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What We Do

Approaching Both Nature & Culture

As a leader in sustainable travel in China, HRC Travel Service is dedicated to offering low-impact tours that benefit travelers and host alike. We work with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help local economies while minimizing negative environmental and cultural impacts. While our sustainable tourism policies and operator standards are constantly evolving, our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious travel has been with us since the company's inception.

We work closely with all our local partners to ensure they operate in accordance with our Sustainable Operator Standards:
  • Provide more information of natural ecology and community culture of the destination to get more visitors involved in those significant trip items.
    Chinese Opera CultureLearning Chinese Opera Culture
    Temple of Heaven Worship CeremonyExperiencing Heaven Worship Ceremony
  • We employ local guides, suppliers and operators in the destinations we travel as they are able to provide our travelers with an insight into local customs, culture, history, flora and fauna.
    Local Folk Guide for Jiankou Great WallLocal Folk Guide for Jiankou Great Wall
    Local Ethnic Guides of Yao MinorityLocal Ethnic Guides of Yao Minority
  • Provide small-group sized customized tours and private tours to limit negative social and environmental impacts.
  • In order to reduce carbon emission, we would design more itineraries with environmental transportation including hiking and cycling instead of traditional itineraries.
    Bicycle Tour on Xi'an Ancient City WallBicycle Tour on Xi'an Ancient City Wall
    Hutong Tour by RickshawHutong Tour by Rickshaw
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites and community-based ecotourism initiatives are incorporated into our tours.
  • Choose local hotels with cultural characteristics and hotels dedicating to protecting local environment.
    Hotel of Traditional Pingyao FeaturesHotel of Traditional Pingyao Features
    Hotel of Abacus Culture CharacteristicsHotel of Abacus Culture Characteristics
  • Participate in local culture protection projects.
    Panda Protection ProjectPanda Protection Project
    Traditional Tibetan Culture - ThangkaTraditional Tibetan Culture - Thangka
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