart China. Wish you a thoroughly fine journey!
Suzhou Flower and Bird Market Suzhou Flower and Bird Market Suzhou Flower and Bird Market          
Suzhou Flower and Bird Market Suzhou Flower and Bird Market Suzhou Flower and Bird Market          
Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 14 breakfasts and 11 lunches. Admissions: Entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
Train, Flight Tickets: all listed in itineraries; Hotels: accommodation in Beijing, Datong, Pingyao, Xi'an, Shanghai and Suzhou;
Tour Guide: a local experienced English-speaking guide Car Driver: an experienced licensed driver
Vehicle: a private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers Luggage Transfers: a hand for your heavy luggage;
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional attractions / tours / meals and international flights; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Hotel in Beijing
Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing
Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing
Located in the golden business area of Wangfujing, the hotel only takes 10 minutes to Forbidden City and Dongfang Square. With stylish guest rooms and newly renovated Crowne Plaza Club floor – Crowne Plaza Beijing has anticipated every need while providing easy access to business, commercial districts and historical landmarks.
Sunworld Hotel Beijing
Sunworld Hotel Beijing
Situated on the intersection of Wangfujing Avenue and Dengshikou Street, Sunworld Hotel Beijing is close to many famous historical and cultural landmarks, including the Forbidden City. Guest rooms and suites are designed with a traditional and refined style. From servies to amenities, the hotel strives to make your stay a pleasant experience.
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing
With its courtyard style, the hotel has retained its charm of the ancient time but as well merged in contemporary architecture and designs. The hotel is near the famous Tian’anmen Square and Wangfujing Business Street. It takes about 20 minutes from Capital International Airport (24km) and 5 minutes from Beijing Railway Station (3km). The hotel provides guests clean and comfortable service and amenities.
Hotels in Datong
Howard Johnson Jindi Plaza Datong
Howard Johnson Jindi Plaza Datong is located at the city center, with easy traffic access. The hotel offers a large variety of dishes. There are 25 dinning halls. Following its high level features, the western restaurant offers creative dishes based on traditional French cuisine, and is decorated in a neo-romanticist style, perfectly matching the food served here. Bars, Japanese and Korean restaurants are available.
Great Palace Hotel Datong
Great Palace Hotel Datong is situated in ust 10-minutes from Datong railway station and only 20-minutes from the direct Beijing-Datong express freeway. The hotel combines an elegant traditional interior design with very modern guest facilities. The hotel provides 98 comfortable guestrooms. All rooms are equiped with facilities such as IDD telephone connections, satellite television and Mini-bar service.Each room is decorated with traditional room amenities and around-the-clock service.
Hong Qi Grand Hotel Datong
Hong Qi Grand Hotel is with a capacity of 170 rooms provides a whole chain of accommodation, entertainment, dining, and shopping for business people as well as tourists. There are total 138 well equipped and comfortable guest rooms. The hotel has Chinese and western restaurants and is beautifully decorated and equipped with modern facilities that will make your stay as convenient and comfortable as possible. The hotel also provides car rental and ticket reservation services.
Hotels in Pingyao
Yunjincheng Folk Hotel Pingyao
Yunjincheng Folk Hotel Pingyao adorns itself up with all the featured ingredients of traditional Pingyao dwellings like red lanterns, folding screens with Chinese ink painting, rosewood furniture and sophisticated courtyard layout. Moreover, even the beddings in each room are of traditional tone. Hot water and tasty local dishes are all available to serve you too.
Hongshanyi Hotel Pingyao
If you spend a Chinese Spring Festival in Hongshanyi Hotel, you will have a lot of fun, taking part in the celebrating activities the hotel holds for you. You can either DIY some handicrafts like paper cut, writing spring festival couplets or watch outdoors the dazzling lantern show, firework.
Dejuyuan Guesthouse Pingyao
Dejuyuan Guesthouse Pingyao is situated at Mingqing Street. The tastefully decorated guest rooms and a wide range of facilities and services provide guests with a comfortable and joyful stay.
Hotel in Xian
Sheraton Hotel Xi'an
Located near the 600-year-old City Wall and close to the city centre, Sheraton Hotel is just 35 minutes from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. With first-class amenities, facilities and family-friendly services, Sheraton Xi’an Hotel will make you feel at home.
Grand New World Hotel Xian
Grand New World Hotel Xian
Located within the Ancient City Wall and styled in an extraordinary mix of tradition and modernity, the hotel is just 4km from the railway station and 45km from Xianyang International Airport. The large Parkson shopping centre is close by, while the Terracotta Warriors Museum is about 35km from the hotel. The hotel provides a satisfying range of contemporary accommodation together with business services and recreational facilities.
City Hotel Xian
City Hotel Xian
The hotel is located in the centre of Xi’an city and just near the well-known Bell Tower, Drum Tower and Ancient City Wall. The hotel offers a total of 137 well-appointed guestrooms for guests’ comfortable living space. The elegant and magnificent restaurants serve delicious flavor of many varieties.
Hotels in Shanghai
Howard Johnson Plaza Shanghai
The hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Shanghai, 2 minutes from Nanjing Road, People Square and the Bund. It offers easy access to the city's most important business, cultural and entertainment hubs. The elegantly designed and tastefully decorated rooms provide you with an experience of exceptional luxury and comfort.
Shanghai Hotel
Grand Mercure Zhongya Hotel Shanghai
Grand Mercure Zhongya Hotel Shanghai is an international 4-star business & leisure hotel located next to Shanghai Railway Station. The hotel is within 2 minutes walking from Shanghai Railway Station and entrance of Shanghai Metro. The famous attraction nearby is Jade Buddha Temple. Open in 2010, the new hotel boasts 288 rooms /suites that come with French styled decor and rich facilities.
Holiday Inn Express Shanghai
Holiday Inn Express Shanghai is a 3-star business hotel. The hotel enjoys much transportation convenience. It's within walking distance to the Shanghai Metro Line 3 and Line 4 Shanghai Circus World Station. Open in 2008, the hotel boasts a total of 472 rooms /suites. Most rooms enjoy as spacious as 32 square meters and comfortable bedding.
Hotels in Suzhou
Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel Suzhou
Boasting unique Chinese architectural grandeur and exquisite garden features, Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel Suzhou is the ideal venue to for a rejuvenating retreat while indulging into the profound Chinese culture. 481 uniquely designed guestrooms are endowed with modern facilities and comforts, together with Pan Pacific's renowned personalized service, expect a memorable experience in Suzhou.
Garden Hotel Suzhou
Situated in western Suzhou, Garden Hotel is a 4-star stylish hotel with a preferable position. Just 10-minute drive from Guanqian Street, the hotel is equipped with well-appointed rooms with spacious area, modern decoration and free WIFI. With high-end services provided, Garden Hotel also offers many entertainment choices for guest, such as Karaoke, cycling and fitness center, etc.
Traveller Inn Gusu Suzhou
Traveller Inn Gusu Suzhou is a 3-star hotel, located in the heart of the city, with 108 guest rooms. Hotel's Restaurants offer Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. Many other facilities are provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The hotel also has a shopping center, a ballroom, and a bar and provides all kinds of services such as mailing, clinic, massage, laundry, and car rental. This hotel is neighbors the tourism center and famous parks of the city.


- Breakfasts are offered by hotels;
- Lunches are supplied according to different classes of tour;
- Dinners are for your own arrangement.

We promises no worries about the dining quality, plus flexible choices that you can have depending on your preference. If having any special requestment, just tell our trip advisor directly. In all, we aim to satisfy your tongue and stomach with our recommendation as follows:


As the capital of China, Beijing boasts many good restaurants with featured cuisines. Our package takes you to have A La Carte dinner at Great Northeast Restaurant, Gold Palace Restaurant and Tang Yuan Restaurant, leading you to grasp the essence of Chinese classic cuisines.

Dining Hall of Great Northeast Restaurant Main Hall of Tang Yuan Restaurant

Shanxi ( Datong and Pingyao )

China serves the best flour food in the world; and it is said that Shanxi ranks first in China in preparing flour food." Shanxi Province boasts nearly 1,000 kinds of flour food, made of a wide variety of materials. Shanxi flour food may serve as staple food, snacks or art works. Besides, you could taste other famous dishes and snacks in Datong and Pingyao as you prefer.

Classical Meal in Shanxi You can taste many delicious food in Mingqing Street.


Xi'an features distinctive cuisines of China Northwest, such as various-shapes chinese dumplings and other wheaten food. At Muslim Quarter, where gathers lots of delicious local food, like Rou Jia Mo and shish kebabs, etc.
(1) Here we highly recommend Chinese Dumpling Dinner, which also named Jiaozi, typically consist of a ground meat and/or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. As a must-try for visitors, it serves with Tang dynasty show. And it belongs to an [add on] item in the tour.
(2) Rou Jia Mo, also called Chinese Hamburger, is very similar to the Western hamburger essentially, but with different cooking method.

Chinese Dumpling Dinner Local Cuisine at Friendship Restaurant


We say little about the dining in Shanghai, since Shanghai is regarded as a delicious kingdom, where you can taste everything almost. Here we strongly suggest you take M on The Bund into consideration.
M on the Bund Shanghai
-- Dedicated to creating a dining experience as exciting, as sophisticated, as delectable as Shanghai itself
-- “One of the top 20 restaurants in Asia” (Miele Guide, 2009-2010)
-- “Best Global Cuisine” (City Weekend Readers’ Choice Awards, 2010)
-- “M on the Bund: Most Popular Restaurant in Shanghai” (Zaqat Survey Shanghai, 2008)

Shanghai M on The Bund Restaurant Brandboard of M on the Bund


Suzhou cuisine is renowned for its unique sweet flavor, color and aroma, and it's always beautifully presented. Some of the best local dishes are songshu Guiyu (Stewed and Fried Mandarin Fish), Xiangyou Shanhu (Stewed Shredded Eel), Xigua Ji (Chicken Steamed in Watermelon Rind), etc.

Songshu Guiyu (Stewed and Fried Mandarin Fish) Xiangyou Shanhu (Stewed Shredded Eel)


Hello Choury,

Thanks for your note and interest. Arthur, Chi (driver) and your agency have been very nice with my situation, which i thank all of you from my heart. I have felt much better today and could walk slowly with less pain.

The Tour: so far, very well. Will keep you informed and given what we have received in Beijing, i hope the standards are as good in the rest of the cities. And with people with same concept of hospitality and warmth, too. Will keep in touch.

Customer: Ms. Alhach

Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai - Hong Kong

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Dear Sara,

Nice to hear from you! I really appreciated your phone call at the hotel. I still don't know what precipitated it, but we were happy to have your help with our disappointing room. [The heat was remedied by installing an additional room key to keep the fan running in our absence.]

At this time, we don't see another trip to China in our future, but we tell everyone what a great time we had both with your agency, your country, and China's advancement in tourism. We are so grateful that your government has made China's long history and beautiful natural treasures available for the enjoyment of the rest of the world. And we have good reports of the wonderful Chinese people we've met.

Tony, our guide in Xian, is commended for meeting our last minute whim that turned out to be the unexpected delight of the visit to the Huaqing Hot Springs show "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow". Wow! I'm glad I wasn't dissuaded when I was told there wasn't enough to do in Xian to warrant a whole week's visit. We mentioned that we would've also liked to see the Xian Bell Tower performance, and even tour inside the China Post.

Thank you again.  

Customer: Ms. Danan

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an – Guilin - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai

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