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Beijing Weather

Beijing WeatherThe city of Beijing falls in the monsoon region. It has cold and dry winters, due to the Siberian air massses that move southward across the Mongolian Plateau, and hot and wet summers, owing to warm and humid monsoon winds from the southeast bringing Beijing most of its annual precipitation. There are four very distinct seasons, with a wide temperature variation between winter (down to well below freezing) and summer, when the mercury can hit up to nearly 40 - (104'H). January is the coldest month and July is the hottest. Winter usually begins towards the end of October. During the height of summer, July and August, Beijing is subject to sudden evening downpours, so an umbrella comes in handy. Spring and autumn are relatively short seasons. The weather in Autumn is lovely with blue skies, pleasantly mild temperatures and slight humidity.There are sometimes sandstorms in winter and early spring, caused by sand blown South from the Gobi Dsert due to desertification.

 Beijing Temperature and Rainfall
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


(F) 24.3 28.6 41.2 56.5 68 75.6 78.6 76.3 67.3 54.9 39.7 28.0
(C) -4.3


5.1 13.6 20.0 24.2 25.9 24.6 19.6 12.7 4.3 -2.2
Rainfall (mm) 2.6 5.9 9.0 26.4 28.7 70.7 175.6 182.2 48.7 18.8 6.0 2.3

Days of rainfall

0.7 1.5 2.0 3.0 3.9 5.9 10.3 9.4 4.4 2.8 1.3 0.7

Autumn is optimal--the weather is gorgeous. Locals describe this short season as "the sky is high and the air is fresh". Spring is the equal of autumn in terms of temperatures and rainfall, apart from the occasional sandstorms. Summer (June to August) is onsidered peak season, when hotels typically raise their rates and most of the attractions are filled with tourists. It seems cold in winter when the temperature rarely gets above freezing in Beijing, but if you are suitably dressed for the cold and love ice skating, stunning snow scenery or steaming Mutton Hot Pot, then this is also a pleasant season. You will have Beijing to yourself in winter and many hotels offer substantial discounts. Festivals, such as Chinese New Year (usually in January or February) and National Day (October 1st) are colorful and fun, but transportation is difficult and prices are high because of the large movement of people visiting their families.

Beijing Weather Forecast

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