Big Banyan

The peculiar landscape of Guilin has brought the world not only panorama of towering mountains, colorful caves and rippling rivers but also a 1,500-year-old Big Banyan. Traveling 70 kilometers from downtown Guilin, you'll meet the gigantic banyan and the merry ethnic village blessed by the tree. However immense the banyan is described in various books, it can give you a huge shock with its size: 17 meters high, 7 meters girth and acres of area under its thunky shade.

Big Banyan has been linked to the legend of Lady Liu Sanjie (a famous Zhuang ethnic folk song singer). When the sweet songs couldn't convey Liu Sanjie's love for the young man, Liu turned to the Big Banyan for help. Eventually Big Banyan witnessed the engagement of the pair with an embroidered ball as their love token. According to the legend, the old Chinese opera Liu Sanjie also took the Big Banyan as the location. Today, the ever-flourishing Big Banyan has been a holy tree of love. Millions of couples come here to tell the world how much they love each other.

Big Banyan Big Banyan
Romantic shadow of Big Banyan at dusk Geese swimming on the lake in Big Banyan Park

The Zhuang ethnic village nearby is in addition paradise of custom exploration. By the way, you may drop in at the Big Banyan after going down from Moon Hill.

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