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Jinsha Archaeological Site

Jinsha is an archaeological site, which is located in the northwest city proper of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. It is the central site following Sanxingdui Civilization, and the ruin land of the capital city of ancient Shu Sate during 12BC~7BC. Jinsha Site occupies a floorage of about 500 hectares. Within its protected site with an area of 30 hectares, scientific excavation has been done only to a small part called the Sacrifice Area, where a large number of unique and fine-fabricated cultural relics have been unearthed.

Jinsha Archaeological Site Jinsha Archaeological Site
Overview of Jinsha Archaeological Site Excavation spot of antique

Out of the currently protected site, some historically meaningful remnants such as palace building, tomb yard and residential housing have been discovered together with tens of thousands pottery wares, bronzed wares and jade wares unearthed. Jinsha Site presents us a unique bronze civilization which totally differs from cultures revealed in China's the Yellow River Reaches as well as any other places in the world. Jinsha Site is proud to announce that it is the site where ancient ivories buried in large number and in one spot underground have been unearthed in the world, also it is the site where the unearthed gold wares and jade wares exceeded other places in China in terms of quantity unearthed.

Jinsha Archaeological Site Jinsha Archaeological Site
Exhibition of ceramic artifacts Bronze mask with horns

Excavation of Jinsha Site is of great significance in providing important scientific evidences for the research on philosophy, science & technology and art of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties; furthermore, it offers abundant material information for looking into the ancient Shu Sate, which was once an important country in this region.

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