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20 Days Silk Road Culture Tour

Departure date:
Tour Code: CTG-SR02

Tour Description

The tour combines large amount of historic heritage along the legendary Silk Road and the classic attractions of two ancient capital cities Beijing & Xi'an. Join it, you'll be addicted to the fragrance of history, folk customs, Buddha art and imperial grandeur.

Marvel at the ancient imperial cities Beijing and Xi'an - Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors.

Enjoy the amazing fresco art in lots of grottoes - Mogao Grottos, Tombs of Jin and Wei Dynasties, Binglingsi Temple Grottoes .

Explore the silkroad wonders - Jiayuguan Pass, Yanguan Pass, Yumenguan Pass, Crescent Moon Spring & Mingsha Mountain, Jiaohe Ancient Ruins...

Experience Urgur & Tibetan ethnic custom and life - International Grand Bazzar, Grapes Valley and Labrang Monastery.

Day 1 Arrive in Beijing
Today's Activities The guide will pick you up at Beijing Airport, and then transfer you to the downtown hotel. The rest of the day is flexible for your will, have a rest at the hotel or take a walk around the famous Wangfujing Pedestrian Street enjoying the tasty Beijing snack there.
Beijing City View Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Wangfujing Pedestrian Street          
Beijing city view Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Ancient well
Wangfujing Pedestrian Street
Day 2 Beijing ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities You’ll start your Beijing tour with Tian'anmen Square, the largest square globally which is adorned with all kinds of Chinese elements like jade stone bridges, moats, monuments and ornamental columns.

Later start exploring Forbidden City. The largest and best-preserved imperial palace in China. You’ll be shown around several main halls like the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Have a good view of the emperor’s chair, sculpture of mythical beasts, eave decoration and the like, you can touch many interesting details of the ancient Chinese royal life.

Go on to tour Summer Palace, the royal garden. You can keenly feel the imperial grandeur while touring the 728-meter-long painting-rich corridor, Seventeen-Hole Bridge, Foxiang Hall, etc. The trip includes an exciting cruise on Kunming lake.

Extend your thrill to the night by appreciating Chinese Kung Fu Show! A closer look at this marvelous Chinese martial art rather than see it on TV will surely win your wow! You can further take photos with the performers after the show.
Tian'anmen Square Forbidden City Summer Palace          
Tian'anmen Square Roof decoration
Forbidden City
Summer Palace          
Day 3 Beijing ( Breakfast, Lunch )

Today's Activities

Begin an excursion to the Mutianyu Great Wall. By roundtrip cable car you can feast on this vital section of the world famous China Great Wall. The over-1,400-year-old Mutianyu not only boasts a surprisingly long history of over 1400 year but sports a special structure of three watchtowers on end.

Afterwards, you will visit the most famous tomb of Ming Tombs - Changling. The tomb is inhumed with the 3rd emperor of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Zhu Di and his queen. Its tremendous scale and perfect degree of maintanence well fits the great achievement Emperor Zhu Di secured during his reign over China.

On the way back to downtown Beijing, you will stop by the Bird's Nest (Olympic National Stadium) and Water Cube (National Aquatics), to view the unique constructions and take some photos.
Mutianyu Great Wall Changling Tomb Water Cube          
Mutianyu Great Wall Changling Tomb Water Cube          
Day 4 Beijing - Urumqi ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by flight
Today's Activities Look up at Temple of Heaven where the Emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties(1368-1911) would worship heaven and pray for good harvests around the kingdom. Here you would have an eye-opening understanding of Oriental architectural aesthetics and the deeply rooted awe of heaven in ancient Chinese. You may have chance to see the locals doing morning exercise, playing Tai-chi or sword.

Next distract your attention to the populace culture that hide itself in the Hutong. Taking a rickshaw tour through these narrow alleyways, you’ll be impressed with the simple happy kids, the old enjoying their leisure time under the tree, exquisite old quadrangles, delicious sugared plums and all kinds of Beijing snacks at roadside peddlers.

After lunch, you’ll move on to the airport and take the flight towards Urumqi. Upon your arrival, you’ll be picked up and transferred to the downtown hotel. At night you may as well stroll around the hotel and taste some famous local snack and savor the exotic Urumqi street views.
Temple of Heaven Beijing Hutong Beijing Hutong          
Temple of Heaven Entrance decoration
the quadrangles
Leisurely life
Day 5 Urumqi ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities Have an eye-opening tour at Xinjiang Museum, which is built in a modern style enhanced by local architectural features, famous for its rich collections of artifacts to demonstrate Xinjiang's significance throughout the period of Silk Road.

Then experience the lively Urumqi lifestyle at the International Grand Bazaar. It shows gorgeous Muslim architectural art, all kinds of ethnic food and souvenirs.

Overlook the Urumqi cityscape on top of Red Hill. The 910-meter-high hill is the emblem of Urumqi, owing to its uniqueness-the body of the mountain, made up of aubergine rock, has a reddish brown color, hence the name; featuring a spectacular part of the Urumqi cityscape.
Xinjiang Museum International Grand Bazaar Red Hill Park          
Xinjiang Museum International Grand Bazaar Red Hill          
Day 6 Urumqi ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities After breakfast let's drive to Heavenly Lake, known as a natural miracle on the northwestern plateau of China. The Lake is nestled high in the magnificent Tianshan Mountains (Heaven Mountains); on clear days, the snow-capped peaks glistens in the sun and finely contrasts with sapphire-blue lake water and steep forested hills. By the way, the on-passage mountainous scenery is quite awesome, just enjoy it.

Explore the prairie lifestyle at Southern Tianshan Rangeland, a beautiful and fertile pasture located at the southern side of Tianshan Mountains. Scattered are the pastoral Kazakh tents; pasture animals and livestock. Drive back to downtown Urumqi and stay overnight.
1. Daily range of temperature around Heavenly Lake can reach 10-15 degree, and therefore remember to bring warm coats or sweaters to keep yourself off coldness.
2. Concerning strong ultraviolet ray around the spot, you'd better prepare adequate sun blocks. Meanwhile, drink and heat-relieving dissolvent should be with you in case of thirst and even sunstroke.
Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake Southern Tianshan Rangeland          
Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake Southern Tianshan Rangeland          
Day 7 Urumqi - Kashgar ( Breakfast, Lunch )Transfer by flight
Today's Activities

Take the morning flight to Kashgar. Discover the magnificent Id Kah Mosque. It's the largest of its kind in Xinjiang and also the center for the Islamic activities of the entire Xinjiang region. On special days or festivals, you can find different kinds of performances of singing and dancing by professional Uygur actors in shining Uygur costumes. Next stop is the Abakh Hoja Tomb, which features ancient Islamic building design.

At Sunday Bazzar you'll be excited by the novel local products and animated form of stock-exchange that still keeps flourishing along Silk Road. Afterwards, Old Town of Kashgar will stretch itself like a scroll of panorama of Kashgar folklore before you.

1. Don't walk right by the pilgrims doing service.
2. Don't take photo in the preaching hall of Id Kah Mosque.
3. Don't bargain with the sellers at the bazzar if you don't plan to buy their products.
Abakh Hoja Tomb Kashgar Grand Bazaar Old Town of Kashgar          
Abakh Hoja Tomb Sunday Bazaar Old Town of Kashgar          
Day 8 Kashgar - Urumqi - Turpan ( Breakfast ) Transfer by flight and car
Today's Activities Take the mornight flight to Urumqi and transfer to Turpan by car. Check in at the downtown hotel in Turpan and spend the rest of the day as you like.
Day 9 Turpan - Dunhuang( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by train
Today's Activities

Visit the Emin Pagoda, an elegant and circular Muslim pagoda built in 1778 in honor of a great Turpan general, Emin Khoja, and his great contribution to the unification of China. Then tour Grapes Valley, the delicate green paradise covered with layer upon layer of grapes. It’s most pleasant to taste the sweet Turpan grapes and enjoy local singing and dancing performance.

In addition, an ancient Chinese archaeological site - Jiaohe Ancient Ruins – is waiting for your exploration. It was built with rammed earth and bricks 2300 years ago. Proceed to Karez System. Karez System, the crystallization of ancient people's diligence and intelligence, is connected by underground channels, which takes full advantage of the unique region. It is the life source of Turpan.

Go on to visit the Astana Graves, which served mainly as the cemetery of the descendents of Chinese settlers in Goachang in the past. View the wonderful Flaming Mountains from afar.

After the sightseeings, you'll be transferred to the train station for an overnight train to Dunhuang.

1.Pay attention to your way of dressing. Brace skirts, mini skirts and slippers are not welcome in Emin Pagoda.
2. Avoid visiting the ruins at noon as it can get rather hot. You'd better bring water with you.
3. Photo taking is prohibited inside the graves.
Jiaohe Ancient Ruins Karez System Flaming Mountains          
Jioahe Ancient Ruins Karez System Museum Flaming Mountains          
Day 10 Dunhuang ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

Start your Dunhuang Tour with visiting Mogao Grottos, the home to some of the most amazing ancient Buddhist cave art in existence and the glorious World Heritage. The millions of flying Apsaras all over the interior grottos will tell you how far the imagination of the ancient painters can go.

The Mingsha Mountain and Crescene Moon Spring will highlight today's tour. You can take in an incredible view of the green oasis surrounded by an endless desert landscape. It's great fun to look at your reflection at the crystal clear crescent-shape spring and listen to the roaring sound of wind, which is echoed by the interesting mountain. Drive back to the downtown Dunhuang and spend a Dunhuang night at your hotel.

Mogao Caves Mogao Caves Silkroad Fresco Mingsha Mountains          
Mogao Grottos Exterior Buddha statue
Mogao Grottos
Mingsha Mountain          
Day 11 Dunhuang ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

Today is about two extremely important passes on the ancient Silk Road. First let's go visit Yanguan Pass, which was protecting Dunhuang from invasion in ancient times; the pass offers a glimpse of the grandeur of the past.

The Yumenguan Pass served as an important military pass and a vital route on the Silk Road—treasured jade was transported to China through it. Now it's still standing as a landmark nowadays to guide the exploration for deep and wild China. Drive back to the downtown Dunhuang.

Yanguan Pass Yanguan Pass Museum Yumenguan Pass          
Yanguan Pass Yanguan Pass Museum Yumenguan Pass          
Day 12 Dunhuang ( Breakfast, Lunch )
Today's Activities

Explore more secrets of Dunhuang today. The first stop is the interesting Song dynasty-Immitating Sand City . It's located right in the middle of the Desert about 25km southwest of Dunhuang, a huge movie set made to resemble the Song Dynasty city of Dunhuang. Proceed to visit the over-1,600-year-old White Horse Tower, which was built in memory of the dead horse that once the eminent monk Kumarajiva rid to China to preach Buddhism.

Pay a visit to Dunhuang Museum, which reflects the flourishing social development and cultural exchange between China and the West during the time when Dunhuang was a major center along the Silk Road; offering keen insight to the Silk Road civilization.

Extend the Buddhist art exploration at Thousands Buddha Cave. It's situated to the west of Mogao Caves; the two are closely related, sharing similar architectural structure and painting themes; ranking among the finest sources of Buddhist art in China.

White Horse Tower Dunhuang Museum Thousands Buddha Cave Mogao          
White Horse Tower Dunhuang Museum Thousands Buddha Cave          
Day 13 Dunhuang - Jiayuguan ( Breakfast, Lunch )Transfer by car
Today's Activities

Drive to Jiayuguan after breakfast. En route, visit the Qiaowan Ancient City, where you can find treasured statues made from ivory, human-skin-made drum, and the exhibition of animals and plants specimens from the natural reserve of the extremely dry desert area. Also pay a visit to the Qiaowan Museum next to Qiaowan Ancient City, a museum by highway, displaying specimens of wild animals and plants, dried-up corpse and and over 80 valuable cultural relics,.

Qiaowan Ancient City Qiaowan Ancient City Qiaowan Museum          
Qiaowan Ancient City Bull Statue
Qiaowan Ancient City
Fresco Paintings
Qiaowan Museum
Day 14 Jiayuguan - Lanzhou ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by Overnight Train
Today's Activities

Tour Tombs of Jin and Wei Dynasties, which is known as the largest underground painting gallery in the world since the brick walls of the tombs are filled with fresco describing vividly the life of people lived along the Silk Road. Then go appreciate Jiayuguan Pass . It is the most western end of the Great Wall and well preserved with majestic buildings. Its architectural complex is magnificently exquisite. The towers and pavilions enjoys a classic beauty and grandeur with their roofs upturned at the end of the ridges. Overhanging Great Wall is an extended part of the Jiayuguan Pass, winding through the Gobi dessert to a steep mountain. The wall seems to hang over the cliff, hence its name.

Later of the day, take a overnight train to Lanzhou.

Tombs of Jin and Wei Dynasties Jiayuguan Pass Overhanging Great Wall          
Tombs of Jin and Wei Dynasties
Jiayuguan Pass Overhanging Great Wall          
Day 15 Lanzhou - Yongjing - Lanzhou ( Breakfast, Lunch )Transfer by car
Today's Activities

Drive to Liujiaxia Reservior, Yongjing County and go past the overwater stone forest by yacht. Get ashore at the dock and Binglingsi Temple Grottoes are in front of you. The grottoes, one of the three biggest in Gansu Province, belong to the oldest caves in China, despite their age, they still contain many well preserved Buddhism statues and murals. Unlike other grottoes, these were carved against the sharp cliffs that look down at the roaring Yellow River. Therefore you will see a complex of human wisdom and natural work. Drive back to Lanzhou in the afternoon.

Binglingsi Temple Grottoes Binglingsi Temple Grottoes Binglingsi Temple Grottoes          
Binglingsi Temple Grottoes Binglingsi Temple Grottoes Binglingsi Temple Grottoes          
Day 16 Lanzhou - Xiahe ( Breakfast, Lunch )Transfer by car
Today's Activities

Drive to Xiahe for visiting Labrang Monastery. Overnight in Xiahe.

Labrang Monastery is home to the largest number of monks outside of Tibet. The white walls and golden roofs of the monastery complex feature a blend of Tibetan and Han architectural styles. The monastery contains 18 halls, six institutes of learning, a golden stupa, a sutra debate area, and houses nearly 60,000 sutras.

Labrang Monastery Labrang Monastery Labrang Monastery          
Labrang Monastery
Prayer Wheels
Labrang Monastery
Exquisite Eaves
Labrang Monastery
Day 17 Xiahe - Lanzhou ( Breakfast, Lunch )Transfer by car
Today's Activities

Drive back to Lanzhou in the morning. Visit White Pagoda Hill Park. The 17-storey pagoda, standing on top of the 1,553-meter-high mountain, provides a spectacular overview of the Yellow River, the bridge and other Lanzhou landscape. Then turn to the Five Springs Mountain Park for the amazing 5-mouth spring and the large-scale Buddhist complex.

Lanzhou White Pagoda Hill Park Lanzhou White Pagoda Hill Park Lanzhou Five Springs Mountain Park          
White Pagoda Hill Park White Pagoda Five Springs Mountain Park          
Day 18 Lanzhou - Xi'an ( Breakfast, Lunch ) Transfer by Air
Today's Activities

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Xian. Picked up and escorted to the hotel in Xian, and then visit Bell Tower. Built in 1384 A.D, the Bell Tower boasts a history of over 600 years. Even today you can find the Big Iron Bell erecting in the Bell Tower, which was made in Ming Dynasty, 2,500 kilograms in weight. Then stroll at the Ancient City Wall, and you can have a panoramic view of Xi'an City.

Then move to the Great Mosque, which features a great mixed architecture of Chinese and Muslim styles. You may happen to meet with some Muslim followers coming for worship.

Bell Tower Ancient City Wall Great Mosque          
Bell Tower Cycling
Ancient City Wall
Great Mosque
Day 19 Xi'an ( Breakfast, Lunch )

Today's Activities

Visit the best-known Xi'an wonder Terracotta Warriors. You must be stunned by the expression-rich warriors and vigorous horses when you come face to face with them. You’ll have a feast on the gorgeous troops of terracotta warriors at pit 1, 2 and 3 along with groups of ancient bronze chariot s and horses after watching a circular-screen movie.

Then move to Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a Buddhist temple built in 652 A.D.during Tang Dynasty. You can enjoy the architectural elegance of the Buddhist buildings and hear about some interesting stories of the respected monk Xuanzang and his 16-year pilgrimage to India for the real Buddhist culture.
Terracotta Warriors Terracotta Warriors Big Wild Goose Pagoda          
Bronze chariot carriage Kneeling Archer
Terracotta Warriors
Big Wild Goose Pagoda          
Day 20 Depart Xi'an: See-off at airport ( Breakfast )
Today's Activities

This is the last day of your tour. Free time until transfer to the airport for your next destination. We believe you will love China and keep forever memories about China in your whole life.

Package Details
Tour Package Includes:
Dining: 19 breakfasts, 17 lunches. Admissions: Entrance fee to all scenic spots listed in itinerary
Train, Flight Tickets: all listed in itineraries; Hotel: accommodation in all cities mentioned in itineraries;
Tour Guide: a local experienced English-speaking guide Car Driver: an experienced licensed driver
Vehicle: a private air-conditioned car, offering Round-trip transfers Luggage Transfers: a hand for your heavy luggage;
Insurance: Travel Agencies Liability Insurance; Government taxes & Service charges
Tour Package Excludes:
- Other optional attractions / tours / meals and international flights; - Tips for tour guides and drivers.
Hotel in Beijing
Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing
Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing
Located in the golden business area of Wangfujing, the hotel only takes 10 minutes to Forbidden City and Dongfang Square. With stylish guest rooms and newly renovated Crowne Plaza Club floor – Crowne Plaza Beijing has anticipated every need while providing easy access to business, commercial districts and historical landmarks.
Sunworld Hotel Beijing
Sunworld Hotel Beijing
Situated on the intersection of Wangfujing Avenue and Dengshikou Street, Sunworld Hotel Beijing is close to many famous historical and cultural landmarks, including the Forbidden City. Guest rooms and suites are designed with a traditional and refined style. From servies to amenities, the hotel strives to make your stay a pleasant experience.
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing
Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing
With its courtyard style, the hotel has retained its charm of the ancient time but as well merged in contemporary architecture and designs. The hotel is near the famous Tian’anmen Square and Wangfujing Business Street. It takes about 20 minutes from Capital International Airport (24km) and 5 minutes from Beijing Railway Station (3km). The hotel provides guests clean and comfortable service and amenities.
Hotel in Urumqi
Hoi Tak Hotel Urumqi
Hoi Tak Hotel Urumqi
Hoi Tak Hotel Urumqi is a deluxe 5-star hotel that is located at the CBD of Urumqi. It’s surrounded by the shopping streets on the one hand, yet the 36-storey building opens the guests to the gorgeous snowy Mount Tianshan. 318 super rooms and suites promise the guests to relax themselves and collect energy for the coming activities. Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant and Muslim dining hall show the guest the gourmet they expect.
Mirage Hotel B Tower Urumqi
Mirage Hotel B Tower Urumqi
Mirage Hotel B Tower Urumqi is located at the most prosperous block of downtown Urumqi. Unlike the sister version A Tower, the 4-star B Tower is a better choice for the guests who put comfort and cleaness into the first place. Besides, its surroundings give the guests many quick options to taste Urumqi food.
City Hotel Urumqi
City Hotel Urumqi
City Hotel Urumqi is a cozy 3-star hotel especially for businesspeople and travelers. Located at the superior shopping center of Urumqi, the hotel has both traffic convenience and surrounding public places of amusement 226 guestrooms are all well furnished to serve the guests better. The hotel itself owns one-stand catering service and health&entertainment facility to help the guests recover from tiredness.
Hotel in Turpan
Tuha Petroleum Hotel Turpan
Tuha Petroleum Hotel Turpan
Tuha Petroleum Hotel Turpan is a comprehensive 5-star hotel and the most luxurious one in Turpan. All-around facility ensures that the hotel has as many functions as possible to meet different need. 143 rooms and suites ranging from deluxe to superior to standard class are available to fit assorted customers. In addition, four restaurants offer traditional Chinese food, Muslim cuisine, Western gourmet and large-scale party. The first-class hotel greets you whenever.
Huozhou Hotel Turpan
Huozhou Hotel Turpan
Huozhou Hotel Turpan is a comfortable 4-star hotel in Turpan. The hotel strives to providing the guests with subtil service and comprehensive equipment. Its standard twin room has 24-hour hot water available for the guests to wipe out travelling fatique. What’s more, its famed local snack and diet open the guests to more inspiring choice of food.
Turpan Hotel
Turpan Hotel
Turpan Hotel is right at the center of downtown Turpan and thus it shows great traffic advantage. It impresses the guests with Turpan toned design, local dance performance and spicy barbecue. Though it’s 3-star, it offers cozy rooms and full set of facility.
Hotel in Dunhuang
Silk Road Hotel Dunhuang
Conveniently located in the downtown Dunhuang City, Silk Road Hotel Dunhuang is a traditional-courtyard-style hotel. Renovated in 2010, the hotel currently owns 100 rooms which enjoys tranquil greenery and modern equipment. The hotel is 30 minutes driving from Dunhuang Railway Station and 1 minute walking from the lively Shazhou night market.
Yangguan Hotel Dunhuang
Yangguan Hotel Dunhuang is a 3-star business hotel centrally nestled in downtown Dunhuang. Open in 2006, the 6-storey hotel features 128 rooms and suites. Next to the hotel is the prosperous commercial street. Moreover, the hotel is 25 minutes driving from Dunhuang Railway Station and 15 minute driving from Mingsha Mountains and Crescent Moon Spring.
Hotel in Kashgar
Barony Hotel Kashgar
Barony Hotel Kashgar
Barony Hotel Kashgar is a praiseworthy 4-star business hotel. It is next to the famous Id Kah Mosque and Kashgar CBD, offering obvious traffic convenience. The design of the hotel is toned with European architectural features and the facility includes catering, health&entertainment, conference, business and leisure. 108 rooms and suites give the guests warm staying places.
Qinibagh Hotel Kashgar
Qinibagh Hotel Kashgar
Qinibagh Hotel Kashgar is known as a 3-star hotel with so-so facility and outstanding service. The interior design of the hotel is full of Uygur tone. Amazing Grape Garden restaurant, Muslim restaurant, Chinese dining hall make all the guests quite at home. Plenty of health&entertainment bars, together with cozy guestrooms help the hotel win more satisfied guests from all over the world
Hotel in Jiayuguan
Jiayuguan International Hotel
Jiayuguan International Hotel
As you know, Jiayuguan is the city noted for West terminal of Great Wall. Jiayuguan International Hotel is in the new zone of Jiayuguan. It just takes dozens of minutes to drive to the Jiayuguan Great Wall. And 20 minutes to airport. This hotel features 119 rooms include deluxe king rooms, deluxe twim room and deluxe suites. In addition the luxury decoration and design, its modernized facilities attract guests as well.
Jiayuguang Hotel
Jiayuguang Hotel
Jiayuguang Hotel is a blend of European and Asian styles. It is located in the center of Jiayuguan, convenient to many shops and restaurants. The hotel features its own shopping center, business center, foreign currency exchange, sauna, dance hall, etc.. It offers clean and comfortable accommodation rooms with free wifi in the lobby.
Hotel in Lanzhou
Gansu Grand Soluxe Hotel
Gansu Grand Soluxe Hotel
As a 5 star business and tourism hotel,Grand Soluxe Hotel was awarded as a "Forbes China Top 50 Best Business Hotel". It is 5 km to Lanzhou Railway Station and 75 km to Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport. It features various suite rooms, deluxe standard rooms, business standard and single rooms. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation and unique experience for business and leisure travellers.
Crown Plaza Lanzhou
Crown Plaza Lanzhou
Ideal for both business and pleasure, Crown Plaza Lanzhou is just 50-minute drive from Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, and a short 3 km distance from city center. Upscale in style and service, it features spacious and comfortable accommodation including a luxurious Presidential Suit and stylish restaurant and bars, as well as a wide range of recreational facilities including indoor swimming pool, fitness center, Yoga, Spa etc.
Gansu International Hotel
Gansu International Hotel
Gansu International Hotel is a 3 star hotel closely situated to the major business center. It is 5 km away from Lanzhou Railway Station and 80 km from Lanzhou Airport. As one of the popular hotels in town, it is close to Gansu Provincial Museum, Five Spring Park, and White Pagoda. With its comfortable rooms and complete services, the hotel tries all its best to make guests feel like at home.
Hotel in Xiahe
Xiahe Labrang Wangfu Hotel
Xiahe Labrang Wangfu Hotel
Xiahe Labrang Wangfu Hotel is centerally located in Xiahe County, Gansu Province. It is near to the famous Labrang Monastery within one kilometer. Decorated with a rich Tibetan ethnic minority style, Xiahe Wangfu Hotel houses various rooms equippend with all standard facilities and features Chinese restaurant and Tibetan restaurant. From servies to amenities, the hotel strives to make your stay a pleasant experience.
Hotel in Xian
Sheraton Hotel Xi'an
Located near the 600-year-old City Wall and close to the city centre, Sheraton Hotel is just 35 minutes from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. With first-class amenities, facilities and family-friendly services, Sheraton Xi’an Hotel will make you feel at home.
Grand New World Hotel Xian
Grand New World Hotel Xian
Located within the Ancient City Wall and styled in an extraordinary mix of tradition and modernity, the hotel is just 4km from the railway station and 45km from Xianyang International Airport. The large Parkson shopping centre is close by, while the Terracotta Warriors Museum is about 35km from the hotel. The hotel provides a satisfying range of contemporary accommodation together with business services and recreational facilities.
City Hotel Xian
City Hotel Xian
The hotel is located in the centre of Xi’an city and just near the well-known Bell Tower, Drum Tower and Ancient City Wall. The hotel offers a total of 137 well-appointed guestrooms for guests’ comfortable living space. The elegant and magnificent restaurants serve delicious flavor of many varieties.


- Breakfasts are offered by hotels;
- Lunches are supplied according to different classes of tour;
- Dinners are for your own arrangement.

We promises no worries about the dining quality, plus flexible choices that you can have depending on your preference. If having any special requestment, just tell our trip advisor directly. In all, we aim to satisfy your tongue and stomach with our recommendation as follows:


As the capital of China, Beijing boasts many good restaurants with featured cuisines. Our package takes you to have A La Carte dinner at Great Northeast Restaurant, Gold Palace Restaurant and Tang Yuan Restaurant, leading you to grasp the essence of Chinese classic cuisines.

Dining Hall of Great Northeast Restaurant Main Hall of Tang Yuan Restaurant

Silkroad ( Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan )

The cuisine of Silkroad reflects the region's many ethnic groups, and refers particularly to Uyghur cuisine. Signature ingredients include roast mutton, kebabs, roast fish and rice. Because of the Islamic population, the food is predominantly halal.

Roasted lamb chops Chicken on the Big Plate


Xi'an features distinctive cuisines of China Northwest, such as various-shapes chinese dumplings and other wheaten food. At Muslim Quarter, where gathers lots of delicious local food, like Rou Jia Mo and shish kebabs, etc.
(1) Here we highly recommend Chinese Dumpling Dinner, which also named Jiaozi, typically consist of a ground meat and/or vegetable filling wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough, which is then sealed by pressing the edges together or by crimping. As a must-try for visitors, it serves with Tang dynasty show. And it belongs to an [add on] item in the tour.
(2) Rou Jia Mo, also called Chinese Hamburger, is very similar to the Western hamburger essentially, but with different cooking method.

Chinese Dumpling Dinner Local Cuisine at Friendship Restaurant


Hi Choury!

It's been almost a year and I never had the chance to thank you. I have always thought of you and been wanting to show you how grateful we are for the excellent vacation that you have arranged for me and my husband. You have indeed made my husband's birthday a very memorable one. We celebrated his birthday on the Great Wall! Everyday was really exciting and we enjoyed every single activity! Both our tour guides, Woo in Beijing and Tony in Xian were awesome!

Attached are four of my favorite pictures taken during our China trip. I wish I could send every single photo but we took thousands! Just wanted to show you how very much we enjoyed our visit to China—walking, biking and hiking, you name it! I am sending a photo of me, with a smile, saying thanks so very much!!!

Let's keep in touch!

Customer: Ms. Chel   Tour Code: 16962

Destinations: Beijing - Xi'an

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Hello Choury,

Thanks for your note and interest.

Arthur, Chi (driver) and your agency have been very nice with my situation, which i thank all of you from my heart. I have felt much better today and could walk slowly with less pain.

The Tour: so far, very well. Will keep you informed and given what we have received in Beijing, i hope the standards are as good in the rest of the cities. And with people with same concept of hospitality and warmth, too.

Hong Kong:
Helen was very nice as a guide for us in Hong Kong. And good help in organizing other things. The car was the best of all the trip.

In general, we leave with a deep impression of the tour and the company. Everything very well organized, high quanlity, nice people and...

Thank you with all your help with my health condition. I will always appreciate what the team did, which was a step forward on simply a tour.

Angie was very nice, charming and knowledgable, as well as very helpful.

Will keep in touch.

Customer: Ms. AlhachTour Code: 23374

Destinations: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Shanghai-Suzhou-Shanghai-Hong Kong

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