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Fujian, China

Fujian Province (also Fukien or Foukien, Min) is located on the southeastern coast of China, facing Taiwan across the Taiwan Straits. The province is mostly mountainous, and is traditionally described to be "Eight parts of mountains, one part water and one part farmland." Due to its uneven topography, Fujian enjoys favorable tourism resources like the primitive Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses) in the mountainous area, Wuyishan Mountain and its nearby Xiamei Ancient Village, and Gulangyu Island off the Xiamen downtown...

Fujian Tulou Coastal Xiamen
Fujian Tulou Through Fisheye Len Coastal Xiamen - A Paradise on the Sea

Fujian has jurisdiction over 9 cities, among which the Capital Fuzhou (Foochow), Xiamen (Amoy) and Quanzhou are coastal cities and have long been engaged in international trade.

Fujian is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse provinces in China. The Han people make up 98% of the population, including Fujianese (Min-speaking groups) and Hakka people. The She, scattered over the mountainous regions in the north, is the largest ethnic group of Fujian Province. Many ethnic Chinese around the world, especially Southeast Asian, trace their ancestry to Fujian.

Fujian Location & Cities

Fujian Location (Click to Enlarge) Fujian Cities (Click to Enlarge)
Fujian Location Fujian Cities

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