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Sanya Entertainment

Main Sanya Entertainment Events

Water Sports
Water Sports
Due to Sanya's long coastline and beach, there are many water sports provided for you including Scuba Diving & Snorkeling, Sailing, Surfing, Dragging Parachute, Kite Boarding, Offshore Fishing and etc.

With vast land and beautiful scenery, Sunny Sanya is rapidly developing into a Mecca for international golfers for both China and international players. A personal visit to Sanya's golf course will be filled with surprise and excitement.


Sanya Festival Events

Hainan Li & Miao "Lunar March 3"
"Lunar March 3" is a traditional festival on which Li people get together to express their admirations to people they like or love, therefore it is called a day of saying love. Miao people also hold the tradition of cerebrating the gala day. Now on Lunar March 3 , large-scale ethnic events would be held in Sanya and Wuzhishan city, mainly launching singing and dancing performance, sport games and other featured activities.

Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival
For some people, the International Wedding Festival held in Sanya every November maybe more interesting. An exquisite gala incorporating wedding parties, traveling and honeymoon holidays, attracts hundred of couples every year. Through a series of themed activities, each couple would have chance to "take a vow at Tianya Haijiao (literally "the end of the earth", a famous attraction for lovers in Sanya), and the vow reads like this: "I wish you can love me till the earth stops moving, and stay with me even to the end of the earth".

China Hainan Island Carnival
Starting annually from the 1st weekend of November and ending at the 4th weekend, this event is held through all kinds of cultural and artistic activities, sports games, and ethnic and beauty contests. The carnival showcases the unique, diversified tourist resources and pleasant natural ecology of Hainan Island, and promotes the island as "an unforgettable tropical destination".

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