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When talk about Sanya, what kind of image run into your mind? Tropical beaches, blue sky, clear water, spa & resort, hotsrpings, seafood and minorities, Yes, all of these can be found in Sanya.

First of all, we make the Sanya airport as the original point. When travel east along Sanya bay about 10 km (6.2 mi) to arrive at the downtown of Sanya. Sanya Bay Beach is a public beach and is not fit for swimming. Sanya city - filled with souvenir shops and street grills at night. You will see locals dancing along the beach in the evenings, and a range of people selling souvenirs, street food and fairground games.

Want more tranquil places to spend your vacation or holiday, you must travel east deeply far away from the hustle downtown to Dadonghai Beach and Yalong Bay Beach. Crescent-shaped Dadonghai Beach is very good place for water sports. Yalong Bay Beach is most popular beach in China even in the world. Most of famous five star hotels have its private beach in the Yalong Bay, so you can enjoy your perfect vacation at this bay.

In Sanya, you can also go to enjoy hotspring in Nantian Hotsprings instead only bath in the seawaters. Indulging yourself into the pools, you will experience the real fun of hotspring features. In remote Baoting County, there is a place called Areca Valley where Miao people and Li people settled there. Here you can exprience the rainforest jungle and exotic customs.

If you are a religion buff, you can travel west along the coastline from the airport about 25 km (15.5 mi) to see the Buddhism temple called Nanshan Temple, which owns 108-meter-tall Buddha statue. On the half way to the Nanshan Temple, there is another favorite attraction named Tianya Haijiao, literally means: "Edges of the heaven, corners of the sea".

Top Sanya Attractions

  • Yalong Bay: Far from the downtown, white sand stretches along the crystal water, backed by palm trees and lush green hills, it is ideal place for holidays and vacations.
  • Dadonghai Beach: Dadonghai is a crescent-shaped beach, 2.3 kilometers long, with clear blue sea, sunshine, white sand and green trees to create an amazing torrid scenery.
  • Nanshan Temple: The key feature of the Nanshan Temple is the three sided statue of Guan Yin Buddha which is larger than the statue of liberty.
  • Nantian Hotspring: It is entitled "No.1 Hotspring in China", here you can experience the spa, hotspring and etc such as in Bali or Hawaii.
Sanya Bay Tianya Haijiao Deer Park Minorities Village
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Sanya Local Tours

Sanya, Hawaii of East Asia and tropical paradise in Asia Pacific, with its dazzling beaces and crystal-clear waters, will give you a perfect tour and a escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.  Read Details
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