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Samye Monastery

The Samye Monastery is the first temple to be built in Tibet and the first complete with the three Buddhist jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. With these unique features, this splendid temple has become an attraction for visitors from near and far.

The temples construction is both grandiose and complicated. The goal of the builders was to replicate the universe exactly as described in Buddhist sutras. The central world Mount Meru is represented by the majestic Wuzi Hall. The Sun and Moon chapels stand in the north and south. Four larger halls and eight smaller halls are distributed around all sides of the central hall, symbolizing the four large continents and eight small ones. In the four corners lie the Red, White, Black, and Green Pagodas guarding the Dharma like the Heavenly Kings. A circular wall surrounds the temple as if marking the periphery of the world.

Samye Monastery Samye Monastery
The entrance of the Samye Monastery The overview of the Samye Monastery

The main temple is full of Tibetan religious art including many murals and statues, as well as some important relics. Many Tibetan Buddhists come on pilgrimages to Samye, some taking weeks to make the journey.

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