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Lijiang Dining

Because of the proximity to so many food styles, the cuisine of Lijiang is diverse. Great attention is paid to bringing out the natural flavors and there are a number of local delicacies worth trying. Square Street in the center of Old Town is an ideal place to find some of the best local dishes.

Featured Cuisine

Yak Chafing Dish
Yak PotBecause of the beautiful scenery in the area, many visitors tend to overlook the restaurants. But these people miss out on rare dishes that can 't be held elsewhere. One of these is Yak Chafing. The Naxi people raise yaks on the plateau grasslands free from pollution and artificial hormones. The result is a delicate, tender meat, rich in flavor. This special local dish is the only one in the country featuring yak meat.

Cici Bean Jelly
Cici bean jelly is made from a local breed of beans and can be eaten either hot or cold. In summer, it is refreshing to have a bowl of cold cici bean jelly seasoned with red pepper, black pepper, scallion, and vinegar. In winter, people normally eat it hot, and visitors can street-side vendors grilling it and selling it to passersby. A bowl of hot bean jelly hits the spot on a chilly day.

Pickle Sour Fish
Cici Bean Jelly This traditional food is normally reserved by the Mosuo and Naxi people for special occasions to treat guests and send as gifts to friends. Though the taste varies from home to home, the fish used are always from Lugu Lake and weigh 250 grams (almost 8 ounces). Whenever a fisherman catches this size, he will place it in a special wooden basin and bring it home. His wife will clean the fish quickly, put it still fresh into an earthen jar, and season it with salt, pepper and cooking wine. When the jar is filled, it is then sealed and kept in a cool place for ten days. After the ten days are up, the salted fish can then be eaten cooked or raw.

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