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Guangzhou Dining

Guangzhou is honored as "the paradise of food" in China. Cantonese food is served everywhere in the city. It is one of the eight cuisines in China. Other cuisines like Sichuan Cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Shandong Cuisine can also easily be found in Guangzhou.


Guangzhou Featured Cuisine and Snack

Guangzhou dining
Yum cha (Drinking Tea)

Yum cha is a term in Cantonese which means "drinking tea". It now refers to a set of dining ritual of having small servings of different foods like Dim Sum along with sipping Chinese tea. The tea is important, for it is said to help digest rich foods. Usually one kettle of tea is served with two bamboo baskets of Dim Sum. Shrimp dumplings, Chicken Feet, beef balls, steamed pork dumplings, and rice noodle rolls are the most popular.

Guangzhou dining
Cantonese Soup

Cantonese Soup is a distinctive statement of the life style of Cantonese. It is only Cantonese who are willing to consume at least 3 hours brewing a qualified soup to get rid of inner heat and humidity that accumulate from the sweltering summer days and frequent rainfall both hovering Guangzhou. Later more ingredients were added and hence intensified the effects of the soup. Soup has been so significant to the daily life of Cantonese that it has become a key factor when Cantonese are evaluating an individual’s skill of cooking.

Guangzhou dining
Rice Noodle Roll

No. 1 Cantonese snack on which an astonishing number of local restaurants depend. It’s stuffed with a wide range of ingredients like pork, beef, shrimp, egg, pork liver, etc and further immersed with soy sauce or sugar to make salty or sweat flavor.

Guangzhou dining
Water Chestnut Cake

A soft smooth cool cake made of chestnut powder and sweetened water. It’s often served as a snack that helps weaken the inner heat of human body during sweaty summer in Guangzhou. The tastiest of its kind comes from Litchi Bay, Liwan District, where presents the largest amount of chestnut.

Guangzhou dining
Tingzai Porridge (Porridge Made on Small Boat)

Another dish whose fans spread to the entire Guangzhou from Litchi Bay, Liwan District. It’s a hot porridge of river food, vegetable slices and fried peanuts. It often links imagination to the passed picture of boatmen handing on their freshly made porridge to buyers after buyers that bent themselves closer on shores of Litchi Bay.

Guangzhou dining
Milk Custard

The representative desert in Cantonese cuisine that has been developed from an unexpectedly savory cup of nearly-boiled milk with skin. Other ingredients like red beans, grapes, lotus nuts and eggs can be added to entertain the taste bud.

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