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Guangzhou History

Jade Pendant in Nanyue King's MausoleumWith a history of 2,000 years, Guangzhou was the capital of three dynasties: Nan Yue (South Yue)(203B.C-111B.C), Nan Han (South Han)(917A.D-971A.D) and Nanming (South Ming)(1644-1662).

The pieces of ancient history of Guangzhou are densely displayed in Museum of Nanyue King and Zhenhai Tower/Guangzhou Museum. Large quantities of artifacts like jade pendants, seals and pottery are ready to show you exquisiteness as exquisiteness can ever be.

Startpoint of Maritime Silk Route

The city has been so intensely linked to overseas trade that it has enjoyed three unrivalled historic honors, Startpoint of Maritime Silk Route (203 B.C. - 1368), Only Port of China and the successive Thirteen Trades Monopoly (1523--1842), and Host City of Canton Fair (since 1957).

Guangzhou history Guangzhou history
Persian Silver Case in Museum of Nanyue King Model of ancient trading ship in Guangzhou Museum

Origin of Zen Buddhism

Additionally, Guangzhou gave birth to the sixth patriarch of Zen Buddhism. Up to now large quantities of artifacts and relics of Zen Buddhism are still well preserved in the scattered thousand-year-old temples in Guangzhou such as the 1,600-year-old Guangxiao Temple and the younger 1,400-year-old Liurong Temple.

Guangzhou history Guangzhou history
Pagoda where hair of Monk Huineng was buried in Guangxiao Temple Flower-column-like ancient pagoda in Liurong Temple (Six Banyan Temple)

Salad of Assorted Genes

The history of Guangzhou is a never-ended process of the local features stirred, mingled and reformed with cultures from both North Central Plains of China and overseas regions. Guangzhou would consequently present an amazing salad of assorted genes to any visitor. Peculiar Lingnan custom & Overall China Central Plains folklore, Oriental tone & Western touch, Vintage & modern are all available and often come in sharp contrast with each other in this generous city.

Guangzhou history Guangzhou history
Exquisite traditional brick carving in Chen Clan Academy European-styled buidings on Shamian Island
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