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Xi'an Tour Tips

When is best season to travel in Xi'an?
In central China, Xi"an has a relatively mild climate in that it doesn"t see the extremely cold temperatures of the north, or hot temperatures of the south. July is the hottest month with reported temperatures in the 90s F (30s C). January is the coldest month with average daytime temperatures of 40F (5 C). Spring and fall are peak tourist times but going off-peak is rewarding to miss the crowds.
How about transportation in Xi'an?
Xi'an has long been the pivot of transportation within China and abroad. Xi'anyang International Airport, one of the four largest international airports in China, has opened more than one hundred air routes within China and more than a score abroad. Xi'an Railway Station is one of the most important stops of New Eurasian Continental Bridge in China. Road lines and national highways also intercross in the city. Besides, it is easy to catch a bus and hire a taxi or car in the city. Special sightseeing buses are also available to get to some main attractions in the city.
What is the famous attraction or tours in Xi'an?
The interesting part of Xi"an itself is the area inside the city wall. This is the old part of town and inside are the Bell and Drum Towers, huge Ming-era towers built to house the city"s bell and drum. The Muslim quarter is just west of the Bell Tower. You can easily spend a day inside this area: rent bikes and ride along the walls peering down onto daily Xi"an life, wander around the towers and then stroll into the Muslim quarter, snack on street food and find yourself a bargain in the markets. There"s lots to see in the surrounding area too, not to mention the Army of the Terracotta Warriors.
Where is dining place and what is featured cuisine in Xi'an?
Famous dishes include Bottle Gourd Chicken, Mustard and Upper Part of a Pork Leg, Walnuts Kernels and Guozi Fish in Milky Soup, Chicken Rice and Sea Cucumber, etc.
How about accommodation in Xi'an?
There are many star rated hotels in Xi'an. At the same time, there are a lot of guesthouses available. Although they lack many of the amenities found in star rated hotels, the guesthouses are family run and quite clean.
Any thing special in Xi'an?
From Terracotta Warriors to Mountain Huashan, it is worth for you to come and visit. Besides those historic spot or natural landscape, there are also many things you could do when you visit Xi'an, Muslim Quarter, Dumpling Dinner, Calligraphy, Shadow Play and so on.
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