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Silk Road Maps

As an ancient trading link between the east and the west, Silk Road, whose starting point is in China, passes through Asia, Europe and Africa.

In terms of the transportation method, Silk Road is divided into land route and sea route. The overland one starts from Xian, past Gansu and Xinjiang, traversing Central Asia and West Asia, and then reaches Africa and Europe. The sea route sets out at the southeast coast of China, past South Asia, and arrives at Europe. (The left map illustrates the three provinces in China covered by Silk Road)

The Complete Silk Road Map (Click to Enlarge)

Silk Road Map

The Route of Silk Road in China

Silk Road Map
Silk Road Map

China Silk Road Tourist Map

Silk Road Map

Silk Road Regional Maps (Click to Enlarge)

Silk Road Map Silk Road Map
Silk Road Passes Three Provinces in China Shaanxi Province

Silk Road Map Silk Road Map
Gansu Province Xinjiang Province
Silk Road Tour
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