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Photo Gallery

Yungang Caves/ Grottoes

Yungang Caves

Entrance to Yungang Caves

A Magnificent Buddhist Statue

The Top Part of the Statue

A Famous Buddha

A Sideview of a Colossal Buddha

Colorful Buddhist Statues

Numerous Caves

A View of Outside

A Wide Path

Colorful Buddhist Statues

A Peaceful Buddha
Hanging Temple/ Monastery

Hanging Temple

Entrance Of Hanging Temple

Hanging Temple 1

Steep Stairs

Sideview Of Hanging Temple

A Delicate Pavilion

Hanging Temple 2

Hanging Temple 3
Datong Local Features

Buddha On Sales

Datong Cave House

Cave House's Stone Bed

Datong Kind Old Man

Penurious Land of Datong

A Small Cooking Place

English Newspaper On the Wall

Simple Life Of Datong People
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