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Tibet Attractions

Here, we introduce in detail most of the attractions in Tibet, both historic, natural, and religious sites such as: Buddhism monasteries, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbulingka, Namco Lake, and Drepung Monastery. Also, we have prepared some interesting local featured activities you will not see in most tour packages, but from which you can develop a much deeper appreciation for the local culture. From these, you can choose your favorite, which are sure to entertain and educate. Some areas of interest include: the tea culture of Tibet, the world 's highest railway, Tibetan costumes, and Thangkas. Check out your favorite attractions to make a unique tour all your own.

Top Must See Attractions in Lhasa

Tibet attractions
Potala Palace
--Landmark of Lhasa
--UNESCO World    Heritage
Tibet attractions
Jokhang Temple
--Hot for family tours
--Beautiful legend
Barkhor Street
--Traditional architectures
--Souvenir shopping
--World Cultural Heritage
--Summer Palace in Tibet
Sera Monastery
--Featured Buddhist Debating Activity
Drepung Monastery
--Nalanda of Tibet
Tibet attractions
Tibet Museum
--Displaying around 1,000 precious objects
--Showing the Tibet culture
Tibet attractions
Ramoche Monastery
-- The second most important monastery
--A strong Tang architecture influence
Tibet attractions
Ganden Monastery
--The first Gelugpa monastery
Tibet attractions
Namtso Lake
--The highest lake in the world
--One of the three holy lakes in Tibet
Tibet attractions
Reting Monastery
--Historically important
--Unique architectural style
Tibet attractions
Tsuphu Monastery
--The seat of the Karmapa Lama
Tibet attractions
Drak Yerpa
--A holy cave retreat

Top Must See Attractions in Shigatse

Tashilhunpo monastery
--Landmark of Shigatse
--UNESCO World    Heritage
(Mt. Qomolangma)
--8848 m (29,028 ft)
--The Highest Mountain of World
Tibet attractions
Yamdrok Lake
--One of the three largest sacred lakes
--Magnificent views
Tibet attractions
Gyantse Dzong
--The best preserved dzong in Tibet
Tibet attractions
Palkhor Monastery
--"A miniature of ancient Tibet"
Tibet attractions
Pala Manor
--Bearing evidence of the lifestyles of the aristocracy and the serfs
Tibet attractions
Shalu Monastery
--A perfect combination of Han and Tibet architectural styles
Tibet attractions
Sakya Monastery
--Famed as the "Second Dunhuang"
Tibet attractions
Rongbuk Monastery
--Located at the northern foot of Mt. Everest

Top Must See Attractions in Ngari

Mount Kailash
--Sacred Mountain
--The Peak of Kailash Range
Manasarovar Lake
--Holy Lake, Regarded as religious center
--The most transparent Freshwater Lake
The Ruins of
Guge Kingdom
--The old Summer Palace of Tibet
--Precious Cutural Relics

Top Must See Attractions in Shannan

Yumbu Lakang
-- The oldest palace in Tibet
--Enjoying a bird's eye view of the Yarlung Valley
Samye Monastery
Samye Monastery
--The first temple to be built in Tibet
Trundruk Monastery
Trundruk Monastery
--Holy temple for pilgrims
Tombs of Tibetan Kings
--The largest well-preserved tombs of Tubo Tibetan Kings

Tour in Depth

In addition to those must-see attractions on most of the tour itineraries, there are many other local activities or culture highlights that can provide a fun and educational cultural flair to your trip. Tell us if you have interest on these activities.

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