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The Yangtze River is an especially charming part of China. Every year, thousands of visitors from home and abroad take in the magnificent scenery of the Yangtze by cruise. Because of different investors from America, Germany and China, cruise ships in various styles are built and managed by different companies. Therefore, cruise ships of varied series names navigate the river every day, including the Victoria Cruises, the President Cruises and China Regal Cruises. Guests may choose different cruises according to their preference and specific travel time.

Yangtze Cruise Deals for 2013

Yangtze River Cruises
Ship Name : Victoria Jenna
Price:   From $490
Cruise Itinerary: Dates:
Chongqing Yichang Mar. - Oct. 2013: Every Sunday
4 days 3 nights Downstream
Yichang Chongqing Mar. - Oct. 2013: Every Wednesday
5 days 4 nights     Upstream
Yangtze River Cruises
Ship Name: President Prime
Price:   From $456
Cruise Itinerary: Dates:
Chongqing Yichang Mar. - Nov. 2013
Every Tuesday
4 days 3 nights  Downstream
Yichang Chongqing Mar. - Nov. 2013
Every Friday
5 days 4 nights    Upstream
Yangtze River Cruises
Ship Name : CSC Victoria 5
Price:   From $363
Cruise Itinerary: Dates:
Chongqing Yichang Mar. - Oct. 2013
Every Friday
4 days 3 nights Downstream
Yichang Chongqing Mar. - Oct. 2013
Every Monday
5 days 4 nights     Upstream

Cruise Series

Victoria Cruises Victoria Cruises Sale! From $397
The only cruise fleet on Yangtze River managed by an American company, and the favorite for overseas travelers with its luxurious amenities and superior hospitality, the Victoria Cruises epitomize safe and smooth navigation on the Yangtze's spectacular twists and turns.
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President Cruises President Cruises Sale! From $395
President Cruises, as the forerunner of the Yangtze River Cruises, have grown into a great feet of seven deluxe cruises and gained an excellent reputation for delivering excellent on cruise enjoyment and service.
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New Century Cruises New Century Cruises From $532
New Century Cruises is a deluxe fleet with a Grand Atrium Lobby in every cruise and with private balconies in all cabins, providing guests spectacular views of Yangtze River.
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CSC Changjiang Series Cruises CSC Changjiang Series Cruises From $355
Divided into two series: Yangtze Premier Cruise Series and Yangtze Classic Cruise Series, the CSC fleet with its professional service team aims at providing guests with an unmatched and high-quality voyage along the Yangtze River.
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Yangtze Gold Cruises Yangtze Gold Cruises New! From $515
Boasting to build the world's most massive, most luxury and most comfortable cruises on inland river, the Yangtze Gold Series Cruises will surely be a new namecard for Chongqing tourism and a gorgeous scenery line on Yangtze River.
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Yangzi Explorer Yangzi Explorer From $1047
Being the most luxury cruise ship on the Yangtze River, the Yangzi Explorer takes cruising to a new level of comfort for the discerning travelers and offers an intimate and ultimate luxury cruising experience on the Yangtze River.


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