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Beijing Tour Guide

Tiananmen SquareBeijing, also known as Peking, is the capital of China. Located in the north of China, Beijing is the political, economic, cultural center of the country. As a city of more than 3000 years' history, Beijing is honored as the city with the most World Cultural Heritages in the world. It is also known as the historical city and one of the 8 ancient capitals (the others are Xi'an, Luoyang, Nanjing, Kaifeng, Hangzhou, Anyang, and Zhengzhou) in China.

If you are interested in learning about China's history and culture, Beijing is definitely the place to start. There is an unparalleled number of intriguing sites, both ancient and modern, waiting for you to explore.

Discover Ancient Beijing

Forbidden CityTo experience the history of Beijing and China, there are some must see tourist attractions. Enjoy a close and personal look at the grand Forbidden City and Summer Palace, which are the residences of Chinese Emperors and their families for hundreds of years. Admire the cosmic harmonies of the Temple of Heaven.

Great WallTo top off a tour of China's ancient cultural heritage, head out of the city to the Great Wall and climb along the top where soldiers used to take shifts staring at the mountains looking for invading armies. According to a Chinese idiom, it is only after taking this trek on the Wall that you can be a real man. To pay a visit to the Ming Tombs, which is a typical representation of Chinese emperors' mausoleums and the best testimony of China's long history and civilization.

Explore Modern Beijing

Bird's NestIf you want to experience the modern Beijing, the city's modern Olympic Venues are becoming new highlights that draw thousands of tourists. After the 2008 Olympic Games was held in Beijing, the Bird's Nest and Water Cube have become the new popular attractions. 798 Art Zone, formed by art galleries, art studios, cultural companies, fashion shops etc, has become a modern cultural concept. Recently, Capital Museum and National Centre of Performing Arts atrract more and more visitors for excellent construction and unique cultural heritages.

Appreciate Beijing Culture

Peking OperaIf you are interested in local culture, we would strongly recommend that you allow time to experience "old Beijing" by voyaging into the city's Hutongs, ancient streets and teahouses. Nanluoguxiang, as the representation of Hutongs in Beijing, is famous and popular among the tourists. Watching Beijing Opera (Peking opera) or Beijing Acrobatic Showor or Kung Fu Show in the theater is also a good choice to get more understanding of the traditional culture of China.

Taste Beijing Cuisine

Peking Roast DuckBeijing cuisine offers a number of unique dishes, mostly from the Qing Dynasty. Some of the most famous Beijing dishes include: Beijing Roast Duck, Imperial Court Feast, Beijing Hot Pot, and barbecued meat. Besides, you have a chance to learn how to make delicious Chinese dumplings by yourself. Moreover, as the capital of China, Beijing gathers various world-famous food and cuisines of different countris, waiting for your trying.

Great Wall Group Tours & Activities

Great Wall Group Tours Great Wall Group Tours Great Wall Group Tours
Bus Tours Hiking Tours Great Wall Marathon

Beijing Local Tours

Now you just need very small money to join in our subway tours, our tour guide will lead you to capture most of Beijing lures. Compared with other types of tours, subway private tour brings you much closer to a real Beijing, providing you dynamic experience about Beijing history and culture.  Read Details
This tour leads you to discover the most popular and famous attractions in Beijing. Badaling Great Wall and Tian'an Men Square are the must-see attractions in Beijing; then you will know more about Beijing's history and culture by visiting the Forbidden City, Ming Tomb, Sacred Road and Temple of Heaven; you will have chance to taste the famous Beijing Roast Duck as well during the trip.  Read Details
Budget way to enjoy a Beijing Tour by joining in groups. Top attractions like Forbidden City & Mutianyu Great Wall are prepared for you to explore the soul of Beijing and of ancient China. Join Now!  Read Details
This tour will give you an imperial experience in Beijing. You will visit Tian'an men Square which is the landmark of the nation; Forbidden city, Treasure House and Temple of Heaven will lead you to the history and culture exploration of China; you can also have a trip to Mutianyu Great Wall with round way cable car; in the evening, an elegant Beijing Opera Show at Liyuan Theatre is waiting for you.  Read Details
This tour will lead you to experience the ancient Beijing and modern Beijing. You will visit Tian'an men Square which is the landmark of the nation; Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace will lead you to the history and culture exploration of China; you can also have a trip to Badaling Great Wall; At South Luogu Lane, Hutong walking tour would let you know more about the locals' life style...  Read Details
Want to stretch your money to maximum or you have already booked hotel? No problem, you could choose this economical private tour that is exclusive of hotel to enjoy our high-quality traveling service, covering private tour guide, car and driver. With perfect arrangement, you can discover the most popular and famous attractions of Beijing in four days...   Read Details
This tour package is exclusive of hotel so as to meet the needs of those visitors who has already booked hotel. This tour, with high-quality traveling service, will lead you to discover the the must-see attractions in Beijing, such as Badaling Great Wall, Tian'an Men Square, Ming Tombs as well as the most important spot - Forbidden City...  Read Details
This itinerary is suitable for family traveling, leading you to explore Beijing's every aspect, like imperial mysteries by visiting the Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and Summer palace, as well as old Beijing people's life by seeing the Hutong and local family's visiting. Even you will climb the most beautiful section of Great Wall - Mutianyu Great Wall, and see lovely Panda. Peking Roast Duck is also including in this tour.  Read Details
Let us take you on a magical tour of Beijing that offers colorful activities and amusements for children and parents, a dynamic metropolies where the rich heritage of old meets new provides a living culture of diverse contrasts and excitement. In this tour, you will explore details of must-see attractions, meaningful activities in Beijing. It is not only satisfy your eyes by visiting Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City...  Read Details
Get ready for a fascinating trip in Capital Beijing – feast your eyes in the imperial Forbidden City with endless treasure & curios displays as if in a treasure hunt, touch the grandness of Mutianyu Great Wall, learn the art of Beijing Opera facial painting, awed by the great martial art Chinese Kung Fu & face to face with the cute pandas!   Read Details
Relax and have fun with your family in Beijing, a city with both ancient atmosphere and modernity. Learn Chinese culture through journeys to the city's top landmarks - the imperial Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square, Summer Palace and Badaling Great Wall, as well as the commoners' Hutongs. There are also cheerful activities for your entertainment...  Read Details
Inspire yourself with this culture tour! You can discover the inner secrets of Beijing's culture and heritage by visiting Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Lama Temple, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. And you will fell in love with colourful Beijing that mixed ancient with modern. All of it will inspire you to learn more about Chinese culture and history. In addition, Hutong tour by rickshaw will be an unique experience...   Read Details
This excursion to Beijing is suitable for travelers who arrived at Tianjin International Cruise Home Port ( now replacing the former Xingang Port ) is the important port from where you start your Asia pacific cruise. We provide convenient pick-up and transfer service from Tianjin Port to Beijing, and lead you to take a glance at the soul of Beijing with main spotlights at Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall and other attractions.   Read Details
This tour features taking you to discover more exotic mysteries about the locals' life style of Beijing. Besides, it provides you with major lures of Beijing. For instance, you will visit Tian'an men Square which is the landmark of the nation; Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace will lead you to the history and culture exploration of China...  Read Details
See the Great Wall all in natural with this hiking tour, the most popular Great Wall hiking route. The tour takes you to visit the most unrestored sections of China Great Wall. The fun and excitement you get from exploring this wonder will be kept for life-long memory. Besides, the other arrangement leads you to discover more about Beijing City. We believe that everyone would be deeply inspiried by this tour.  Read Details
This itinerary is an insightful exploration of Beijing's cityscape and culture, bringing you not only the imperial grandeur of the Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and Summer palace, but also the interesting traditional Chinese culture and skills. Not simply to appreciate, you'll further have fine experience of being Chinese!  Read Details
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