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Shennong Stream

Shennong Stream (Shennong Xi) is a tributary of Yangtze River. It springs from the mountain of Shennong Jia and flows through Badong County of Sichuan Province on to Yangtze River.

The average flow of the stream is 20 cubic meters per second (600 cubic feet). The stream is a great place for a rafting adventure that the whole family can enjoy. The raft ride will take you to Longchuanhe Village where the Tujia minority people live. It's a good place to take a break and put your feet on dry ground. They are a hardworking and hospitable people and are good at singing and dancing. A visit there provides a birds-eye view into the Tujia people's local and traditional style of living.

Shennong Stream Shennong Stream
A small pier on the Shennong Stream. The boat trackers hauled boat to the upstream.

The Shennong Stream Special Rafting Tour covers 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Mian Zhu (Bamboo) Gorge through the Yingwu (Parrot) Gorge and finally to Longchuan Gorge. Besides the excitement of the boat ride, the scenery along the way makes the trip well worth it. One can see large and small karst caves (home of many swallows) an abundance of high cliffs, deep gorges, rushing waterfalls, three-colored springs, an ancient trestle path, suspended coffins in the cliff, and groups of ancient tombs. Startled swallows swoop overhead, fish swim about in the watery depths, and monkeys play on shore. The simple peapod-like flat boats make a great stage for enjoying yet another special example China's rich natural beauty.


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