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Goddess Stream

Situated at the south bank of Yangtze River, Goddess Stream, with its source among Guandu Strict of Wushan County in Chongqing City, flows into Yangtze River at Qingshi Town on the opposite of Goddess Peak of Wu Gorge. The whole river, including the upstream named Guandu River, the middle Ziyang River and Goddess Stream, is 31.9 kilometers long and 20 kilometers far away Wushan County. Due to the precipitous geological conditions where Goddess Stream is surrounded by steep mountains and hidden in deep valley, the primitive natural landscape of downstream is well-preserved and shows a spectacular view to travelers, especially after the construction of Three Gorges Project.

Goddess Stream Goddess Stream
Boat to explore the primitive Goddess Stream The stream is surrounded by peaks

Also called as “Beauty Stream” by locals, Goddess Stream, with fast-flowing waster and narrow channel, houses a 10-mile-long trackless primitive valley. New changes and surprises are taken place in this area after Three Gorges Dam stores water, when tourists are able to appreciate the beautiful scenery decorated by five towering peaks of Wushan Mountain, and enjoy the close touch with local residents. At the middle section, the south of the bank stands Rising Peak and the northwest faces Qiyun (Clouds Lifting) Peak, both of them is winded around by the stream and covered by a thin layer of mist.

While cruising through the stream, tourists can enjoy a leisure time to grapes the passing surprises and explore the undiscovered. The famous two human landscapes, Wushan Cloud and Giant Peak, attract all people’s eyes to deliver the miracle of nature. On the southeast of Rising Peak, three Chinese words - Wushanyun (Wushan Cloud) are clearly sculptured on the precipitous cliff. The non-handmade Chinese words are the brown parts on the grey cliff due to the long-term weathering. Giant Peak, located in the Jingtan Peak scenic area of Goddess Stream, is named after Chinese Giant - President Mao Zedong.

As one the famous sights in Three Gorge, Goddess Stream can be reached by ship, train and car. Tourists can start from Wushan County to Qingshi Town, which is the best spot to appreciate the Goddess Peak and the confluence of the stream and Yangtze River, and then take the boat into Goddess Stream.

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