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Service Team

It takes a lot of enthusiastic, dedicated people to create HRC trips around China. We’re lucky to have talented teams including Travel Advisors, Trip Designers at our offices in Guangzhou, Guilin and regional partners in all over China.

And then there are the Guides. The heart and soul of HRC, they understand extraordinary travel experiences—and what you have to do to make them happen. Modern renaissance men and women, our people are eclectic, creative, and incredibly well-connected.

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  • Jenny Mo
    Jenny, an experienced trip advisor for the travel industry, works as a member of our professional team. She is dedicated to bringing the best tour to every guest and eager to act as a cultural bridge to China.
  • Michelle Sun
    Michelle is one of our experienced tour leaders who brings the history and culture of your destination to life, as well as ensure the smooth and safe operation of all aspects your trip.
  • Sara Liu
    Sara, a lovely girl from Hunan Province, always impresses our guests with her considerate and attentive fashion. As for the needs of the guests, Sara would take their specific interest into account and offer them the most professional trip advice.
  • Nancy Wan
    Nancy majored in tourism management when she was at the university. She's happy to work as a trip advisor in China. She believes that she learns a lot from her clients and also can accumulate experience for her better service.
  • Crystal Dai
    Crystal, our trip advisor & tour guide, impresses us with her endless endeavor and ambition. Travelling often and widely, she has collected an effective system of travel tips, which benefits her work and her clients a lot.
  • Choury Cao
    A simple and caring girl, Choury always concerns herself with every need of her guests. She keeps learning while working, and delicates herself to providing better service to our guests.
  • Maggie Tang
    Maggie is our outstanding Trip Advisor. Considerate and careful, enthusiastic and optimistic, she works heart and soul and arranges for our guests a smoother and easy journey to China.
  • Steven Dong
    Steven always put his full effort on his job to make customers satisfy with the service they receive. And he eager to solve all problems or any complain. He believes that customers will rely on you if you always offer your truly help to them.
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