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Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu, also called the "City of Ghosts", is 170 kilometers (105 miles) east of Chongqing situated on the northern bank of Yangtze River between Zhongxian and Fuling.

It was the legendary capital of The Ghost King whose gigantic sculptured statue has been carved onto the rock face of a mountain there. This is 138 meters (452 feet) high and 217 meters (711 feet) wide. Just the tongue is 81 meters (261 feet) long while the mouth is 70 meters (229 feet) wide. Visitors can climb the body of the king to the top of the mountain. Guinness World Records has listed it as the biggest sculpture carved on a rock Ghost State by Daoists.

The temples built on Ming Hill have been carved with a large assortment of ghosts and devils. These ugly and tortured looking creatures are meant to depict the after-life, where people who disobey ancient Chinese morals will be punished by every horrifying way imaginable. It was hoped that these terrifying statues would scare people into submission to the moral codes.

Many tourists arrive by boat and from the pier one can climb the winding cobblestone road or take a cable car to the top of the 288 meter (945 feet) high hill. Some ships arrange an early night visit to the ghost city to enhance the mystique and haunted feelings of the trip.

Fengdu Ghost City Fengdu Ghost City
The bridge in front of the entrance of Fengdu Ghost City. The sculpture of mischievous ghost in the Fengdu Ghost City.

According to traditional Chinese thought, the social structure of hell is exactly like that of this world. In hell, a sprit has to stand before a whole and complete bureaucracy (or jury) to receive their final sentence. Pure spirits are rewarded and the sinful ones are severely tortured. Different tortures are meted out depending on the kind and severity of the sin committed. The Temple built on Mt. Minshan displays instruments of torture and demon images. These offer a vivid depiction of the Chinese people's beliefs of hell that were held at that time. Landmarks on the hill bear horrible names - Ghost Torturing Pass, Last-Glance of Home Tower, Nothing-to-be-Done Bridge, and the River of Blood.

Every March 3 to 15 on the Chinese lunar calendar, merchants and businessmen used to gather at Fengdu Ghost City. Various folk culture activities were held. The ghost face was one of the specialties. Fengdu Ghost City welcomes visitors from China and abroad, but be wary as you never know what might pop out at you or what ghosts might be watching.

Fengdu Ghost City Fengdu Ghost City
The ghost in the hell according to Chinese legend. The trial court is presided by King of the hell.

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